Chemical Topics

Could chemicals declare the image of your town? Essay

Recent proposals for a new chemical factory to be built in the town of Newtown has caused outrage and a huge divide among the community.

The chemical company BrineCo wants to construct a factory that will produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide solution through electrolysis of brine.

The chlorine they...

Environmental Chemical Hazards of Household Chemicals Essay

There are many chemicals in our homes that can be potential threats both to the human health and environment. It was mentioned in a certain report that the top ten most hazardous household chemicals include air fresheners, ammonia, bleach, carpet and upholstery shampoo, dishwasher detergents, drain cleaner,...

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Solubility Essay

Solubility and Functional Groups You will recall from general chemistry that a solution has two components: the solvent, which is the substance present in greater amount, and the solute, which is dissolved in the solvent. Solubility is defined as the mass (in grams) of solute dissolved in 100 g of solute at...

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