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W-G-P Chemical Company Case

Chemical Industry

Words: 3399 (14 pages)

John White, vice president of distribution for W-G-P Chemical Company, was preparing for the annual strategy review session conducted by the firm’s executive committee. He was charged with the task of evaluating his firm’s logistics costs and customer service capability for his firm’s packaged dry and liquid agricultural chemicals. W-G-P Distribution Systems Figure 1 outlines…

Battery of Biochemical Tests for Identification of Enteric Bacteria

Chemical Industry

Words: 496 (2 pages)

Introduction The general principle of the experiment is to use a battery of biochemical tests for identification of enteric bacteria. This testing system consists of a strip containing 20 chambers, each consisting of a microtube and a cupule to allow testing of 20 different tests nearly simultaneously. Materials: inoculating loop, test tube containing 5 ml…

Chemical & A : Biological Warfare

Chemical Industry

Words: 942 (4 pages)

Ever since the beginning of clip people have used tools, which were subsequently called arms. Peoples have used arms to support his or her life, household, belongings, prosperity, state, and even his award. Over the old ages arms have improved greatly and people are still seeking to do them even better. In earlier times when…

Basic Chemical Composition – Products and Ingredients

Chemical Industry

Words: 1839 (8 pages)

Compositional: basic chemical composition of raw material and by processing e. . Quality of butter made from fat of milk (can’t put in grape seed oil) 5. Physiological functionality, nutrition, technological functionality: qualitative function, whip egg whites, boiled Solution: Emulsion: Colloidal suspension: Milk composition: the quantities of the various main constituents of milk can vary…

Chemical Industry Analysis Using Porter’s Five Force Model

Chemical Industry


Words: 273 (2 pages)

Threat of new entrants in chemical industries can be seen as low, various factors influencing the lower threat are: 1) High capital requirement to run the company. 2) Demand for the quality products, that require maximum efficiency and effectiveness, which is difficult to attain. 3) Government regulations and restrictions. 4) Patent regulations. 5) Requirement of…

Pestle and Five Porters Model of Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry


Words: 567 (3 pages)

In this section we will take a chemical industry. Product of a chemical industry can be a soda ash, hydrochloric acid, or hydrogen peroxide etc. Chemical industry have many applications in our daily life and in other industry especially in textile industry, such as hydrogen peroxide is used as bleaching agent and soda ash used…

Titration – Method of Quantitative Chemical Analysis

Chemical Industry


Words: 389 (2 pages)

Titration, also known as volumetric analysis, is a widely used laboratory method for quantitative chemical analysis. It is used to determine the concentration of an unknown reactant by reacting it with a known concentration and volume of a reagent called the titrant or titrator. The concentration of the analyte or titrand, which is the solution…

Frequently Asked Questions about Chemical Industry

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What is basic chemical industry?
Basic and industrial chemicals are produced in huge quantities and are critical ingredients for products used by both industry and the general consumer. They include chemical raw materials derived from oil (petrochemicals), basic inorganics and intermediates for chemical processes.
Why is chemical industry important?
More than 96% of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the chemicals industry. The industry greatly influences our safe water supply, food, shelter, clothing, health care, computer technology, transportation, and almost every other facet of modern life.

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