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Impact Of Social Media On Adolescents

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I am deathly afraid of my telephone. I know it is nothing but bad news for my family and me… Now, I’m not actually afraid of my telephone, I really love it, as many people today do, but people were worried that telephones would destroy society and ultimately be a negative advancement when the piece of technology first hit the market. Social media, a relatively new online creation, is enormously popular among today’s youth, and ninety four percent of teens report going online daily.

With so many teens having access to social media wherever they are, some parents are worried that these social networking communities are not a good thing for their kids. Despite concerns of parents, social media is not harmful to today’s teenagers, because it can help teens with everyday skills as well as assure they are more aware of the world around them.
Social media helps teens develop important skills that they can use for the rest of their life.

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Impact Of Social Media On Adolescents
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For example, teacher Andrew Simmons claims “students in 2013 are more comfortable writing about personal issues than his classmates in the mid-late ‘90s” (Simmons 3). Social media gives students a platform to talk about personal issues and sensitive topics; therefore, they’re more willing to talk about these issues in their writing. Social media can also provide teens with skills that can be useful inside, and out, of school. In a report issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Communications and Media, the benefits of social media, including communication skills, were emphasized. Good communications skills are essential to a teen’s future success in college, work, and everyday tasks. Social media helps teens interact with people on a daily basis and in return they know how to talk to people and keep conversation. Teens can even learn debate skills from defending their opinion on social media, which is a very common occurrence. Social media is helping teens develop beyond expectations of generations before them which can…

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