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I am going to talk to you about transgender bathrooms. I am going to talk about where it is all happening. What some people are thinking about it. How it is affecting various places. I am also going to talk about. People all over the world are changing their genders. This is known as transgender. People are saying that they were born in the wrong body. This is why they are changing their gender. People have the right to do it and it is their choice. But there are some problems coming up with people changing their genders. People do not want to be treated any different, and they should not be according to the Human Rights Act.

Everyone should be treated the exact same no matter what skin color they are or what gender they are. Other problems that are coming up are that transgender people are easily discriminated. They think that there should not be any labels on bathrooms, and that is the main topic I am going to talk about in this paper. Some of the first states to pass transgender bathroom laws were Texas, California, New Mexico and Seattle. These laws started passing in 2012, and the fight to pass more laws on transgender bathrooms is continuing to this day. It is happening across America. Every single state in the United States of America is trying to get a law passed legalizing transgender bathrooms. They are not just trying to pass laws like these in public places, like Walmart and fast food places, but they are also trying to pass the law in public schools as well. The legalizing process has caused many arguments between people in the last few years. Many have had to bring their fights to court. One student in a public school struggled to find acceptance from his school when he transitioned from female to male. He was not allowed to use the male restroom even though he identified as a male. This fight found its way to the court systems, and it became one of the first school cases that was brought to court on transgender bathrooms.

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The case became known as G.G. vs. Gloucester County School Board, and it began on March 2, 2017. Gavin Grimm is seventeen years old and he goes to Gloucester County, Virginia (Nako Lindsay N.D). He filed this lawsuit against his school because he felt like the bathroom policy at his school is unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment. They court has not come to a conclusion on this case yet to this day. People like Gavin who struggle with gender confusions are having to fight really hard for their human rights. Some of the pros to getting a non-labeled bathroom is that it does not matter who is going in what bathroom. People can just go in to whatever bathroom that they are most comfortable in. On the other side of this, people believe that rape could happen more easily due to the fact that men and women will be sharing the same bathroom. However, facts have proven that statement wrong.

There has been no increase in rape or sexual harassment in the transgender bathrooms. In my own opinion, I think that there should be three separate bathrooms. One bathroom for the transgender population, one for men, and one for women. I do not see this as discrimination. I think it is a good compromise for these people who do not feel comfortable using the appropriate bathroom. This gives them a safe place to go without feeling uncomfortable. They will not receive back lash from those who do not agree with their situation either because they will not have to share a bathroom with those kinds of people. In conclusion I have talked about the change of transgender bathrooms in our country. I have talked about how they have been trying to change them in all public places. I have also talked about some of the cases that have come up due to this change, and how it argues against the constitution. I talked about some of the pros on cons to the situation. I stated to you some of the first states that have let this bill pass, I also gave my opinion on this topic. Transgender bathrooms is a debate that will continue to go on for many years to come because there are many sensitive factors that play into the passing of this bill

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