William Golding Topics

What do you consider to be the key message of ‘The Spire’, and how does Golding present this? Essay

Since Golding is writing about the human condition, there are a great many 'messages' that could be considered. However, a recurring theme that follows Jocelin is that of cost and sacrifice - most particularly, is it worh sacrificing lives in order to achieve something like the spire? The element of cost is...

Why Did William Golding Name His Novel ‘The Lord of the Flies’? Essay

Golding's novel comprises many elements of adventure and mystery, but the greatest question surrounding the novel is the very title itself. Unlike other authors, William Golding does not appear to have chosen an appropriate title that deduces the adventure and savagery of the novel, but it is only at a...

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Discuss The Following Characters In The Long and The Short and The Tall – Sergeant Mitchem, Private Whitaker, Private Bamforth Essay

Sergeant Mitchem is the leader of the group, which can even be acknowledged from the start of the play. He is the true leader of the group and you can really see the leadership qualities stand out in the play especially when he has to intervene when Macleish and Bamforth are both at the ready to fight. He...

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