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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

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In my point of view, the first and foremost benefit fast food brings to customers is time and speed saving. Modern society with piles of work pushes people to be busy at any time, especially businessmen and officials. Even students are also up to ears with exercises and examination.

Fast food, therefore, becomes a popular choice of many people. By coming to restaurants, which sell fastfood, the customers are quickly served; they can save a lot of time to do other things instead of cooking at home or waiting for the meal to be cooked at restaurant.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food
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In addition, cooking at home, means you need to buy food in the super market, clean vegetables, prepare things ready to be cooked, after meal; you need time to wash the dishes. This process takes really much time and energy if you are a busy with work and need to relax.

In short, fast food helps people to handle the meal as soon and comfortably as possible.

Besides, meal price is also an advantage of fast food with the ones who live alone. It is often cheaper to have a meal when you stay alone, let alone some extra offers on special events.You can save an amount of money when there is no gas fee to cook, transportation fee to buy food.

In addition, fries and burgers from restaurant are often cheaper as restaurant cooks buy then in bulk. Some disadvantages of fastfood Eating fastfood too often can badly affect can affect your own health. It is necessary to have fastfood in moderation as fat, salt and calories are rich in meal ingredient. Obesity in children and diseases caused by too much fat in adult’s body can be stemmed from fastfood eating routine.

A new research done in the United States that it is unhealthy for people to live near fastfood restaurant.It is surprising from the University of Michigan study that people who live within walking distance from fastfood restaurants have higher rate of being stroked with 13 percent. The quick development of fastfood is breaking much family’s mealtime. More and more teenagers and young people are engrossed in having fast food with friends and their peers.

Mealtime is considered a family meeting time, all members take turns to talk about their activities and feelings during the day, and therefore mealtime is important under one roof. Eating time with the whole family in this modern life is in danger of being lost as the result of fastfood

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