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Supporting abortion rights

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    Topic:  Supporting abortion rights

            By taking position of supporting abortion rights, this paper will identify the objective facts that influenced my choice over the other positions. I will also explain how my “social location” many have influenced, my choice, if any. In addition, I will also identify which of the three sociological theories best explains my perspective and will briefly discuss what I think is the legal status of abortion should be.

          The objective facts that influenced my choice over other positions include the fact more Americans favor abortion and who taught that it should be legal that those that do not. Benac, N. (2006) said a solid majority long have felt that Roe v Wade, a 1973 decision that upholding the right of women to abortion should be continued. It cited a latest survey where 19% of respondents thought that the abortion should be legal as against 16% which thought that it should never be legal.

            The Supreme court may have rightfully laid show the benefits of the ruling in the case of Roe v. Wade  as it based its decision on individual’s freedom of choice, and  freedom of people from government interference into personal matters. By realizing that that fetus is not yet a person thus subordinating its rights to that of the mother’s right to choose, the court may be deemed to have properly decided to leave as a personal matter to affected person on whether a pregnancy should be continued or not (Public Agenda, 2007). Freedom could be better exercised and invoked by citizens and not the government for the people;

         While it could be argued that children could be adopted if not aborted and that about 40% of the surveyed Americans would consider adoption, it is a fact that there still a big number of children to be adopted in US.  Since unwanted pregnancies could result to this a worse kind of scenario, why restrain the right to abortion?

          As to whether my “social location” has influenced my choice of position, I submit it has. My personal circumstances, I believe, may have caused me to choose the position of supporting abortion rights.  As a male student, who is not a woman or girl, who will suffer the pain of abortion, it is easier for me to say that I support abortion rights. Being part of the middle class Caucasian I believe may have made to see the impractical side of having a baby when one is not ready. I would like to believe middle class could see thing in a more practical manner than those belonging to the lower class.

            My perspective is not lacking from sociological theories to best explain the position taken. Three of these theories perspective include the following: functionalism, social constructionism and Interactionism (Buechler 2000).  Functionalism (Buechler, 2000) supports a structure and workings of society, where each member or sections who are inter-dependent to each other work together to accomplish the functions to ensure the very survival of society as a whole. To apply the theory, in the case of the US, it may be argued that what has the kept the country  economically developed,  may have something to do with its having kept a small population growth which may be partly checked by allowing abortion as a policy. Under functionalism, people are made to have roles and behaviours that satisfy societal needs. The presence of rules and regulations to help relationships get organized between members of society is but a normal phenomenon.

           Social constructionism (Buechler, 2000) on the other hand, views social phenomena to be increasing in particular social contexts as may be evidenced by the presence of a concept or practice that may become natural and obvious to those who accept it, while in fact and in truth, may just be inventions of  particular culture or society. These social contexts are believed be results of innumerable human choices rather natural or divine laws. To see the relation to choosing abortion, society could have chosen the other view but since US believes in democracy, so a big number of its people to abortion.

          Interactionism (Buechler, 2000) also supports the perspective since this concept could produce   meaning from interactions of individuals happen. Under this idea, there should be actions, reactions, and shared adaptation among individuals such as in the form of language mannerisms and style indicative of social interaction. To see the application, the need to abort may be considered a result of interactions that not doing abortion would be less beneficial in terms of people’s needs.

           I think is the legal status of abortion should be to make it legal in manner consistent with human rights.  Given the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade here should be no question that it be made more permanently legal through legislation. To do so the laws should be passed to guarantee a woman’s unrestricted right to abortion and that such laws must authorize and allow abortion by not limiting it when there is a threat to mother’s life or health.  Any reason that a woman considers compelling should be allowed (Public Agenda, 2007). In support then of fully legalized abortion, Public Agenda (2007) advised the provision of planning counseling and clinics for all women wishing abortion, requiring HMOs, insurance companies, and group medical practices to have abortion become part of their regular services, and other means to support the right to abortion.

         It may be concluded that supporting abortion rights is just being consistent with the human right to life. Giving right to the unborn while restricting the right of the mother to know what is best is just like allowing a child to parent a mother.  In the nature of things the parents knows best particularly the mother than the unborn who will not of how he or she will be taken cared of after birth. Sociological theories back up the perspective, there should be no reason to believe that allowing unrestricted abortion is anti-human.

    Benac, N. (2006), Americans firmly conflicted over abortion, Associate Press, N.J., USA

    Buechler (2000) Social Movements in Advanced Capitalism: The Political Economy and Cultural Construction of Social Activism; Oxford University Press

    Public Agenda (2007) Abortion: Discussion Guides, {www document}URL, Accessed September, 2006.

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