Teenage Topics

Teenage Stereotypes Essay

In today's world, teens in schools across the country experience a culture that consists of social groups, such as cliques and stereotypes. Teens that are not aware of their clique but it represents people that have many relationships throughout a group relationship. Among the many relationships, certain...

How Are Teenagers Presented In The Magazine Article The Good News About Teenagers? Essay

This article is written by Laurie Graham, a writer by profession and a mother of teenagers. The article is featured in a women's magazine and seems to be aimed at parents (or soon to be parents) of teens. Graham's own experience of being a mother means that she draws on personal experience, which means that...

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The Decline of Young, Teenage Viewers Watching News Programmes and the Answer To This Essay

Richard Sambrook, who is the head of BBC News, has set up a �1 million fund to research into why teenagers do not tend to watch news programmes on a regular basis. He feels this is necessary as "the news doesn't engage enough with the issues that affect people" and this seems to be true if the statistics...

Teens of Divorce and Panic Disorders Essay

                                    Teens of Divorce and Panic Disorders

            In today’s society divorce is as common place in everyday life as McDonald’s.  It seems no one is shocked or disturbed anymore to hear the outrageous statistics that nearly fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce,...

Teens in gangs Essay

Gangs are groups of young people who form a group that operates together. A gang may have young adults and teens that range from 13 to 25 years. It is estimated that more than 7% of the youths are gang members. They are from different ethnic groups, different age and have...

Teens and Sexuality Essay

Teens and Sexuality
Thomas, C.L., (2007). Effects of a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program on Teens' Attitudes Toward Sexuality: A Latent Trait Modeling Approach. Developmental Psychology, 43, (1), 173-185.  In this article, Thomas reviews the effects of program intervention in a school based teenage...

Welcome To the Machine: The Duality of Individuality and Collectivity of Teen Identity in The Merchants of Cool Essay

Individuality, the expression of one’s unique traits and views, has long been the rallying cry of teenagers worldwide.  In America, where culture is progressive at best and simply innovative by default, this construct is at its highest level.  The standard attitude of a young person is to deviate from...

No teenage parents should be left behind Essay

No teenage parents should be left behind
            Statistics can be so alarming.  Every year, more than a million teenagers in the US become pregnant (Scholl, 2007, p. 28).  Out of these figures, 95% are unintended and 40 - 50% of these result in live birth (Scholl, 2007, p. 28; Sieger...

Teenagers and parent permission to obtain birth control information Essay

Teenagers and parent permission to obtain birth control information
Our society has been puzzled by the issue of birth control for many years. When young people begin to use it, it results to a bigger debate. Due to this, the society has to understand the problem and deal with it accordingly....

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Essay

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention
I.                   Subject
Teenage pregnancy as the name implies is pregnancy during the adolescent phase or stage of a female individual. Seen as an evident problem worldwide, there are various issues relating to the occurrence of the problem. Also, such a problem, of...

Teenage Dating Violence Essay

Teenage Dating Violence
Teen dating is a process of courting that prepares and introduces the adolescents into heterosexual activities. Like marriage, it is marked with a wide range of abusive behaviors, which are used by either partner to gain control over the other. Research studies have...

Teenage Suicide Essay

The contemplation of committing suicide is definitely a very awful idea and it is even more horrible if the person contemplating such is a teenager who has a whole life ahead. It is normal in ones life to at times experience periods of sadness, anxiety and despair as a result of pain resulting...

Teenage Substance Abuse Essay

Teenage Substance Abuse

The article Does the Economy Affect Teenage Substance Abuse, provides a deep insight to the “counter-cyclical” use of alcohol and drug use among teenagers and its effects on the changes in the economy. These findings are directly in contrast to those by Ruhm and Black (2002) whose...

Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Teenage pregnancies have been a norm in the world history until in the modern era. As world history has it, a school teenage girl was married off as soon as she became pregnant but as time changed, there existed the need to give these teenage girls a second chance to complete their education...

Teenage Brain Essay

            In the article entitled “What makes teens tick” written by Claudia Wallis, it is shown how the brain of the teenagers are studied. In the discussions made with regard to it, the several regions and the distinctiveness of the brain activities of the teens are likewise presented to achieve a clear...

Teen Gangs Carrie Hardy Essay

Teen Gangs
            Gang and group violence, while not a new phenomenon in Canada, is becoming much harder to dismiss as just boys being boys. Not only are girls seemingly becoming more involved in gang violence, but the violence of both sexes seems to be becoming more random, more vicious, more extreme....

Teenage Relationships Essay

It seems that the biggest question on the minds of many teenagers these days are whether teenage relationships are right, wrong, or somewhere in between, or whether they are meant for a different age, or whether getting into them with certain limits is acceptable to some extent. A very good day to Mrs P...

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