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The advantages and disadvantages of Strategic Management Accounting

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In recent old ages, the strategic direction procedure has become more complex and dearly-won.

Turning fight in many markets and along many combinations of dimension is increasing of analysis facing directors.The term strategic direction is used to mention to the full range of strategic-decision devising activity in an organisation. We can specify Strategic Management Techniques in many ways.Strategic direction is the procedure of pull offing the chase of organisational mission while pull offing the relationship of the organisation to its environment.

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The advantages and disadvantages of Strategic Management Accounting
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Strategic direction is defined as the set of determinations and actions ensuing in the preparation and execution of schemes designed to accomplish the aims of the organisation.Now Strategic Management Accounting has been defined as “ a signifier of direction accounting in which accent is placed on information which relates to factors external to the house, every bit good as non-financial information and internally generated information. ”In 1981, Ken Smmonds defined it as the aggregation of direction accounting information about a concern and its rivals for usage in developing and supervising the concern scheme.

The accent was placed upon comparative degrees and tendencies in existent costs and monetary values, volume, market portion, hard currency flow and stewardship of the resources available to the concern.

( Inman, 1999 )We have different Strategic Management Accounting Techniques such as Cardinal Performance Indicators, balanced mark cards, value concatenation analysis etc. ( Carrefour, Key indexs, 2010 )Introduction:Over the last 40 old ages, the company has grown to turn into one of the Earth ‘s prima distribution company. The Earth ‘s second-largest retailing company and is besides largest in Europe. Carregour group at present operates four chief types of shop formats: Supermarkets, difficult price reduction, hypermarkets and convenience shops.

The Company presently has more than 15,500 shops which are either franchises or company operated. In UAE, Carrefour has big presence and has the concern similar to its international concern sphere described above.Business Scheme:Carrefour is a retail enterprise, holding its ain fabrication and distribution concatenation in Middle East which is innovated by EMKE Group. The concern scheme of the company is to supply things of day-to-day necessity to common people at sensible monetary value and earn net income for increased market portion.

The net income is supposed to be magnifies and retailing units as a consequence of low purchasing monetary value in bulk purchase of stuff. The company has its ain fabrication unit for figure of merchandises to cut down the buying cost. ( Writer, Our group, 2010 )Mission & Aims:The ultimate end of the company is to hold highest net income in hypermarket and other concern section. The company wants to pull off its supply concatenation expeditiously by implementing ERP.

Other aims include increased gross revenues, ERP execution, cost decrease and TQM execution. ( Author, Key indexs, 2010 )Type of Fabrication:The company has its ain fabrication watercourse and distribution watercourse, supplying a good pick to transport out this research. The company did non manufactures all of the merchandises it sells but around 70 % of the merchandises Carrefour sells comes from its ain fabrication workss. The company has hi-tech workss which are able to bring forth more than one assortment of merchandises at a clip.

Carrefour ‘s measuring of Strategic aims:The company to accomplish its strategic aims uses the balanced scorecard ( BSC ) method to look into its current degree of public presentation and to bridge between present and coveted degree of public presentation. Balanced scorecard is a tactical public presentation direction instrument – a semi-level structured history supported by confirmed program methods and cybernation setup that can be utilized by directors to keep path of the execution of activities by forces within their proctor and command the cost originating from these actions.It is perchance the best known of legion such models ( for case, it is chiefly recognized public presentation direction agenda reported ) .The company implemented the balance scorecard theoretical account given in the figure below.

Plan of a Balanced Scorecard finally is about the acknowledgment of a small figure of non-financial ; A ; fiscal steps and adding marks to these points, so that at clip when they are evaluate it is likely to set up whether present public presentation ‘meets prospect. The thought in the rear of this is that by alarming executives to parts where public presentation diverges from chance, they can be floaty to concentrate their concentration on these countries.Areas where Strategic Management accounting is utile:Increasing the public presentation of the employees and the company:Performance steps are chiefly used to measure organisational, every bit good as employee public presentation. A PMS develops cardinal public presentation indexs ( KPIs ) , or prosodies, depending on the nature and activities of the organisation.

KPIs are used as scheme and inducements to help the coordination of concern unit and director ‘s aims, with those of the general corporation aims, that is, they support end congruency.Supply concatenation:The supply concatenation in the company is evaluated on the footing of Value concatenation. The value concatenation is a methodical manner to analyzing the growing of competitory benefit. It was invented by M.

E. Porter in his book named Competitive Advantage ( published in 1980 ) . The concatenation comprises of a series of actions that build and create value.Value Chain Analysis by and large describes the actions that take topographic point in commercialism and narrates them to a survey of the competitory authority of the company.

Value Chain Analysis is individual manner of acknowledging which activities are finest undertaken by a company and which are finest provided by another concern. Harmonizing to that, the finest class of Carrefour ‘s supply concatenation is Information Networks. Here as the undertaking is distributed to single units ( like transit, distribution etc ) and invention can be diffused at any phase. Talking about supply concatenation, the Carrefour is presently utilizing “ apportioning gambling policy ” to manus out the merchandises.

Under this scheme, when the supply is low, the providers place fewer merchandises on allotment. This signify that that provider will non supply the order of the downstream to the full but will diminish the volume to be supplied downstream in order to do certain that all the downstream nodes get at least some portion of demand. In this manner, Value concatenation analysis helps Carrefour to do a best in industry supply concatenation. ( Gregory, 1995)Areas where Strategic Management accounting is non successfulInventoryThe company tried in yesteryear to utilize SMA for stock list direction but the consequences were non fruitful.

The cardinal failure was because of short term nature of stock list direction which is non been provided by strategic direction accounting. Therefore to guarantee exigency and changeless supply of stocks, the company besides maintains warehouses at its allotment centres. The company presently utilizes “ construct to stack ” attack in its stock list direction policy.Replacement of SMA in stock listTo guarantee a centralised attack in stock list, Carrefour hypermarket has EPR implemented but is non federal yet.

The ERP needs to be implemented in complete set of mercantile establishments and warehouses of the company.The duty to guarantee stock list prevarications in custodies of warehouse director who has to guarantee a peculiar fixed measure of stock at anytime of the twelvemonth. The information needed in ERP is to be supplied by assorted directors at distribution centres, fabricating units etc.Maestro program programming:Again because of short term nature of programming, Carrefour is non able to schedule its activities with the aid of Strategic Management Accounting.

Scheduling is therefore done by right coordination between assortments of sections. As mentioned antecedently, the company maintains around 7 yearss stock list in its warehouses to supply flexibleness next to the ever altering demand of people. If the stuff in the warehouses is lesser than that of 6 yearss, a purchasing order signifier fabrication works is placed. In the same manner, if the stock list in the mercantile establishments is lesser than that of 3 concern yearss capacity, once more stock list is enthused for warehouse to the mercantile establishments.

( Gregory, 1995 )Strategic Managemetn Accounting in Various DepartmentsOperationssThe company did non hold a likely prediction theoretical account for keeping the stock list. It needs a better method for this intent. The present method for supply planning goes with the demand of the clients. Production is governed by the client demands and Bullwhip consequence ( covered subsequently in the study ) .

In order to back up the production in conformity with client demands, the company utilizes Kano theoretical account as a strategic direction accounting tool. A short account is given below.Kano theoretical account shown at this point is the most cardinal conceptualisation of client demand. “ The ruddy line shows invention ” while the blue shows expected and spoken demand and green line signifies expected and mute demands.

Kano theoretical account relies on a guess that a clients buys when he or she Need something, nevertheless is it non wholly right, an organisation must deluge the client needs. This can be inexplicit as a “ Voice of the client ” construct.Value concatenation analysis:At every measure, proper certification is done and coordination is maintained which is a portion of value concatenation analysis to guarantee that overall supply concatenation works decently.FinanceA balance mark card method is used here.

The cardinal ingredients of the balance mark card method are as follows:Cost ControlSenior leading manages runing disbursals and costs through cyclic budgets/ program. A budget/ program is a indispensable direction accounting instrument because it assists top direction and subdivision caputs set disbursement thresholds and bounds.Right fiscal coverageSCA or Strategic cost accounting aids top direction study complete and accurate accounting informations sum-ups. Sufficient cost accounting strategies ease pecuniary coverage work as corporate accountants can quickly relocate cost accounting figures into fiscal accounting instruments like legers.

Discrepancy analysisDiscrepancy survey is a necessary net income direction instrument. Discrepancies, frequently called eventuality, are differences among existent costs and budget sums. A positive disagreement indicates that budget entire exceed existent costs. Higher direction pays concentration to negative disagreement because these indicate insufficient cost control operations in operating activities.

SellingIn selling section, SMA is by and large used to calculate the demand. In selling section, Carrefour is presently using apportioning gambling policy ( as mentioned antecedently excessively ) to administer its merchandises. In this scheme, in instance when the supply goes down, the providers place fewer merchandises on allotment. This signify that the provider will non supply the order of the downstream to the full but will diminish the volume to be supplied downstream in order to do certain that all the downstream nodes get at least some portion of demand.

For illustration if 1,00,000 Intersection merchandises are meant for distributed to 4 every bit critical downstream nodes band there is trouble in dependable supply, so the company will provide merely 12,500 merchandises to the downstream nodes, irrespective of its capacity and even when it can supply more to guarantee that each node acquire a small and stock is non unfilled.It is besides find that is the abnormality in demand is excessively frequently, some costumiers ( downstream nodes of supply concatenation ) order more than the existent demand to counterbalance future upset in supplies. In this manner, the company manages its merchandise strategically.Transportation system:The company preserves an effective transit system from fabricating unit to distribution centres and so extra from distribution centres to retail mercantile establishments.

Presently hired motor vehicles are used to decrease the cost of buying of vehicles.Demerits of Strategic Management AccountingThere are some of the disadvantages of Strategic Management Accounting Techniques besides. Some of them are:Lack of StandardizationMonetary comptrollers follow accounting steps and rules sketched by by and large established accounting rules like US GAAP. Management comptrollers, numbering strategic executives, do non hold a mix of processs & A ; policies to follow.

Focus on Quantitative InformationDatas based or Quantitative information is information calculated in difficult statistics, such as dollars and pools. A strategic comptroller centres a batch of concentration on quantitative informations. Information surveies by these comptrollers are really telling. The trouble with this is that concentrating merely at limpid information, other relevant information is unnoticed.

Biasness:Strategic comptrollers generate methods for ciphering public presentation and are prearranged a batch of infinite for subjectiveness and unfairness. This causes a disadvantage to companies because strategic comptrollers attach their ain single feelings and beliefs into doing determinations.Strategic direction procedure involves the full scope of determinations. Typically, strategic issues have six identifiable dimensions:Strategic issues prosecute the allotment of big measure of company resourcesStrategic affair require highest level-management determinationsStrategic issues are likely to hold notable impact on the strategic-term success of the companyStrategic issues typically have main multi concern or multifunctional punishmentStrategic issues are frequently future orientedStrategic issues require sing facets in the house ‘s outside environment.

Utility of Strategic direction in the companyMeeting the downstream demand by the organisation is highly necessary and most of the organisations ( and therefore Carrefour ) therefore lay great weight over their production unit and taking it to outdo degree to achieve pronounced productiveness criterions. It is involved in strategic guidelines of the company to achieve or transcend the demand in the market. In order to absolute this demand, concern should be spotless in its production and its stock list direction. This besides need suited disposal of its volume, productiveness and cost resources, so as to accomplish suited quality criterions.

( Inman, 1999 )Relation between demand and Supply sideThe demand of the merchandises to be sold is straight dependent on the supply side ( for fulfilment ) . There is a additive relation bing between demand and supply side with negative incline. When the demand increases, the fabrication side capacity or state the supply decreases and opposite in frailty versa instance.One country in which Carrefour is losing is the supply of consumer demand to its client with appropriate timing.

It is the dimension in which system is run intoing its prevalent failure. This is extremely overdone from snap that the system possess, and to hold right timed result, Carrefour should hold extremely appropriate structuring that would be clever to be equal to all the demands of the clients associated form the company. As a conclusive ground for the failure, we can state that there is deficiency of co-ordination and direction within all the subdivisions operating in the system.Production:Production in governed by the Kano theoretical account in order to run into the demand of the clients.

The company manages a figure of workss for bring forthing the assortment offered by the company.Capacity direction:As mentioned earlier excessively, to vouch exigency and changeless supply of tonss, the company preserves warehouses at all its distribution centres. The stock maintained in the warehouses depends on the prediction theoretical account of the retailing company. The company depends on two sets of client ( impermanent and permanent ) , the stock necessary for lasting clients is still conventional but that for the impermanent set of patronage is non.

Thus Carrefour invests blissfully on warehousing excess stocks as it is required to keep excess measure to reply the surprises expected form impermanent clients.Why it is important?In a retailing industry like Lulu, a major cost is warehousing or forming the stock list as mentioned above. If the company fails to understand the existent demand of the market place in progress, it can counter two sorts of jobs: one is the likely inaccessibility of supply at the shops which affects the quality of the offered service by the company and secondly if Lulu tries to conserves larger sum of stocks, it has to pay out in footings of charge of warehousing. Both the state of affairss are unwanted by the company.

( Gregory, 1995 )Remarks on Role of SMA in accomplishing Mission and aims of the company:As we saw that the company wants to go the figure one retail market company in the universe, the activates like Key public presentation indexs to keep the public presentation of employees and the company, Balance scorecard for fiscal direction and related theoretical accounts like Kano theoretical account etc helped company to execute its operations in better and cost effectual mode. Thus we can state that SMA is assisting the company in accomplishing Mission and aims

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