Systemic Issues of Being Transgender

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Almost all the people learn about their gender when they were children. Children were told what they should wear, with what they can play and so on. All these social behaviors based on their biological sex. Biological sex is decided based on the human genitals. When somebody born without belonging to this common situation, society is going to ignore them. Transgender people have a gender identity which doesn’t match with their sex on birth. In the past transgender people faced lots of difficulties and had to face a lot of discrimination in their life’s. They come a long way on the path of acceptance. However, still, there are some difficulties that they face as a transgender person in society. The beginning of life as a transgender child is a chaos.

Especially, they are in an elementary school. Cannot interpret their sex push them into the danger. Gender identification among teenagers is essential. If a transgender person cannot confirm their gender norms, the system is rejected them because of the lack of knowledge that these aged students have about transgenders. Gender designation on the college records makes the transgender people unhappy because sometimes they are shy to reveal their truth, and they cannot belong to the binary system that exists. The most concern issue that transgender students have in the school is bathroom issue. Research shows that nearly two-thirds of transgender students avoid school bathrooms because of feeling unsafe or uncomfortable (Kosciw, Greytak, Giga, Villenas & Danischewski, 2015). They have been physically and verbally harassed in bathrooms. If somehow transgender people survey in the school and enter the corporate world, these problems are continued with some additional issues, In the workplace environment, transgender people face many problems. Even employment begins they can’t even fill out the resume with the actual gender. They think being a transgender can be affected by the interview process and hiring. Most of the company policies do not protect transgender rights.

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Many of the Transgender people hide their true gender identity from the employer. There are specific jobs that the employees must wear a uniform. Some uniform is different from man and woman workers. But a transgender person doesn’t like to wear a uniform which is suits to his or her biological sex. So, there is a conflict and that creates a problem in the transgender person’s mind. Finally they decide not to go to the job. The same case happens with the identification card issue in the workplace. If the transgender person after interchanging their sex, company must support for that decision and reissue ids, insurance, and other documentations, but unfortunately most companies don’t do that. All together these difficulties make the transgender people unemployed. Then after this creates the poverty and minimum healthcare facilities in the transgender community. As simply say that transgender people are stuck in the wrong body. At some point in their lives, they want to change their body. Transgender people normally pursue gender reassignment surgery. Some health coverage plans don’t cover the cost of these type of surgeries. Gender non-conforming status is affected for the health coverage plans. Because of these types of issues and other social discrimination, most of the transgender people are not good in their mental health.

As a result of that they used drugs, alcohol and tobacco. These drug addictions caused to have unprotected sex life and that may cause to have HIV AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Final stage of this messy situation is suicide. Suicide and other suicidal behavior among transgender community is very high (Haas, Rodgers & Herman, 2014). The major reasons for these suicide attempts are family and peer’s rejection, social bullying and isolation that creates stress. Being a transgender in society is a very challenging task. That person should have the impeccable courage to do so.

What the Transgender community archive in the past was great, but they have a long journey ahead with full of obstacles to achieve a respectable social status to them (Campaign, 2018). Nowadays most of them are not scared to reveal their secret to the world. That is a good trend, and that creates an encouragement and support to the other people also to come forward and stand against the odds. If the society has more knowledge about these transgender community, life becomes easier for them. References

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