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British Clothing Company

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The presence of clear management especially when dealing with overseas market has been strength to the company (global data, 32).

In this regard, Ted Baker cautiously runs development of promising overseas market for its products. For example, Ted Baker does pre-feasibility analysis for the promising market for identifies issues. For example, competition level and customers needs and expectations. In addition, ted Baker is highly investing in oversea and development of company’s brand in countries such as Canada and Germany (global data, 32)

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British Clothing Company
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Brand strength is also a major strong point for the company.

For example, strength of ted baker would be the strong brand personality of Ted communicated through the stores.

The company conducts dedicated analysis and research about the current and potential market. This helps it to understand its internal and external environment (global data, 32). By so doing, the company is in a position to target all its customers based on research carried out.

Ted Baker sometimes lack power over brand fairness due to the reason that the company operates through multiple wholesales, retailers and licensing (global data, 32).

Due to the presence of multiple systems and levels of management, the company finds it difficulty to disseminate company’s information (global data, 32). This situation result to inaccuracy of company’s records.

Submissive European shoppers have been a source of weakness to the company (global data, 32). Their unresponsive nature sometimes leads to reduced sales.

The entry of Ted Baker in new promising overseas market has been an opportunity to sell its brand worldwide and increase volume of sale. This in advance helps to increase market share. The growth of E-commerce has greatly boosted the company. This is evident through advertising and online marketing (global data, 32). Continually expansion of Ted Baker knitwear collections has been a real opportunity o the company. Despite numerous opportunities, Ted Baker has been faced with a number of threats such as the instable nature of interest and exchange rates. This makes it hard to predict company’s profit. The company is also faced by operational challenges such as distribution of infrastructure that maintains the organization. The weaker spend nature of UK and US customers has been a source of threat to the company (global data, 32). The fact that fashion brands requires being continually fashionable, this leads additional costs to the company in order to meet the customers expectations.

Political Factors

Political factors consist of all factors that address ways in which the government intervenes in the economy. Ted Baker operates in a globalized environment with stores that are located in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, and Middle East and in Australia. Their performances are highly influenced by the legislative and political states of these countries especially the European Union. The government also encourages it to provide a mix of job opportunities that are flexible.  Due to this government intervention, the company is likely to be affected.

Economic factors

Economic factors consist of the interest rates, inflation rate, exchange rate and the economic growth rate of the entire company. These factors have various impacts on how the entire company makes its own decision and how it operates its major businesses. For instance, Ted Baker company has a rapid growth that is characterized by rise in profit. Its total sales rise with about 16% every year. It has an interest rate that keeps on fluctuating.
Social factors

Ted Baker is known to provide clothing for all ages and all genders. In addition, it is located in a healthy environment and encourages safety of the environment. There has been a trend in various places that Ted Baker is the best place to go shopping. Therefore, this is likely to affect the operations in this company. This is due to the fact that consumers will stop shopping in Ted Baker thus, lowering its operations world wide.
Technological factors

Ted Baker retailers use modern technologies for the major purpose of marketing. For example, it relies on internet and social media as it operates world wide. This shows that technology is the foremost concerns in the agenda of marketing in Ted Baker.

Porters 5 Forces consists of the supplier’s power, customer’s power, new entrant’s threat, competition level and substitutes threat.

Ted Baker is known for its purchasing and distribution power. In addition, it has adequate capital to purchase clothing that includes men’s wears, women wears and children’s wears (Tura 40). They have capital to hire adequate employers. This shows that threats in Ted Baker are relatively moderate.

Ted Baker makes up a quarter of global revenue. Therefore, other retail markets are beginning to compete with local and international clothing stores. It faces an intense completion from L.K. Bennett, Paul Smith, All Saints or Polo Ralph Lauren. However, the company is still a small player in the market (Palmieri 27). This is due to the fact that Ted Baker is able to diversify its operations making competition to be moderate.

Ted Baker offer customers with wide variety of clothing and the convenience of getting all their shopping done in one location. There are a small number of substitutes that is allowed in this store.

Based on Ted Baker the bargaining power of customers is fairly high. However, the bargaining power of the suppliers is fairly low. Where the products a slightly differentiated and are more standardized, the buyers have the option to switch to other brand this is because the switching costs is minimal. On the other hand, the supplier does not have much power since Ted Baker chooses the supplier whom will sell at the lowest cost in order to maximize its profits.


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