War On Terror Argumentative

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Among children under 5 years old, Afghanistan has the highest rate of stunted growth in the world. Access to healthcare remains very limited, with 15% of the population without access to even the most basic healthcare services. In areas where there is still fighting happening, militants lack respect for the neutrality of healthcare facilities, making attending these facilities dangerous. Additionally, the “War on Terror forces citizens to move out of their country uh to the broken down state of the country after the shootings and bombings.

Since they have no place to stay and can’t get access to food nor safety, the situation forces them to migrate to other neighboring countries hence becoming refugees in order to survive and have basic human rights. We have been witnessing the deteriorating state of which this ‘War On Terror” is being used to actively break the law on the fundamental human rights of civilians’ of the victimized countries, in the likes of them being killed unfairly and tortured without any particular reason.

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Indeed, there is no argument that the “War on Terror” has increased surveillance of the general population of specific groups and given the police more powers in their jurisdiction to fight against terrorist. The ‘War on Terror’ has also broadened our horizon to know the existence optometrists and the harm that they can cause to a country has also paved way for the general public to report the hideouts of some dangerous terrorists. The American PATRIOT Act gave the security services added impetus and authorization to act domestically by increasing their powers of surveillance.

In addition to such clearly apparent modifications to the role of Western security services, the range and nature of the clandestine activities that they perform also appear to have increased. These include assisting various military units in the pursuit of high value targets in Iraq and Afghanistan and the interrogation of suspected terrorists in Accountant Bay. (Oliver Jack 2013). Even though the ‘War on Terror” has increased surveillance of the general population of specific groups, It has actually done more harm than good. Realistically, ever since the declaration

Of on Terror”, the number Of lives lost in this agenda is ten times more than the deaths at the September 11 bombings of the World Trade Center. The United States is a terrorist country itself, since the pattern of terrorists is invading a country, violating the rights of the nation’s civilians, killing of innocent people, which has rendered them homeless. The purpose of “War on Terror” is a total failure thus it has rather led to a grave increased in terrorism. As time passes by, the “War on Terror is really becoming a night mere to the world.

Civilians brutally killed like animals, tortured like they are inhumane and given life sentences based on irrelevant fact is absurd. This leads us to the question “Of all the innocent men, women, and children killed, are they also terrorist. Critically analyzing this scenario, one could notice that the “War on Terror or Terrorism” is really not a war on terror but a war on Islam since they only classify Muslims as terrorists. This can be clearly seen in the so called agenda of the US whereby they only fight against Muslim countries and support any country which has a grudge with an Islamic state r nation.

It is high time, the Human Rights Organizations and Human Rights Activists, Pressure Groups, United Nations and all responsible organizations wake up and make an investigation on the Mar on Terror” so that these unlawful acts would be minimized and stopped totally. The “War on Terror can be stopped if the western countries do not invade into the properties of the Middle East, do not arrest their citizens and slay them brutally. With all the evidences provided above, there is no objection that the ‘Vary on Terror has indeed contributed to the growing abuse of human right.

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