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Principles of Supporting Business Events Assessment

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  • Pages 4
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    Understand the purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event and how to do so Explain the purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour when supporting a business event. The purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event is for a lot of reasons. By doing the above you will create an efficient and effective event with less conflict and more co-operation. This will give a greater likelyhood of support for events like these at a future date.

    Some ways that you could display professional and helpful behaviour include; greeting people in a friendly and organised manner,sending out agendas as planned and on time, returning equipment post-event on time, making sure the correct venue is chosen, taking high quality minutes and providing a choice of refreshments. All of these will make for an excellent business event that runs smoothly. Describe ways of exhibiting professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event.

    Ways that you can show you are professional include; Having a smart appearance(well groomed, clean clothes,fresh breath,polished shoes) Through the use of non-verbal communication(smiling, making eye-contact and being attentive all round) Showing good communication(speaking clearly and at a sensible speed as well as listening carefully and keeping the attendee well informed) Showing a polite and friendly attitude Being able to deal with speakers/attendees swiftly Using technology effectively

    Knowing in detail about the event so you can answer any questions when put on the spot. Completely paperwork efficiently Section 3 – Understand how to deal with problems encountered when supporting a business event What are the main types of problems that may occur when supporting a business event? You should include at least three different types of problems in your answer. There are three main types of problem that could occur whilst supporting a business event, they are People, Process and Equipment.

    People problems could include;late or absent attendees which slows staff members down from moving to the next tasks and may also cost administrative fees after the event due to chasing up absentees , late or absent speakers could potential damage event as attendees will be dissapointed. Finally suppliers failing to deliver supplies on time could make the event fall apart completely. Process problems could include; Insufficient or incorrect documents/papers, the wrong people being invited and special requirements such as dietry or mobility restrictions. Insufficient documents will deliver a poor service to attendees and undermine the event.

    Inviting the wrong people or not inviting the right people could lower the level of success as it will be impossible to achieve the objectives that have been set. Failing to meet attendees special requirements will result in the attendee having a poor experience. Equipment problems could include; a failure of audio equipment which could result in a failed or inferior event, failure of the kitchen equipment which would stop the attendees from being refreshed and fed which leads to a poor vision of the companies professional manner and in turn could make or break the event.

    Finally the failure of computers and similar technology which is a problem as many companies will rely on the use of this during large business events. Identify possible solutions for each of the problems you have listed in Question 1 above. The best way to deal with all of the problems above is elimination. Eliminately the problem before it happens will save a lot of time. However as stated above sometimes things don’t go aswell as planned no matter what precation you should take.

    You should always have a contingency plan in place in case something goes wrong. This way you can revert back to it as soon as it is required. A possible way to deal with absent guests could be to confirm their attendance closer to the time as some guests may have appointments on the day and have not realised. When booking your speaker you should take notice of any reviews about them so as to make sure you are booking a viable speaker, you should then confirm the time and date with them and contact them again closer to the event.

    When booking anything for the event such as refreshments, paper or anything that will make the event professional always confirm twice with them. You should also create a checklist at each event which could help you in future with problems that arise and items you may forget that are of paramount importance to the smooth running of the event. Some examples of contingency plans can be found below: people problems could be caused by the speaker for a conference being late however when booking the speaker you could arrange for a video link from the peaker to the event to be set up and the speaker could say his speech via skype.

    However if this is not possible you could have a reserve guest on the attendees list that you could ask to step in. eqiupment problems could be caused by the failure of a computer/projector during a business seminar however this could be solved by having paper copies of the presentation that could be given to the speaker and handouts could be given to the attendees so that they do not miss any vital information.

    Process problems may include a failure to supply the correct refreshments to people that have special dietary requirements due to a shortage of the correct refreshment, this could be solved by ordering extra of each requirement(lactose free or nut free for instance) incase. This would be a small extra cost but could be of huge benefit if a problem arose.

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