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Stone Boy Research Paper Creative Task Essay

Stone Boy Essay, Research PaperCreative Undertaking: The Stone BoySix old ages ago, Arnold Curwing by chance shot his brother with a.22 quality rifle. He was nine old ages old at the clip. Surrounding this incident, as you would anticipate, he was under fire by his neighbours and equals from thereon, even...

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Creative Response Essay

"Whose woods these are I think I know,

His house1 is in the village though,

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods fill up with snow."

And then I saw it. As the Great Apawi2 dropped away from the earth and its last rays of light faded away, blanketing the land in gentle darkness so...

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Run Felicia, run! – creative writing Essay

I blinked at the darkness. The uncomfortable, stuble darkness surrounded me. Marking my every movement. I could almost feel the texture of the shadows looming over me. I had nearly given into the dark embrace, luring me ever so tauntingly, when I felt the dangerous pour of power stretching towards me. The...

Anorexia – creative writing Essay

The room was silent except for the ticking of the clock. Jane looked round her noticed the full plate of nourishing dinner from the night before waiting on her desk; her eyes were drawn to it like her worst enemy and the food stared back mocking the look of fear in her eyes. She lay in silence which was soon...

Creative writing – The Warehouse Essay

It was silent as if a murder hung in the air. The only noise was the creaking of the burnt metal of the caravan, wafting in the breeze. I froze; the image of what had happened the night before freaked me out. It had been burgled in the night then torched. Who knows if any one was in there asleep, dreaming...

Creative Writing coursework – The Last Holiday Essay

Lola love their family summer holidays. Each year they went to their lovely little cottage in a tiny coastal town only five minutes from the beach. It wasn't a normal sunny beach where all the girls lay sunbathing and boys tried surfing and little kids dump sandcastles on every space available. The tide was...

The old House – Creative writing Essay

In the Western Part of Virginia, America, an old tattered house, sadly sat waited for a visitor. A year and then two past but still no one visited the sad lonely house. But on a cold September Night, a man with his dog came across the old lonely house. The man glanced into the woods, and noticed the old...

Creative Writing Two Groups Of Hoodlums And A Packet Of Crisps Essay

Hunger. Raw hunger. I clutched my stomach in desperation, as it gave out another growl, signaling the end. I desperately reached into my pockets, hoping beyond hope that there would be the means of salvation buried deep in the crevasses of my jeans. I groped around, and my hand suddenly chanced upon a cool,...

Emily fell against the brick wall of a school building – Creative Writing Essay

Emily fell against the brick wall of a school building. She closed her eyes and pondered about everything that had happened that day. The sun was coming dappled through the autumn coloured oak trees, which stood around the school and carried on down the avenue. A wisp of cold wind blew Emily's soft dark...

Creative Writing: From China with Love Essay

The story so far: having given it all up to go and live with the Shaolin monks, James found himself the victim of a martial trick, and, having found solidarity in Robin, they slid away into the night, aware that the Chinese authorities would be looking for them as soon as the daybreak rooster introduced a...

Shakespeare Creative Writing Coursework Essay

How can life be so horrid? No time has passed since my marriage to the glorious Juliet and I have been exiled form my home, here in Verona. I love her so much and can not bear to be parted. I would rather die than face banishment. And thought I love her, I sometimes think that she is the root problem in my...

15 months – creative writing Essay

I sat there and hadn't moved a muscle for over three hours; my feet and hands were numb because of the cold. The only form of entertainment was trying to count the number of slow heavy paces that the nearest guard made before he turned around and repeated the process again and again. I was actually starting...

Creative writing – Your Move by Jacqueline Hodgeson Philips Letter Essay

Dear mum,

It's been approximately three years since the last time we spoke. I have to say, I'm very impressed that you've actually remembered you have a son! It's virtually a miracle! You didn't bother asking, but I can tell you that I'm doing fine in jail and I hope to be free very soon.

Your letter...

Creative Writing: The Assassin Essay

In the eerie stillness she lay in wait. A one hundred- year old oak tree concealed her shivering body. The crisp air was heavy with fog making it difficult for the moon to spread its light.

Because it was winter, the leafless trees cast long, spiky shadows on the mud-caked ground. Their fallen leaves,...

Driven – creative writing Essay

"Miss, Adam won't join in," Sarah called in a whining tone over the din of the classroom. She looked disdainfully over at the silent boy sat staring at the wall, seemingly oblivious to the activity around him. Although he appeared to be one of them - in the same red uniform, on the same hard orange chairs...

Creative writing – To die for Essay

"Ashley, Lucy and Kay are you listening to a word of this!" Exclaimed Mr. Kraugher angrily.

"Yes sir, we were just discussing the factors which prohibited the German's from gaining control over Russia in 19..." Replied Lucy sounding surprised

"Oh that's all right then girls!" And with a satisfied...

Creative Writing: Loser Essay

Dull eyes stared out of a grey face void of any emotion. The little man stood clutching a plastic briefcase on the edge of the platform that was part of a busy, city railway station. Thousands of commuters used the station everyday, hurrying to and from the trains. People pushed past him without noticing. He...

A Ring – creative writing Essay

"Maurice get up to the attic its, such a mess up there, and you promised to tidy it in the holidays" shouted Mary from the bottom of the stairs,

"Ok Mum, I'll do it sometime in the future!" replied Maurice sarcastically from deep within his room.

"I'll do it mum," I replied from the kitchen, "I've...

Creative writing – I stand staring out at the deserted playground Essay

I stand staring out at the deserted playground. The rain lashes down hard on the windows and the wind howls around. I look around me and the carpeted floors have wet muddy footmarks stamped upon them, as individual crispy curled autumn leaves are blown though the doors as children rush in from the bitter...

Creative writing – A right to life Essay

In my mere existence I have made many decisions. Most of them are frivolous, like the daily decisions to have coffee or tea, to have a bourbon or a rich tea and even whether to drink Coke or Pepsi. However every few years in my life, I have a decision to make, a decision which can alter my life and the lives...

Creative Writing Courseowork: Her body was limp Essay

Her body was limp, numbly draped across the sofa. Shadows crept around the dark dreary room like cats stalking their prey. The room was motionless; everything lay still, as if dead. The cigarette she held in her hand smoked gently upwards as if being sucked up by an imaginary black hole. The chaise-lounge...

Hooligans – Creative Writing Essay

We all walked determinedly down the wet, charcoal-grey streets, flanked by the debilitated Victorian terraces. The sky was dark and the clouds black and menacing, threatening to let rip torrents of rain. Out of the score of people there, none of us spoke, heads faced only one way; forwards, jaws locked in a...

The 11th of September 2001 creative writing Essay

It was the 11th of September 2001 and was a lovely warm and tranquil morning. Not a lot of people had stirred as it was only 6:00 am but although I had to be at work in half an hour I didn't feel like rushing because I was in one of those lazy moods and I was still a bit tired. When I was dressed and fed, I...

Revenge – Creative Writing Essay

It was still dark when he awoke, and, looking out of the window. He could see the evil clouds racing their way across the sky. "I wanted to sleep a little longer, he thought. He had had the same nightmare that night as he had years before, and once again he had been awakened by the horrific ending. He arose...

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