An Inspector Calls Topics

Inspector Calls – The ideal Edwardian middle class fiance was a very childish immature individual who tended to act like a young girl Essay

The ideal Edwardian middle class fianc�e was a very childish immature individual who tended to act like a young girl. Edwardian middle class fianc�es also tried to associate themselves with the upper-class. They did this in a few ways. The first way was in the language they used to speak to each other....

Explain how J.B Priestley shifts the dramatic power from Mr Birling to the inspector within the play, ‘An Inspector Calls.’ Essay

This play was written in 1946, but it was set in 1912. This was a time when

-The Titanic sank

-Women were put in a position that they didn't want to be in (equal rights)

-The people that were poor were put in the lower deck of the ship

-All of the rich people were treated like snobs

The play...

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An inspector calls: Letter to director Essay

Dear Mr. Campbell (Director),

An inspector calls Was written in 1948 but set in 1912 just before the climax of war and the victory of the trade unions.

The play is basically about an inspector that thoroughly interrogates a family riddled with secrets and lies. He exposes them and unfolds the terrible...

An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley Essay

A play where such themes may feature conflict is ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J. B. Priestly. The dramatist conveys this theme effectively through several techniques. An Inspector Calls is about a family called The Birlings. It focuses on the recent suicide of a young girl called Eva Smith, who also calls herself...

Responsibility an inspector calls Essay

Who, in your opinion, is the most responsible for Eva Smith’s death? An Inspector Calls was written by JB Priestley as a means of illustrating the flaws in the society of 1945 and the consequences that these flaws could bear. Priestley exemplifies this message most notably through the characters in the play....

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