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The American Dream in A Streetcar Named Desire

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  • Pages 3
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    The American Dream is displayed within many people throughout the world. Similar to the rest of the world, the concept of the American dream Is also displayed throughout the play A Street Car Named Desire. The concept of the American dream discusses how people in the world who work hard for their success, in turn, are successful in their lives. The concept of the American dream represents desire, fulfillment and regret throughout the play. In the play A Street Car Named Desire, Tennessee Williams displays the idea of the

    American dream within his characters. The American dream is the idea that any man or woman, who works hard for a living, will have a good life. The American dream offers opportunity and freedom to people who work hard for It. The concept of the American dream is mainly shown in the character of Stanley Kowalski. Stanley lives a satisfying life. He is the perfect example of this dream. He has a wife, Stella, and a Job that supports his family. Stanley works at an auto parts manufacturing plant. This Job allows Stanley to be successful and to provide his wife and unborn child with the wings that they need.

    Stanley, who is amongst the working class, represents the hero in this play. The things that he does in his life are said to be noble and honorable. Stanley takes advantage of what he has, a wife and child on the way, and a stable Similar to the American dream, which Stanley represents, there is also the beautiful dream or also known as Belle Reeve. Blanched, Stall’s sister who was a southern belle, once represented this beautiful dream. The beautiful dream represents everything that Blanched once was and had. Blanched and Stella come from a family who lived the American dream.

    Blanched was successful, beautiful and charming. Blanched lost this life when she lost her mansion at Belle Reeve. She depends on the kindness of strangers. Because of this, Blanched and Stanley do not get along. Stanley represents everything that Blanched Is not, as well as some of what she Is. One of the main reasons why they do not get along is because Blanched interrupts Stanley routine. His daily life of going to work, partying with his friends, and being with his wife is interrupted when Blanched comes to town. Stanley is aggravated by Blanches presence.

    She also annoys him by calling him names and comparing him to animals such as an ape. Stanley displays the qualities of the antagonist in the play. He comes into conflict with Blanched during her visit because he believes she is telling Stella lies. Stanley believes that Stella should inherit half of the money that Blanched receives from Belle Reeve, although he doesn’t realize that she doesn’t get any money. Stanley Is concerned with the Napoleonic code. The Napoleonic code discusses the dead that “what belongs to the wife belongs to the husband and vice versa. (Williams 1 OFF Similar to Blanched, Stella once also lived this beautiful dream. Her family was very wealthy all of her life. Stella did not have to work hard to receive anything because her family had already supplied her with everything that she needed. When Stella met Stanley, he helped her realize that her life cannot always be like this. He helped her come to terms with the new life that they are living. Stella and Stanley live a typical comfortable life in New Orleans. Stella, who is pregnant, stays at home.

    Stanley considers Stella to be the homemaker. Stella stays at home, cooks for Stanley, cleans their house, and takes care of him. Stella also respects Stanley, despite his attitude towards Stall’s sister and herself. Before Blanched arrives at their house Stanley and Stella are happy with their lives. They are comfortable with each other and are content with living the American dream life. This life is interrupted when Blanched arrives and, in turn, Stanley feels like Stella does not respect him like she seed to.

    This concept of the American dream that is portrayed throughout the play A Streetcar Named Desire is the lifestyle that Stella and Stanley Kowalski live. The American dream concept shows that any man or woman who works hard enough for what they want will get it in their lifetime. Stanley life, which consists of hard work, honor, and success, shows that this life is a perfect example of the American dream.

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