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Terrorism Short Essay

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The definition of terrorism according to Webster’s Dictionary is “the use of force or threats to intimidate.” The news is filled with references to terrorism worldwide. Thousands of people have been killed in many countries because of terrorism.

Terrorism has created a multitude of problems in this country and across the globe. Therefore, we must attempt to make the world a safer place. We defeat terrorism, one person and one day at a time.

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Terrorism Short
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Thousands of people are killed because of terrorism. Unfortunately, most of these people are innocent. The victims die when kamikazes crash planes, whether they are in the plane or in the building being attacked. Innocent people even die at work. Citizens may be on vacation with their families when something shocking happens. Terrorists will also willingly give up their lives to kill others. If terrorists are accused of murder or cornered by the authorities, they will commit suicide. Terrorists may also be killed in battle from the retaliation of their enemy.

I believe this is a horrible way to serve your country.
Terrorism has created numerous problems throughout the world. Terrorism has financially impacted the United States. The stock market, for example, has plunged downward after the September eleventh attacks. Gasoline prices have also risen which forces people who travel to pay a fortune for gas. Terrorism has sadly separated families. Many kids will grow up without knowing their mom or dad. There are also parents who are going on through life without their loved ones. Terrorists have frightened most United States citizens. They find themselves constantly looking over their shoulders. Citizens are afraid to fly to see their relatives or even go on vacation. We are afraid to go to public gatherings for fear someone may pull a gun or set off a bomb. We defeat terrorism by personally managing, understanding, and overcoming our fears.

United States citizens have been trying to make the world a better and safer place..

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