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Modern and Future Impact of Technology

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“Increased use of technology is a blessing and a curse.”

I think that this statement is true. Modern surgery has both its good points and its bad points. However, I think that the good points outweigh the bad points.
Surgery and medicine has come a long way since prehistoric times. Indeed, even when compared to standards of the Renaissance, the improvements are remarkable. New discoveries in the last few centuries, mainly in anaesthetics and antiseptics, have ensured that complicated surgery can be carried out, with a very high chance of the patient surviving.

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Modern and Future Impact of Technology
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People can now have heart transplants, kidney transplants, lung transplants etc. Almost any organ in the body can now be transplanted. In fact, some people have even had arm or leg transplants!
This can lead to problems. In the future, there may be cases where people are walking around with two different arms from two different people, the same for the legs, with someone else’s heart and lungs.

They will be a living model of Frankenstein’s monster. This may sound funny, but it is not. I think that it is fine for doctors to perform transplants if the person desperately needs it, but I think that soon, the doctors will start to go too far. They must find some other way of dealing with the problem.
Another major problem with modern surgery is the cost. In 1948 the NHS was set up. This institution aimed to provide all sorts of medical care for people which was free at the point of use. The idea behind the NHS was that health care would generally be cheaper. This is because at the time, lots of people were being vaccinated for different diseases. The logic was that if people were being vaccinated against the disease, they would not catch the disease, therefore there will less people in hospitals. This would reduce the cost of health care. All British citizens would pay for the cost for health care in the form of taxes.
That idea was a very good one. However, the.

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