A Letter of Accomplishment to My Future Self

Dear Future Self,

I hope you are doing a lot better than you are right now. I hope you’re a lot happier and less frazzled about life in general. I hope you are doing a job that makes you wake up every morning smiling. I didn’t mean to make that first sentence so dark. I am doing fine considering it is my first semester of college, which they say is the hardest. I admit that the adjustment here has been super difficult, especially when you lose a best friend you thought would be there to help you through it all. How is he, by the way? Has he called? What’s he doing nowadays?

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Besides the difficult adjustments, I would say I’m doing better in college than I expected. All my classes are pretty easy except one that I am convinced will be the DEATH OF ME. Sorry, that was a bit dramatic…. but in all seriousness, Anatomy and Physiology is definitely my most challenging class. I wish I had taken that Anatomy class in high school even though it was only an elective. I feel like I’m drowning in that class. Everyone else seems to be fine but me. I’m in a nursing AP class which is also very intimidating. Most of them know each other as they are taking other classes together. I know only one other person in that class and he does very well on the exams. I asked him to tutor me for our next exam which I need a 75-80 on to be able to have a C in the class.

I am doing very well in all my other classes though 🙂 So there’s something to smile about. Chemistry is a lot easier than I ever expected. Public speaking class is probably my favorite class though. I love the Professor Defossez. She’s so outgoing and easy-going, and my classmates are all very nice. Even though I absolutely hate night classes that are two and a half hours long, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that class. English Composition is okay I guess. It’s a pretty writing-intensive course, but Professor Holding is a great teacher. My Freshman Program class is pretty cool too. We get to do fun projects and they even took us out to eat one time. Mark and Najiba are easy people to talk to as well. They have a very “chill” attitude that I can vibe with.

One thing I wish I did differently thus far in college, was NOT taking on two jobs. I had a job at Panera and my work study job at JumpStart. I do not know how I managed those two jobs for a two months (which felt like an ETERNITY). Maybe that’s why my grade in AP is not where I want it to be. That job at Panera caused me so much more stress than I already had and it was not worth it. I finally quit after weeks of trying. They kept putting me on the schedule even after I put my two weeks’ notice in, then I told them that I was not going to show up anymore. I hope they stopped putting me on the schedule because I haven’t showed up in about two weeks now.

Anyway, Future Self, I hope you are thinking to yourself that all the hard work that Present Self has been putting in has finally paid off. I hope when you are reading this in the future that you are smiling because you are proud of the person you have become.


Present Self

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