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Swot Analysis – Peanuts Deluxe Cafe

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SWOT Analysis Strengths: Peanuts Deluxe Cafe is conveniently located outside the San Jose State campus. Peanuts offers a variety of choices on the menu as well as breakfast choices throughout the day. The food is usually served with a healthy amount of steak cut fries on the side and the quality is very good for the food and relatively quick to receive your order. There is also a good choice of beverages aside from the sodas. Beer and wine is served there and at “happy hour” you can receive discounts on a pitcher of beer.

There is also a lunch special for items on Monday thru Friday.

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Swot Analysis – Peanuts Deluxe Cafe
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The store has a good layout where you place your order and they give you your receipt and you take your receipt a few steps to the cashier where the owner will ring you up for the order. There is a jukebox in the store that has current music and an approximately 45 inch big screen TV that plays sports channels.

Once done with the food, you can leave it on the table and someone in the next minute will come to pick up the dishes and clean the table for the next person. Weaknesses: Peanuts does not accept debit cards. There is an ATM Machine by the bathroom but it is overpriced.

The bathroom is kind of filthy and I do not think any women are particularly excited to use it when they have to. The store closes at 7 PM and I feel there will be a market for people who would like to go to Peanuts for dinner or after partying the night away. Minh, the owner is old and is looking to retire. The low prices put the restaurant in a bind, as they do not have much profit. The turnover rate is low considering everyone seems to be 40 or older, and that the owner is looking to find someone to manage it once he is done. Outside of the store does not attract new customers, it is very easy to miss.

It is difficult to find free parking outside. For the first time customer it is difficult to navigate around the cafe to find out where and how to order. Opportunities: For virtually no advertising, Peanuts has a loyal following among San Jose State students. Peanuts is a staple among the many fraternities of San Jose State. Extending hours until late at night is a logical choice with the beer and wine available along with the jukebox. Simple enhancements on the outside of the store can bring more recognition to the restaurant, such as displaying a big menu on the outside of the store for the people that are walking by.

Also, someone may be able to acquire the restaurant for a fair price if they wanted to and be able to renovate the cafe. Threats: The future of the cafe seems to be in limbo as the owner is still wondering what he is going to do with the restaurant. With no successor, Peanuts can actually shut down. Other threats include other more upscale restaurants located near Peanuts such as Fahrenheit and Flames where the more “affluent” customers of downtown San Jose would prefer to go to.

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Swot Analysis – Peanuts Deluxe Cafe. (2016, Oct 30). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/swot-analysis-peanuts-deluxe-cafe/

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