Taking Charge of My Life

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Taking Charge 1 Taking Charge of my Life During my five years of service at Comet Cleaners, I experienced a lot of joy, satisfaction, highs, lows and respect for the job I did and the people I worked with and served on a daily basis. Later, after I had been on board for about two years they sent in a new manager Mrs. Brenda Burns to replace Shonda Johnson and things as we knew it were changing. We had our fair share of good and bad days from machine breakdowns, to keeping employees and customers happy, doing payroll, deposits, etc.

I’m determined to keep my job and make the best of any situation that comes along because working in this environment would put my intelligence, patience, and moral ethics to the test. Yes, I’ll definitely open my own cleaners I have five years experience under my belt. I’m determined to be a successful business owner with a company of my own that’s every bit as successful as the one I previously worked for. After I began working at Comet Cleaners under Mrs. Shonda Johnson getting to know the team of ladies I would be working with on a daily basis was fun and interesting.

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You learned quickly how to avoid gossip and the mess it caused. Of course the work was hard and the hours were long but rewarding. Don’t forget the heat it was so hot like a sauna but only in the summer months. During the winter months it was warm and cozy and we could work at a slower pace, relax a little with out having to rush to get the work done like in the summer months before it was to hot to function. Later, after I had been on board for about two years they sent in a new manager Mrs. Brenda Burns and everything as we knew it was changing.

On the morning of February 12, 2007, I walked in to get the day started and she was waiting for me as usual (her and two of my co-workers who worked with me on the front counter were smiling). I didn’t think much of it then Why were they smiling but I would later. Before I even had a chance to clock in for the day or even say good morning, she said I need to see you in my office. I replied, can I at least clock in for the day so I did after saying good morning to everyone first.

Then we walked into the office took our seats to find out what’s the problem or complaint today. I never once though she’d fire me. So we both took a seat and I asked her, “What’s up? She was so flustered and nervous as if she didn’t know where or how to began, finally she said that Charlie and the other bosses wanted her to let me go. I was totally speechless let me go “I exclaimed” my heart sunk I was knocked back, it knocked the wind clean out of me, I wanted to vomit I was sick, and I totally couldn’t believe she was firing me, me of all people.

When I finally found my voice again I asked why and she refused to give a reason and it hurt. I got so angry with her that I raised my voice, jumped out of my seat begging for a reason why. I think I scared her because she jumped back and got up and asked me to leave her office now! I caught myself breathed deeply then apologized told myself to calm down and asked her again in a calmer voice why was she firing me what have I done to deserve this and she still refused to tell me why. Then I told her that I was not leaving until she’d give me a reason or explanation, why.

So to get rid of me she called Charlie gave me the phone, so that I could speak with him. Before I even spoke a word he told me to leave the premises before they called the police and have I escorted from the building because I was no longer needed or wanted. It tore me apart I was crushed. They were treating me like a criminal but it felt worst than that. I should have known from the moment I heard his voice and the harsh tone in which he addressed me I knew I no longer had a job and that no amount of alking or explaining would help or solve problem, so I left. Everybody knew including my co-workers that I would be fired that day that’s why they were smiling when I came in that morning. I have no regrets the experiences and techniques I learned prepared me for me a new start and future. That’s where I shined the customers praised me on how good I was at the job because they asked for me by name. No matter who was on the front counter to wait on them, they simply said where is Pam, I want her to wait on me.

I loved everything from clocking in, in the morning, to payroll, to closing up at night. It was vital on our heavy days of the week to have all orders finished by six o’clock that evening and it required teamwork us pulling together. Of course we had to deal with the heat which was uncomfortable and required us drinking plenty of liquids. But it didn’t stop us from getting the work done to serve our customers and keep them satisfied. I was raised never to quit or give up and to fight until you succeed there’s always a way, basically there’s no such thing as I can’t.

In the five years of service to Comet Cleaners I also learned some valuable skills that would help and guide me in the future such as; handling the payroll, time cards, deposits, etc. , it taught me to be very efficient. I was fired (let go) with no explanation why and I don’t ever want to be in that position again. Now I’m in charge of my life, things change for a reason and these reasons put the wheels in motion for me to go back to school to educate and elevate myself, and to earn my Associate Degree in Business Administration so that one day I’d be able to make all my dreams come true of running my own business.

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