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            Technology can be defined as the concept that makes human being adopt easily and control their environment by use of tools and art.  It can also refer to material usage such as machines utensils, hardware, and computer in simplifying livelihood.  Technology started way back during the early man stags of human evolution.  The nature of human; his curiosity and symbolic thinking characterized technology growth.  It all started with the inventions of simple tools like stones made tools and wooden tools to ease activities like crashing of hand foods, digging and carrying of foods which was all meant to simplify the early man adoption to the environment.  Later discoveries were the fire which again brought changes to the general lifestyle of the early man.  He could now use it as source of light during the night thus increased his working hours broadened his diet, strengthened his security and which led to the emerging of many other inventions.  Other technological inventions included the wheel which had a great impact on human mobility therefore he was able to control the environment.  The human nature over the centuries has been very instrumental to technological advancement.  In the recent years major technological developments have had a great impact of the ability to control as well as adaptation to the environment.  These include; the computer, weapons, transport industry, space crafts, communication gadgets, education equipment and many other technological development.  The social, political, philosophical, ideological, economical and demographic changes the society experiences, always fuel technological development which aims at adapting mankind to these dimensions.

            Technology has had an impact on the society in almost all disciplines; medicine, communication industry, agriculture, transportation, architecture, education, economic and environment.  However, it has affected the society both positively and negatively.  This concept has raised some philosophical debates on whether technology improves or worsens the human status. However, studies have found that to some extent, its impact is negative while on the other hand, impacting the society more positively. Beyond these technological development in the past, the global revolution in technological is currently changing the world and will continue in the generations to come.  This paper explores the impact of technology to the modern world and to the future.

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            In industrial revolution, technological advancement has greatly improved to creating a major difference between the eighteenth century industrial revolution and the modern industrial revolution.  Production has become mechanized powered by the use of fuel engines.  In agriculture, there is use of tractors, Lorries, machinery which has greatly increased production.  This has increased the economic performance and has improved our lifestyle.  This has created division of labor creating new ownership, manager’s workers, political leaders as well as consumers. It has also initiated specialization in place of work as well as masterly.  It has opened up the way to exploit our world which we are yet to exploit fully.  Technological development has brought astonishing social and intellectual changes in the world of science and natural philosophy.  The growth is evident – from Newton discoveries to Einskein and from Darwin to DNA, really the accomplishments are tremendous.  Our view of the world now is so different than our traditional view that we had before.  The high technological advancement characterizing our modern world has enabled us to move from the societal boundaries to cover priorities of industrializations and economics aimed at adapting the society more effectively to the world.  Science and technology are two very inseparable entities.  They have combined to give us the world we are in today.  Science and technology have in the modern world spread to replace the traditional technologies and which in turn has bridged the gaps the world’s nation and people had before.  These entities have greatly played a role in historical transformation that defines globalization (McClellon and Dorn, H 2006: 275 – 277)

            The technological development has impacted the modern human’s health.  We now can live longer, healthier lives than before.  The child mortality rate is reduced.  Immunization of severe diseases is now possible as early as in infancy stage.  Nutrition procedures have been put in place which makes us live a healthier life.  Researchers have been able to come up with drugs to cure life threatening illnesses.  Tools and machinery have been invented that attend major health complications, like heart transplants, kidney transplants and other surgeries which have all bettered our lifestyle by giving us hope where there seemed to be no solution in earlier times.  However, despite the fact that technological development have impacted positively in our health, it has as well exposed us to toxic chemical in our bodies which at times have affected us reducing our lives or exposing us to other health risks like breast cancers, kidney complications, allergies and many others which are life threatening. (DeGregori, T. R 2004)

            In the world of communication, television and radios still continue dominating most part of the world.  Internet in most countries has been used as a form of database for knowledge. It is not fully exploited to be a major form of communication like it has in the minority developed nations. There are however ways that internet can be used to boast the value of radio and television technology. The communication advancement has been hindered by poverty problems in some societies, low levels of literacy, gender ideas, environmental issues, political instability and the expenses of infrastructures building.  Technology however has enhanced the livelihood of mankind through ICT.  This technology is worth adopting by all the nations if at all they don’t want to be marginalized. (Bracey, B 2008)

            Introduction to mobile phone technology has really enhanced communication.  Provided there is a common network, people are now able to communicate all over the world.  This has had a great impact in improved livelihood of people.  This concept is one of the basic needs the society needs to have such that it is barely unimaginable how before such innovations we used to survive.  The laser technology, Bluetooth, infrared, 3G, internet all these technology development have greatly enhanced the modern communication network. Trade has been enhanced through communication technology. It has seen interaction between people of different cultural backgrounds. At least through media devices, we are able to follow up events happening allover the world at a particular time.

            In education, technology has improved its meaning and its acquisition.  Teachers have used technological advancement in their duties which has resulted to a better learning methodologies and the output has been creditable.  It has given a new meaning to education.  Concrete skills and knowledge are now able to be acquired by students.  Generally in all disciplines in education field have used technological tools and machineries is delivering education to learners; engineering, medicine, architectural, cultural studies.  Through technological advancement in education, individuals have been able to identify their potential in early ages therefore specializing and emerging stronger in the field masterly. The internet has emerged a major destination to carry out   academic researches increasing efficiency to the learner, researchers and scholars.

            In the world of entertainment; technology has continued playing a major part.  We have experienced music recording advancing from radio cassettes to CDs and it is continuing advancing up to date.  This has really improved the music industry in its recording. Films are now easier to act and produce. Many children have turned to computer related leisure; computer games, internet surfing. Innovations of audio visual technology like play stations have improved entertainment to the children as well as adults. It has led to improved leisure time spending reducing leisure misuse activities like drug abuse among the youth.

            As time passes, technological development has come up with some related stress. In places of work, at homes and all places technological devices are being used have experienced some emerging problems. However, people are learning how to enhance their performance and manage the arising stress. Cyber physiology games and biofeedback games have introduced us to new images of competition, cooperation, learning and personality mastery.  In the future, the generations to come will continue experiencing technological advancement and research in human consciousness.  As we extend our technological development, we will realize what former researchers and scientists have studied through direct initiative experiences for the future. (Levey J & Levey, M 2003)

            In transportation, technology advancement has greatly improved the human mobility. Airplanes invention has been used in emergency visits and the speed is astonishing. It is now very possible to be whenever you want to be in the whole world within a day. Trade also has been enhanced through transport. Bulk cargo can now be transported easily to all parts of the world. In the developed world, the have used speed trains have been used which have efficiently impacted peoples mobility. The invention of space crafts has helped the scientists to explore the outside world with ease.

            Despite these positive impacts  the technology have had in the society, there have risen critics of modern technology who blame it for oppressing the minority, associate it with violence destroying the environment and being a source of death.  It has also created status differences with categories like the developed and the undeveloped world, the 1st 2nd and 3rd worlds. However, as much as this may look justifiable, the better part of technological advancement is the positive impacts that have affected the world previously, presently and in the near future.  It has been the defining ingredient of totalitarian future of any successful society. (DeGregori, T. R 2004)

            Technological advancement will have revolutionalized our lives in all dimensions in the near future; political, social, economical and personal dimensions.  This will help us take full control of our environment, manipulate it, improve and understand it better.  Agile manufacturing, enhanced materials and nanotechnology will expand technology advancement.  The results will be astonishing.  These may include; significant human life quality, increased life span, increased industrial outputs, enhanced globalization, wealth distribution, skilled labor, cultural merging, mixed environmental effects, political tension and conflicts and other life related properties like cloning and eugenics.  However, acquisition of these successes will depend on the level of technological and infrastructure investment that a society possess, technological change acceptance that a society demonstrate, market limitations experienced in the trading fields, availability of law materials like skills and labor in a particular society . Most of the developed world may experience revolutionisation better than the less developed world. (Anton, S .P at al 2001)

            According to a Washington DC consulting firms, plans are underway for technological advancement in the near future. These include; personalized medicine, distributed energy, pervasive computing, nanomaterials, biomarkers for health, bio fuels, advanced manufacturing universal water, carbon management, engineered agriculture, security and tracking advanced transportation.  “Technologies can advance so rapidly and so randomly that they are virtually impossible to predict”, said Denise Chiavetta, however, he is particularly worried how such advancement will reach the consumers around the world.  The growing global population, energy quest, urbanization, calls for technology advancement in all dimensions of livelihood in the society. (Social technologies 2008)

            The natural quality of symbolic thinking that the human beings possess is very significant in technological development.  In future, new innovations will be made which will be by far better than what we have today.  As specialization characterizes our education, advancement in particular fields will be enhanced as specialization leads to masterly.  Technological advancement has been a major entity in defining the current societies we are in.  Our economic ability rating primarily depends on our technological advancement level that we possess.  The more we are technologically developed, the more we are economically supreme.

            Our security achievement again depends of our weapon capability that we have in store. This weapon possession keeps us on track though politically tensed but at least we are assured of a sufficient security. It is the security ability that a society possesses which gave it the ability to control the world. Our life span rating as well depends on our technology ability. Our health is one major issue that determines any capability as a nation. Our nutrition has an impact on our ability to develop the society we are living in. all these can only be achieved through technological advancement. Literally in all areas in life, from education to social structure, depends primarily on our technological ability.        Therefore, the concept is inseparable from defining the society we are in hence it is an important issue in our lives.  However, on the other hand technological advancement can have a negative impact on our lives.  The political tension that exists in the world is fueled by the competition that exists in the technology world.  The production of mass weapons has in the past caused mass destruction of property, natural deformities, deaths as well as health implications.  The medicine world has affected our health. We have been subjected to toxic chemicals that have brought health implication to our bodies and even at extreme cases caused death.  In industrial revolution the current global warming problem is initiated by technology advancement, which has changing the traditional climatic conditions.

             There has been a lot of toxic waste into the air from burning fuel in engines leading to this major problem.  As a result, periods of draughts have increased as agricultural production has been reduced. Undeveloped world have continued suffering from starvation and lack of water.  There is need therefore to come up with methodologies to counter the negative impact of technological advancement in the society.  Most technological devices need to be environmental friendly.  By doing so, we will have improved the efficiency of technology in the future generations to come who in turn will work to improving what we have today therefore the future will adapt easily, and exploit fully the new and still unexploited world we have.


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