Film noir Topics

The Noir in a Plug to the Gut: The Intellectual Merit of Sin City Essay

. Sin City is visually arresting, but also contains the dark intellectualism of classic film noir.

A. Closely adapted from Frank Miller's graphic novel, the film embraces a distinct aesthetic.

B. Thematic hallmarks of the genre, such as voice-narrative and archetypal characters make the film a...

Final Film Assignment Essay

The film that I chose to write about is Memento (2000) written and directed by Christopher Nolan. (IMDB). Memento is one of those rare intellectual powerhouse movies that make you think hard or at least try to figure out what really happened. In this film we watch as a man suffering from short-term memory...

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Film noir
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Femme Fatlaes in Film Noir Essay

Intro In postwar cinema, the change of popular genre switched from melodrama to film noir. The new elements of film noir were artistically exciting, as seen in its mise-en-scene. The mise-en-scene of film noir became more visually mysterious and provocative, demanding a transformation of women characters....

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