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Alan Jackson’s Journey

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Livin’ on Country is the complete story of Alan Jackson’sjourney from small-town Georgia to big time success. Alanrepresents the simple truths and homespun values that are the heartof country music. With songs that are personal yet universal, hismusic speaks to fans around the world.

Alan has sold millions ofalbums, records and more than a dozen #1 hits, won numerousAcademy of Country Music Awards, and been named Entertainer ofthe Year by the Country Music Association. There’s no denying thatAlan Jackson is one of country music’s greatest heroes.

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Alan Jackson’s Journey
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Country-Western music is the back bone of American life, howyou can go from some one who has very little, to on top of the world. Alan Eugene Jackson was born October 17, 1958 in Newnan,Georgia.

came from a family seven, his father Eugene, mother Ruthand four sisters: Diana, twins Cathy and Carol, and Connie. Meet hiswife one Sunday afternoon after church at the local Dairy Queen in1976, this was the teen hangout. Alan and Denise married onDecember 15, 1979.

They moved to Nashville in August 1985, nowthey live in Brentwood, Tennessee.

They have three daughters, theirfirst daughter Mattie Denise on June 19, 1990, Alexandria “Ali” Janewas born on August 23, 1993, and Dani Grace was born on AugustThe author gives a lot of facts about Alan’s accomplishments inlife and country music, but I don’t believe he knew Alan personally. Alot of the facts are quotes from some of the interviews that Alan hasgiven over the years. With enough researcher you wouldn’t have toknow your subject very well. The book just didn’t make me feel likeAlan, I believe is one of the most inspirational singer/ songwriters that country music has today.

He does write almost all of hisown material, not many can do this. He’s songs reflect on his ownpast and with the way that he see American life today. Some of thepeople that inspire him the most in country music are, the late greatHank Williams, and George Jones these two people are legends incountry music. Real country is what they are about, how they seethings in the real world.

Life is no bed of roses, it’s how you live yourlife that makes you what you are today. With Alan Jackson singingand writing about the real world, the ups and downs in hisexperiences and things that he has seen makes me think back to thepast. It feels good to sometimes sit back and reminisce. He is truly aninspiration to the way I see the American way.

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