The Impact of Social Media on Body Image

Include the following for all areas of the research above: a) which aspect of each topic you have researched b) why you selected this aspect ) the goal of your research d) how you have carried out the research e) a summary of your research that includes a critical analysis and evaluation of your key findings and conclusions drawn f) sources of information, including referencing using a recognized system You may include tables, charts and diagrams where appropriate. The aim of this unit assignment The purpose of the unit is to enable you to understand the role and responsibilities of a teacher in education and training and the relationship between different professionals in education and training. It includes responsibility for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment for your learners.

At level 3 you need to demonstrate: knowledge of relevant principles and where appropriate theories that apply to the further education and training sector evidence of appropriate reading relating to principles, theories and practice consideration of how professional values impact on working in the further education and training sector evidence of a reflective approach ASSIGNMENT PLANNER a) the teaching/training role and responsibilities in education and training I hind the teaching roles within education and training are teaching your learners so that they are engaged and are actively learning. It is my responsibility as the Instructor to ensure that learning is taking place by having the correct environment and covering the learners needs so this can take place. Can find this information out by the use of Neil Flemings 2005 VS. model (Visual, Auditory & Kinesthesia).

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Using this model I can easily identify how the student learns best and adapt or include all these different methods in my lesson. As students within group can all be working at different levels it is also my responsibility to have differentiating teaching, learning and assessments within my lessons so that learners of all levels find the work challenging enough to engage them and push them to their potential. Roles also within education and training that I also cover are communicating appropriately and effectively with learners this is important as building a good rapport and relationship with learners can be key to helping them succeed as they are more likely to be open with you, if they are struggling or require help.

Good communicating means that should a learner start to lose interest or not produce work to the standard they normally do could be an indicator that something is wrong whether it be at home, school or something socially it is then your responsibility to find out what is going on or to pass your concerns onto the appropriate person (Parents/Guardians, School Sense, local authorities or safeguarding officer). Paperwork must also be kept up to date including registers, personal records (medical, consent forms) as they can be used to track students progress and also allows to see if there are trends that can e affecting a student. Working with young people can and almost means that you will work alongside other professionals. This could be anything from the students tutor, head of house/year leader, Sense, school police liaison officer, social workers.

I find that within my day to day working in the school that most weeks I have contact with other members of school staff, this could be from as little as the students tutor passing on concerns if an incident has taking place in the week or if something has happened at home and has asked that I keep an eye non the student or pass back anything further concerns or incidents. If a student is a young care then perhaps may have involvement with their social worker this could be to confirm how the students attendance, work, behavior, emotional/mental/physical state is and if I have any concerns for the student on how they are coping, it could also be just to inform me of the situation at home, allowing for me to make changes to my teaching or lesson for the student so they can still actively learn.

Occasionally I have invited other professionals such as the police, fire service and other charities in my lessons for them to give talks about their professions or o give a talk about a subject that I have been covering at the time or they have been inspirational speakers. Roles including points of referral to meet the needs of learners There are different type of boundaries when teaching the main is not to over step from that role of of a teacher/trainer by becoming overly friendly or too personal you must be professional at all times by showing that you are in control, fair to all students, ethical and not showing favoritism towards any of the students, not adding or encouraging students to add you on social media or handing out telephone embers are this can be seen as inappropriate and also the students may see you more as a friend than as a teachers.

Other professional roles I have used when meeting the needs of the learner have been prior to students getting a place on a course, I have met with them and interview them and asked them for an application forms to see the reasons behind why they want to take part in the course and what they wish to gain from it. Sometimes this has meant that I have had to turn students down if they haven’t met the criteria or if they don’t have the right reasons for wanting to be on this course usually make these sections along with the other instructor and sometimes a member of staff from the school. As with most professions, teaching and training boundaries can also have negative aspects such as lack of resources, paperwork, policies and procedures.

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