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Tanzania: Straight Into The Wild

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When planning an international holiday, people’s minds usually drift to Europe or America. It is quite seldom that tourists decide to come to the majestic content of Africa and explore everything that it has to offer. Those who come here, come for its exotic wildlife and safaris, and nothing more than that. Often the best sights of Africa goes unexplored. Tanzania is one such country in Africa, that is usually visited for its breathtaking safaris, and not for anything more.

Yet, it has so much more to offer, which will make your trip all the more memorable and wonderful. Tanzania is filled with unexplored gems that are waiting to be explored. From beaches to mountains, it has everything to make your vacation all the more alluring and unique. Filled with nature walks, stunning scenic beauty and the best safaris, Tanzania is a place that you should visit.

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Tanzania: Straight Into The Wild
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The gorgeous and serene Lake Manyara is a great detour on your way to Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.

This wondrous place is the perfect place to witness all the layers of Tanzania and watch how nature has blessed thou country. This place is covered with thick trees and gives off a forest vibe. You will feel as if you are walking straight into an African forest, that is hiding unexplored gems. You might also be able to see flamingos, elephants and tree lions!

You can also stay at this place in a camp or right outside the Lake Manyara Park. The experience is quite something. You must visit the viewpoint and witness the awe-inspiring sunset from here, as the entire landscape gets covered in a pale yellow hue. The birds also start flying home, and the sky is littered with thousands of birds bidding adieu and flying back home.

The Serengeti

The Serengeti is perhaps that one thing on your bucket list when you come to Africa. This world-famous safari is often touted to be the best safari in Africa and is usually the reason why many people even visit Tanzania. When you start your safari, you will be flabbergasted by the sheer size of this place. There are huge open spaces, and the extent of the park is amazing. Just imagine, this entire stretch of safari is brimming with life. It is home to an extensive and exhaustive list of flora and fauna, making is awe-inspiring. From lions to leopards, to elephants, you will be able to witness all of these animals every single time you come here. The word Serengeti comes from the Masai language, which means endless plains, and it truly lives up to its name.

If you want to take your Serengeti experience up a notch, then try camping inside the park, and you might just get a visit from Hyenas, zebras and even lions! Even though it might sound dangerous, it is quite thrilling. When in Serengeti you must hire a guide who can take you through the main spots. While you can drive yourself, however, you might also get lost. So, it is always for the best that you take a guided jeep tour. The Tarangire National Park is another safari that you can head off to if you have the time.

While coming back from Serengeti, there is another safari destination in Africa that tourists flock to. The unique The Ngorongoro Crater was formed by a gigantic volcano which collapsed, giving rise to the amazing scene that one can see today. You can come to The Ngorongoro Crater to view black rhinos, lions and hyenas. You can also stay at The Ngorongoro Crater, and the experience is unique. If you want to get the best out of this safari, then come here as early as possible. This is the time when most animals come out in the open. You might get to see breathtaking scenes of the animals in their natural habitat. People have even seen hyenas chase deers, or lioness giving birth and many more such events at The Ngorongoro Crater

The taller mounter in Africa, and the tallest free swing mountain in the world, the gorgeous and stunning Kilimanjaro is a sight to behold. This mountain is so beautiful, that you will usually find it flanked by thousands and thousands of tourists every day of the year. You can choose to climb this mountain too, which takes about six to eight days, and is an exhilarating experience. If you do wish to climb this mountain, then make sure you have enough time on your hands. The climb is worth it, however, if you do not have the luxury of time, then just standing in front of it and witnessing Kilimanjaro in all its glory is also something.

The Usambara Mountains

The unspoiled Usambara Mountains, are often missed by the mainstream tourists. Yet, this place has unparalleled beauty, heightened by the fact that it is off the radar. This is probably the best place to view the entire landscape of Tanzania at its finest. You can also go up to Mambo, which a small hamlet, and it has some of the most spectacular natural views. The Usambara Mountains is filled with fun things to do. You can delve into the realm of nature, or take a long refreshing nature walk. You can head off to the church, or shop at a chaotic local market. You can also visit the Amani Nature Reserve or the Irente Viewpoint.

The little town of Moshi is often visited by trekkers and explorers since it is the starting point for the Kilimanjaro trek. However, even if you are not interested in the climb, the little town of Moshi is quite lovely and quaint. Away from the hustle-bustle of the other major towns in Tanzania, this hamlet is much less hectic. It has a wonderful backdrop of the Kilimanjaro, making it all the more alluring. There are several day trips from Moshi that you can undertake like- a coffee plantation tour to Materuni, a visit to the Materuni waterfall, the Chemka hot springs and many more. If you want to relish the Masai culture, then head off the little Masai villages located near Moshi. These villages are vibrant with the Masao culture, and the locals are also exceptionally hospitable.


Your trip to Tanzania will not be complete if you don’t head off to the countryside. Lushoto is the perfect place to head off to if you are looking for extensive farmlands and countryside experience. Blessed with awe-inspiring views, nature walks and cascading waterfalls, this town is a visual treat. The locals are also extremely warm and you will have a gala time just interacting and talking to them. You can just go out for serene walks, and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of this little village. It is a great place to stop and unwind at for a couple of days.

The big metropolitan city of Tanzania, Dar es Salam is a great place to stop and get into the busy city life. It is on the way to Zanzibar, and you can stay here for one day to witness the modern culture of Tanzania. It also a beach town, so you can relax at beaches like Coco Beach, or take a surreal boat trip to the Bongoyo Islands. To witness the intricacies of the African culture, head over to the Village Museum, or shop at the Uhuru Street. Bagamoyo is a little fishing town in Tanzania, which is located near Dar Es Salaam. Even though this is not a typical tourist spot, it does have some lovely places and rustic cafes that will make you feel all warm and nice.

This place has some of the best seafood that you will ever eat. Just take a walk here, and you watch as people go about their daily life. You should visit the Bagamoyo Art Market, or take a cycling trip around the town. You must also take a lazy day and lie on the sandy pristine beach and watch the sunset.

The lovely city of Zanzibar is the perfect confluence of cultures, history and beautiful natural landscapes, all of which will make your visit here ever so magnificent. There is so much to do here, that you should stay a good many days at Zanzibar to experience it fills. You should start with the stone town, then head off to the gorgeous beaches located up north, and then just take a relaxing day off and let Zanzibar play its magic on you. It is quite a hip and happening town, and many parties keep happening on the beaches as well!

Tanzania has so much to offer that even a week can become too less for you. It is a great country to visit solo or with your entire family. It is one of the gems of Africa that is itching to be fully explored and opened up to the world of tourism. So, just immerse yourself into the world of safaris, little towns, stunning landscapes and mountains that will make you gasp, and head off to the beautiful country of Tanzania.

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