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The Aviary, the Aquarium, and Eschatology

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    by Vince JohnsonEschatology:1: The branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history ofthe world or of mankind.

    2: A belief concerning death, the end of the world, or the ultimate destinyof mankind; specifically any of the various Christian doctrines concerningthe Second Coming, the resurrection of the dead, or the Last Judgement.

    As more than a casual observer of contemporary ufology, I’ve recentlybecome aware of a what could be a significant new twist in popularperception about UFOs. For many, UFOs are not the manifestation ofextraterrestrial intelligence, but instead, are a metaphysical phenomena –a manifestation of spiritual entities. Many abductees/contactees are nowcharacterizing their “unusual personal experiences” in a religious ormetaphysical context.

    As an unabashed secular humanist, I am skeptical of these claims. Butthere are several aspects of the metaphysical interpretation of the UFOphenomenon that should be considered before rejecting it out of hand.

    Admittedly, a lot of what follows is based on rumor, hearsay andcircumstantial evidence. Much is derived from numerous phone calls from DanSmith, whose religious beliefs regarding the UFO phenomenon have induced amessianic zeal to “spread the Word.” These calls have provided a flurry of information on what I havepreviously termed “fringe” beliefs, as well as providing the names andbackgrounds of the birds who comprise the Aviary. According to Dan, whoundoubtedly is privy to a wealth of accurate, though not widely known UFOinformation, this data is being released through him due to the graveconcern by high government officials about impending metaphysicalcatastrophe – the eschaton, or the end of the world.

    Mr. Smith first came to my attention after the “Aquarium Conspiracy”article (see inset) was disseminated to computer bulletin board systems inthe Spring of ’93. In this article, Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley,directors of the Center for North American Crop Circle Studies, warned ofan “eschatological emergency, “the reaction of various organizations–bothinside and outside the government, and their attempt to establish a networkof spiritually advanced individuals, the “Aquarium,” to assist the Aviaryin dealing with this crisis.

    The “Aquarium Conspiracy” by Dan Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley “Inthe beginning there was eschatology–the branch of theology dealing withthe end times. Dan, having spent many years first studying physics and thenmetaphysics, came to the conclusion that the scientists have been lookingat the world upside down. Mind, not matter, is the foundation for allrealities. Moreover, the materialist paradigm was in danger of imminentcollapse, being subverted on the inside by its own contradictions, and onthe outside by the growing body of evidence for the paranormal. Creatingand maintaining a reality is no easy game. It requires a lot of magic, anda lot of conscious critters like ourselves who are pretty good atcollective self-deception. Fortunately– or perhaps unfortunately–ourparticular reality game has about reached its natural conclusion, and weare waking up to the fact that mind and matter are not separate. We areundergoing an exciting but stressful revolution in our collectiveconsciousness. This revolution, or global spiritual emergency, will bringupheavals and overloads in our global consciousness that will impact thematerial Earth for better or worse, and may quickly get out of control. Wealso will be opening up to other realities that will be impacting us aswell. Our present very tidy sense of reality and its boundaries is due tobecome much more fluid and permeable. Every spiritual tradition takes veryseriously its prophesies about the end of the world, but for the first timewe are seeing these prophesies turning into believable predictions of earthand reality changes. That is how Dan fell from physics into eschatology.

    After experiencing numerous slammed doors among his former scientificcolleagues, he decided that the most logical place to find felloweschatologists would be in various intelligence agencies and amonginvestigators of the paranormal. Dan next addressed how to communicateabout the eschaton. Even a small hint that the government is worried aboutthe end of the world might start a chain reaction of panic, which couldpossibly serve as a trigger for the eschaton. On the other hand, peopleinside the government might be wanting to set up a kind of civil defensenetwork vis a vis the eschaton, and so they would be looking for people onthe outside who could much more freely network among the general public. Animportant link in the communication chain is what has become known as theAviary. This is the final link next to the public network, and so it mustbe heavily disguised by its own surrealistic smoke screen. The Aviaryfunctions best by amplifying people’s own misconceptions about theparanormal. It does this by helping to overinflate individual pieces of thepuzzle so that particular investigators get pushed further into their ownblind alleys. People are encouraged to be so distracted by the trees thatthey fail to see the forest. This cacophony by people looking for truth inall the strangest places provides an excellent cover for the deadly seriousbusiness of clearing the decks and battening down the hatches for theeschaton event. It is like a Manhattan Project going on behind the scenesof alien grays and praying mantises having sex with humans. However, thiseschaton conspiracy is being orchestrated by higher powers, and we don’tmean the Committee of 300. Very few of the people even near the center ofthe orchestration have a clear picture of what is coming down, but they doknow that something is coming and that they will have front row seats. TheManhattan Project relative to the eschaton is a global civilian network ofpeople who will serve as a lightning rod for the cosmic energies coming induring the consciousness revolution. They will be looking to channel theseenergies into expanded realities. Thus, they will provide a degree ofprotection for those people who can find their places alongside thenetwork. Outside of the network there will be greater levels of trauma andconfusion. The pieces of the network are already in place, the remainingtask is to properly activate and link the pieces into a critical mass ofawareness. This last step is now underway. This is how an Aviary helps tospawn an Aquarium, and how birds learn to swim.

    The Aquarium is our business, and we are working to reach people whoare ready to be activated in the consciousness revolution.” I was intrigued after reading the “Aquarium Memo” because it impliedthat the authors had cultivated sources within the intelligence community.

    The only question was whether this information was accurate or bogus. Idrafted a response and uploaded it to Don Allen, moderator for the FIDO UFOconference, requesting that he forward it to Dan Smith. Several days later,I received the first of many calls from him.

    Since Smith had alluded to his close contacts with the Aviary, most ofmy questions centered around this mysterious group of alleged UFO insiderscomprised of scientists, military personnel, and inteligence analysts.

    Dan’s primary contact with this group is “Pelican” who reportedly mans the”Weird Desk” (UFOs,etc) at CIA. While Pelican’s main job with the CIA’sDirectorate of Science and Technology is to monitor foreign technologicaldevelopments, Pelican also tracks millennial/eschatological communities,”entering a twilight zone where psychic techniques are being generated byhumans and other entities,” says Smith.

    According to Smith, UFOs are primarily a psychological/metaphysicalphenomenon which are both preparing us and pressuring us to develop our ownpsi abilities. Not that UFOs are a single type of entity, Smith assertsthat there are “powers and principalities” at work — presumablysupernatural entities like angels and demons.

    Furthermore, he said that a radical program of parapsychologicalresearch and development is currently underway near Los Alamos, New Mexico.

    This group’s development of psychokinesis, and psychotronics (a term usedto denote psychic warfare techniques) represents a danger of eschatologicalproportions. “These techniques have been available, but controlled,throughout history. Now, other entities are forcing the issue,” said Smith.

    During the course of our first conversation, Smith was unable toprovide much proof of his claims. He reported that his governmental sources”hinted at” an eschatological emergency. To prove the evil intent of theentities involved, he referred to reports of human mutilations in theAmazon which have been officially attributed to drug dealers, but accordingto his sources, were committed by these evil entities. When I asked why theCIA was interested in eschatology, he replied that the ramifications of theeschaton event represented a serious threat to national security, and thus,fell into the purview of the intelligence agencies.

    Smith also revealed that the eschatological issues he raised relateddirectly to the Biblical prophecies of the book of Revelations.

    I thanked Mr. Smith for the call, and invited him to keep me abreast offuture developments. With the addition of demons, angels, “black magic,”psychotronic technology, and assorted spooks working at cross purposes, myalready strained credulity was pushed a bit further.

    Dan proceeded to call me regularly. Each call provided tantalizingsnippets of information — some simply incredible at first hearing, butwith confirmation on some of the data coming in from disparate sources allacross the country. Naturally, my curiosity centered around the identitiesand activities of the Aviary. I suspect that many believe the Bird Peopleto be cogs in a giant conspiracy to manage the public’s perception of UFOs.

    Not necessarily so, according to Smith. Far from being a well-funded,omnipotent secret society of the guardians of UFO data, the Aviary isnothing more than an ad hoc group of highly-placed “UFO buffs.” Initially, the factor that seemed most important was that Pelican wasbeing so forthcoming — presumably with the knowledge and consent of hissuperiors at CIA. This in itself forced me to conclude that there are twopossible motives for all this apparent glasnost:1. There is indeed an eschatological emergency as described by Dan Smith,i.e. fulfillment of biblical prophesy with attendant catastrophes; and/or2. There is a new twist to the ol’ UFO debunking game, capitalizing onnew-age mysticism and millennial “apocophilia.” Frankly, I lean towards the second explanation. After all, Smithhimself described the Aviary as “amplifying people’s own misconceptionsabout the paranormal. It does this by helping to overinflate individualpieces of the puzzle so that particular investigators get pushed furtherinto their own blind alleys.” I’ve personally been occupied by this ongoingsaga for many months — a “blind alley?” I wish I knew, but in either case,Pelican’s involvement in this affair raises the ante significantly. Hassomething changed? Could we really be facing biblical “End Times?” As Imentioned previously, I would have laughed-off such suggestions a fewmonths ago. However, Smith’s references to “out of control” psychotronicresearch proved to be more substantive than I first realized.

    The Aviary is believed to be comprised of:Bruce Maccabee (Seagull) – Well-known Naval photographic expert whoverified the authenticity of the Gulf Breeze photos, a MUFON consultant andmember of the Board of Directors of the Fund for UFO Research.

    Hal Puthoff, PhD. (Owl) – Physicist with the Institute for AdvancedResearch in Austin, Texas who specializes in Zero-Point Energy, a quantumphenomenon that could provide “free energy.” Puthoff was once involved inremote-viewing experiments at the Stanford Research Institute.

    Dale Graff (Raven) – Performed contract oversight for the DIA at WrightPatterson AFB. Most recently, Graff was the chief of the DIA’s DefenseTechnology/Special department. Rumored to be an abductee, and involved in”black magic” and psychotronic programs at Los Alamos, but fired recentlyby DIA. Smith says that Graff is the head of the “military” UFO workinggroup at Los Alamos.

    Jack Vorona (bird name unknown) – Vorona is apparently the most covert ofall the Birds. He is believed to have been a liaison between Capitol Hilland Los Alamos. Was once involved in Project Sleeping Beauty, an attempt todisable enemy troops using electromagnetic radiation. Vorona has recently”vanished,” and his present whereabouts are unknown.

    Richard Doty (Falcon) – Former AFOSI agent. Directly involved in theBennewitz affair, and the attempt to funnel UFO information (ordisinformation) concerning UFO briefing documents for the President toLinda Moulton Howe. Allegedly responsible for leaking bogus UFO reportswhile in AFOSI at Kirtland AFB. Currently employed by the New Mexico statepolice stationed in Dulce, New Mexico.

    Christopher “Kit” Green MD, PhD. (Bluejay) – Pelican’s predecessor at the”Weird Desk” at CIA. According to Smith, Green at one time had autopsyreports and photos of a UFO that crashed in a foreign country. Dr. Green iscurrently the chief of the Biomedical Sciences Dept. for General Motors.

    The CIA awarded him the National Intelligence Medal for his work on aclassified project during the period 1979 to 1983.

    Robert Collins (Condor) – Former Captain, USAF. Involved in the Bennewitzaffair, and probably participated in the scheme (with Richard Doty) torelease UFO information/ disinformation to Linda Moulton Howe at KirtlandAFB.

    Ernie Kellerstraus (Hawk) – While working at Wright Patterson AFB in the’70s, he along with Bob Collins and Dale Graff are said to have suppliedinformation to William Moore. Kellerstraus is rumored to have lived with analien for a while (?), and is probably the source for the story concerningthe aliens’ preference for “strawberry ice cream”.

    Scott Jones (Chickadee) – Well-connected, well-funded (by LaurenceRockefeller) head of the Human Potential Foundation. Former aid to Sen.

    Claiborne Pell, who has had a long-standing interest in UFOs and theparanormal. Jones is a MUFON Consultant with numerous highly placedgovernment sources who consistently finds “no interest by government inUFOs.”Bill Moore – (bird name unknown) This former Minnesota school teacher mayhave initiated a new regime in regards to ufology by the publication of”The Roswell Incident.” This in itself may have been the single event thatbegan the stripping away of decades of well-guarded UFO secrecy. Hisinvolvement in the Aviary seems to be either one of active coordination ofthe other Birds, or simply as a dupe, such as in the Bennewitz affair.

    John Alexander (Penquin) – Former colonel in Army Intelligence (INSCOM).

    Rumored to be involved in the Army’s UFO research. Member of the board ofdirectors of Psi Tech. Currently, head of “non-lethal” weapons program (see”Secret Conference” article) at Los Alamos. Said to be briefing VicePresident Gore on the UFO phenomenon and psi projects.

    “Pelican,” PhD – Pelican is a physicist with the CIA’s Directorate ofScience and Technology, who mans the “Weird Desk” (UFOs, etc) at CIA.

    Apparently, it is Pelican who provided the bulk of the information thatSmith tirelessly passed on. Smith says that Pelican has received some heatfrom his superiors for becoming so visible due to the AIR #1 report onBruce Maccabee’s relationship to the CIA.

    Psi-Tech Psi-Tech is a private company that claims to provide its clients remoteviewing services. Remote viewing is the act of psychically perceivingplaces or events at a distance. These techniques were learned during hisstint with the US Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM),according to Major Ed Dames (ret.) , president of Psi-Tech, who describeshis operation thusly (taken from a Psi-Tech brochure): PSI TECH, Inc. was founded in 1989 to perform specialized proprietarystudies for science and industry on a contract basis.

    PSI TECH consists of a select, technically qualified group ofprofessional analysts who provide a unique data collection capability notavailable anywhere else in the world. We are a team of highly trainedRemote Viewing specialists.

    Remote Viewing has been validated by governmental and privatescientific groups over the last two decades. Briefly stated, aremote viewer is able to locate and accurately describe things andevents distant in time and space.

    PSI TECH has developed applied remote viewing into a powerfulinvestigative tool. Our disciplined team of experts combines more thanforty man-years of applied remote viewing experience.

    The rigorous target acquisition, data collection, and analyticprotocols that we employ guarantee products and solutions of high value toPSI TECH customers.

    PSI TECH can rapidly provide you with reliable information that simplymay not be available via any other means! PSI-TECH currently employs nine highly experienced remote viewers. Thecompany also utilizes Ingo Swann as a subcontractor. Mr. Swann isinternationally recognized as this country’s premier natural psychic. Hediscovered and developed the proprietary methods now used by our company totrain and conduct technical remote viewing.

    PSI-TECH has appointed two outside directors from science and industry.

    Additionally. we have at our disposal an adjunct Technical Analysis Teamconsisting of a multidisciplinary group of distinguished scientists,engineers, and medical doctors from national labs, major corporations anduniversities. These individuals provide analytical support to PSI-TECHtechnical intelligence collection projects as required.

    PSI-TECH training and operations performance standards are exacting. Werequire military precision on the part of our remote viewers. Each viewerworks independently and does not collaborate or compare data with otherviewers. The training program employed to install those unique skills whichenable the production of calibrated, consistent and accurate results isrigorous.

    While at work a viewer’s mind-body state could he generallycharacterized as one of high attention. To an unwitting observer a PSI-TECHviewer could easily be mistaken for someone engaged in an attempt to solvea difficult math or science problem. Conscious focus shifts between thetasks of directing the trained unconscious in a systematic exploration ofthe assigned target, breaking out (decoding) the target-associated gestaltpatterns of information, then rendering the data as detailed words andsketches, (or models if necessary). Meticulous attention to technicalremote viewing structure is required not only to correctly acquire thetarget and maintain lock-on but additionally to disallow subconsciousanalysis and/or imagination from interfering with the unconsciouslyacquired signal.

    Dames, a retired major in US Army Intelligence, is apparently “beingall that he can be,” bringing the skills he learned while in the Army tothe marketplace. He claims that Psi-Tech has performed these projects todate: Enigma Penetration: The Tunguska Event; Enigma Penetration: SovietPhobos II Space Craft Imaged Anomaly; Projected Technologies: Advanced DeepSpace Propulsion Systems; Clandestine Iraqi Biological Weapons Facilities(Gratis in support of the United Nations CBW Inspection Team); A Relook ofthe KAL Flight 007 Shoot-down; Atmospheric Ozone Depletion – ProjectedConsequences and Remedial Technologies; and the Saint-Exupery Crash Site.

    I’m sure we’d all like to find out what Psi Tech’s RVing has discoveredon these events, however, Dames regrets to inform us that this is”proprietary” information gleaned under contract. This would be interestingenough on its own, but Dames claims that fully 60% of his company’s time isspent RVing (remote viewing) UFOs! Here are a few of Mr. Dames statements regarding UFOs (from a phoneconversation with Dan Smith): RV’s of many UFO events are blocked by external agency, (cosmiccensorship?).

    UFO type viewing encounters two types of entities: aliens and angels.

    Aliens are more physical with quasi-physical type craft. They are introuble and need our resources, which they take, and if humans are involvedthey receive mental impressions to confuse what is really going on. Theangels are policing these alien activities. The angels technology is moreconcerned with the mental and transcendental or metaphysical domains.

    Ed uses the terms ground zero or ground truth to refer to a spot inSWUS where much of their work is done. The angels led them to this spot,indicating that it would be a good place for contacting aliens, about 10years ago. Various forms of contact then occurred.

    Dames discussed eschatological implications at some length. His groupgets indications of unavoidable bad stuff in the next couple of decades.

    Deleterious climate changes, storms adversely effecting agriculture. Healso foresees a quasi-public contact with UFOs near the ground zero site,within one and a half years (August, 1993). It would be an ongoing contact,of a prophetic sort with both Angels and Aliens involved. His reviewcommittee will work out possible coverage. He is not so concerned about aglobal spiritual emergency, as about the physical (meteorological?)emergencies.

    So there you have it… UFOs plus psychic adepts equals End of theWorld.

    Of course, one could dismiss Dames as a bunko artist selling his$6,000-$8,000 a week services to an affluent but gullible clientele. Butbefore dismissing Dames’ claims, readers should be aware of a few otherpertinent facts. On the Psi-Tech board of directors are two fairlyhigh-level players; General Albert Stubblebine (US Army Intelligence,ret.), and Colonel John Alexander (ret.) both formerly of the US Army’sIntelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).

    Stubblebine, former commander of INSCOM, gave a presentation at theInternational Symposium on UFO Research (sponsored by the InternationalAssociation for New Science, Denver CO, May 22-25, 1992) on the subject of”Remote Viewing as a Research Tool.” In this presentation, Stubblebinedescribed remote viewing: “It is independent of time, OK? So I can go past, I can go present, Ican go future. It is independent of locations, so I can go anywhere on thisearth. I can go into any closet, I can go into any mind, I can access thatinformation at any location that I choose.” On the subject of RVing UFOs, Stubblebine said: “As far as UFOs areconcerned, they can be accessed, they can be tracked, we have looked at thepropulsion system for them, that’s not a hard job, you can track them backto where they come from, whether they come from a place here on this planetor whether they come from a place on another planet, they are trackable andyou can take a look inside as well as outside, so again, it is a tool thatis available to be used for the UFO research and I guess, I guess that’sthe reason that I am standing on this platform in spite of my misgivingsand feeling a little bit nervous like a tree in a Lassie movie.” Stubblebine also claimed that his remote viewing of the planet Mars hadrevealed structures and machines operating both on and below the Martiansurface.

    Many suspect that John Alexander is the “colonel” referred to in HowardBlum’s recent book, “Out There”. In this book, Blum described a group ofremote viewers in the Pentagon who frequently encountered UFOs in theirpsychic “sorties” to locate Soviet submarines. Alexander seems to have anextremely eclectic background — he received a PhD. in Thanatology (thestudy of death and near-death experiences) from Georgetown University underthe tutelage of the celebrated Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Apparently,Alexander is a “mind-control” junkie, having studied everything from SilvaMind Control, to a stint in a Buddhist monastery.

    When the National Research Council issued its findings that there wasno evidence of paranormal phenomena, Alexander wrote a critique of thereport that was both passionate and eloquent. In this rebuttal, he comparedthe report’s apparent a priori conclusions to the Condon Commission’sreport on UFOs. Interestingly, Alexander is widely believed to have beeninstrumental in the Army’s UFO Intelligence activities, and is rumored tohave assisted in the investigation of the Cash/Landrum UFO-injury case.

    In addition to his Psi-Tech work, Alexander currently heads a researchproject at Los Alamos, New Mexico, focused on “non-lethal” militarytechnology. “Non- lethal” in the conventional parlance refers to methods oferoding an enemy’s war-making capabilities without the excessive death anddestruction that could possibly harden an enemy’s resolve to fight, orcause a moral revulsion in our own population that could weaken politicalresolve to continue a war until U.S. military objectives could be achieved.

    Wiping-out enemy radars and communication electronics through powerfulelectromagnetic pulses (EMP) is one type of non-lethal weapon, sprayingroads and railroad tracks with a super-slippery lubricant, therebyparalyzing transportation, is another.

    Alexander has been mentioned almost synonymously with non-lethalweapons technology in many mainstream news reports, including a lengthypiece in the Wall Street Journal. He is also rumored to be a candidate foran Undersecretary of Defense appointment in the Clinton administration.

    Surprisingly, Army Intelligence RV operations has become married,literally, with some prominent figures in UFO abductions research. AlbertStubblebine is now married to Dr. Rima Laibow, whose scholarly paper on theabduction phenomenon was the first (as far as I know) to address the issuein the mental-health community. John Alexander is now married to the formerVictoria Lacas, Dr. Laibow’s close associate.

    This list of strange bedfellows gets even stranger when you add thename of CSETI founder and head honcho, Steven Greer, M.D., into the mix. Asit turns out, Greer, whose modus operandi incorporates shining blinkinglights and laser beams at UFOs in the hopes of establishing communicationswith the ufonauts, was trained in remote viewing by Ed Dames. In fact, itwas Dr. Greer who introduced Stubblebine at the Denver symposium.

    So, what we have so far is that several former high-ranking militarypersonnel (Stubblebine, Alexander,and Dames) who were involved in “psychic”research while in Army Intelligence, and who are now actively involved inthe UFO research community. Further, Dames has staked his company’sprofessional reputation on the prediction that an overt contact with alienswill occur in the Four Corners area by August of 1993. Naturally, Augustcame and went without incident.

    One of ufology’s more cogent analysts, who is convinced of the realityof remote viewing based on his own personal search, told me that Dames’activities had resulted in the successful discrediting of both UFOs andremote viewing. Was this the plan all along or is Dames just a charlatan?”Black” Projects Dan Smith explained that the reason that so much information was beingdisseminated was due to the eschatological implications of the psychotronicresearch underway at covert government research facilities.

    It would seem unlikely that this type of technology is currentlyfeasible. After all, if the government had access to psychotronic weapons,why didn’t they induce Saddam Hussein to stroll naked through the streetsof Baghdad, asking his subjects to admire his new clothes; or simply causea major blood vessel in his brain to burst? But Smith sincerely believes that such technologies are beingdeveloped, specifically under the guise of “non-lethal” weapons research,such as that headed by John Alexander. Smith says, point-blank, that thistechnology is nothing less than “black magic.” Supposedly, this business is taken so seriously at upper echelons thatthe Secret Service retrieved all of the bloody bandages discarded afterRonald Reagan was wounded in an assassination attempt, lest the president’sblood be used in a “black magic” ritual that could influence his behavior.

    I suppose this story is somewhat more credible after the revelationsconcerning the Reagan’s “court astrologer.” According to Dan Smith, use of these psychotronic techniques entail aperilous threat to democracy — potentially, a type of instantaneous massmind control to program a pesky proletariat — and worse.

    These claims should be taken into context of published papers on theability to induce auditory sensations through microwave bombardment atcertain frequencies. In Alexander’s book, “The Warrior’s Edge” (with Morrisand Grollier), he states matter of factly that remote viewing andpsychokinesis are not only real, but have predictable, practicalapplications. Indeed, the focus of the book is how to utilize mind controltechniques to achieve an advantage over one’s adversaries.

    There’s absolutely no telling what Cold War ethics combined withunlimited budgets and zero accountability could have wrought in terms ofFrankensteinian scenarios. To elucidate this point, I present this extractfrom a paper by Ray Boeche, a Lincoln, Nebraska, theologian and Forteanresearcher.

    “To all interested researchers: The following is an edited version of material given to me in late 1991- early 1992, by two scientists who claim to be working in weapons researchand development for the Department of Defense.

    I am not in a position to comment on the truthfulness or accuracy ofthe information. The two men who have spoken to me do, in fact, exist, andfor all intents and purposes seem to be who and what they claim. The verynature of the claims makes verification difficult, if not impossible.

    Divulging this information was the result of a moral dilemma, whenthese two individuals, both Christians, became alarmed at the course theirresearch efforts into psychotronic weapons was taking under the directionof their (unnamed) superiors. They described an obsessive effort to contactand attempt to control what they referred to as “non-human intelligences”(NHI), and to harness these NHI for military and intelligence uses.

    The efforts had progressed well past attempts at practical applicationsof David Bohm’s theories, and had grown to encompass the use of, accordingto their statements, “satanic rituals / ritual magic along the lines ofthat espoused by Aleister Crowley, including human sacrifices.” These gentlemen stated their concerns that, even when they wereapparently able to harness or channel these forces or abilities for “good”uses, the force would “turn,” and ultimately all of those subjects involvedsuffered varying degrees of negative effects from contact with theseforces. They are convinced that what is being tapped into in all instancesis evil, and that this research should cease.

    Contact has continued on a limited basis, with no new information ofsignificance forthcoming.” After speculation as to the physics of the paranormal, Boeche sums upthe startling details he received: Information given, but not allowed to note during meeting: Discussionof individuals killed during psychotronic weapons experiments.

    1. Male, white, 25-30 yrs., allegedly death by remotely induced cardiacarrest.

    2. Female, white, 20-25 yr., allegedly death by remotely transmitting andcreating head trauma equivalent to crushing of right anterior portion ofthe skull.

    3. Male, white, 30-40 yrs., allegedly death by remotely controlledsuffocation.

    Setting was in a laboratory environment. Alleged victims were wired forEEG & EKG, seated in reclining chair, somewhat similar to dentist’s chair.

    In efforts to establish contact with non-human intelligences, everyavenue is being explored. Satanic rituals involving human sacrifice havebeen performed. Much study is/has been given to writings of Crowley.

    Bentwaters experiment was the projection of an actual, physicalthree-dimensional object, which could and did interact with itsenvironment, but was create and controlled by individuals involved in thisresearch.

    No project names were given because the sources were too concerned thata leak would be traced back to them.” Mr. Boeche used the term “scripted” (i.e. slow enough to allow forcopious note-taking, except when he was asked to cease writing during thedescriptions of the psychotronically induced deaths) to describe thepresentation delivered by the two putative DoD scientists. In mycommunications with Mr. Boeche, he was at a loss to explain why the two DoDscientists were still working on projects they found to be morallyrepugnant, and if they really wanted to blow the whistle on this activity,why did they reveal it to an obscure ufologist and not the New York Timesor “Nightline.” I have to agree with Boeche’s assessment that the story isprobably disinformation for some unknown purpose.

    The only question here is — what could the motivation be? The story related by Ray Boeche is supported by Dan Smith’s thesis,i.e. humans are messing with forces that are getting out of control,perhaps with disastrous consequences. According to Smith, these “sorcerer’sapprentices” are going at it hot and heavy at government psychotronics labsin or near Los Alamos, New Mexico.

    It has been rumored that there have already been several high-levelmeetings between those who are concerned about secret psi/UFO programs andrepresentatives of the Clinton administration. According to one rumor,Pelican met with Jack Gibbons, the White House Science Advisor. Gibbons isreported to have responded that “the President shouldn’t touch this topicwith a 10-foot pole.” Instead, meetings concerning these “black” psi/UFOprojects have been channeled through the Vice-President’s office under thecover story of “alternate energy sources.” There have also been meetingswith Senate Intelligence Committee Chief of Staff, Dick DiAmato, who issaid to be interested in the ongoing strangeness at Area 51.

    Variations on this rumor have John Alexander as the contact with theClinton administration. This makes a certain amount of sense, in thatAlexander knows Al Gore from his days as a Senator, when he taught severalCongressmen, including Gore, some basic Neuro-Linguistic Programmingtechniques.

    Interestingly, the subject of “Presidential Haircuts” may be connectedto this affair. It has been independently reported to me that Mr. Clintonhad another delay on the tarmac in Los Alamos, after his tour of high-techresearch facilities in the area. This was just days before the LAX /Christophe incident. The inference from this is that either the President’shair must grow very fast, or else highly secure meetings are occurring onairport runways (presumably Air Force 1 is bug-free).

    A Conversation with Pelican In order to give Pelican an opportunity to confirm or deny theeschatological scenario presented by Dan Smith, I gave him a call. Readerswho expect dramatic revelations will be disappointed, although Pelican didprovide some interesting tidbits.

    First, he sounded much younger than I expected. Second, he had a verysharp sense of humor (I had to laugh out loud several times during thecourse of our conversation). I limited my questions to the subjects ofeschatology and the Aviary. His answers seemed forthright — he didn’t seemstressed to avoid any particular topic, and I found him to be quiteconvincing.

    My first question dealt with Dan’s statements concerning dangerous”black” programs that were out of control. Curiously, Pelican respondedthat “Dan isn’t cleared for that kind of information” — not exactly arepudiation of Dan’s story.

    Pelican did admit that he talks to Dan frequently — about physics.

    When I told him that Dan had been claiming to be a “conduit” forsemi-official information from him, Pelican rather ambiguously stated, “Hemay very well be doing that… I talk to him once in a while and we shareinformation. I really don’t tell him anything that’s classified orwork-related… he certainly isn’t functioning in the role of a conduit forme.” I quoted Dan Smith’s statement to the effect that “the best place tofind fellow eschatologists was in the intelligence agencies,” to whichPelican responded “he didn’t find any here” at CIA.

    I inquired about the status of psychotronic weapons research. Pelicanwas dismissive of the entire subject, calling it “modern-day shamanism.” Healso stated that psychotronics is only taken seriously in countries likeRussia and China that do not have the rigorous peer-reviewed scientificestablishment such as in the U.S.

    I raised the subject of Psi Tech, and Ed Dames’ risking his company’sreputation on his prediction of an overt alien contact in the Chaco Canyonarea by the end of August ’93. “What reputation? It’s a joke…the onlypaying customer Psi Tech has ever had was Dan Smith himself, who gave PsiTech $3,000 to remote view a crop circle being made,”Pelican responded. Iasked about the high-level personnel on Psi Tech’s board of directors likeStubblebine and Alexander. Pelican was dismissive of Stubblebine,recounting that Stubblebine’s nick-name was “General Spoonbender,” due tohis belief in psychic phenomena. Pelican holds Alexander in considerablyhigher regard, however, stating, “he’s a friend of mine.” Next, I asked about the Aviary. According to Pelican, the Aviary isnothing more than the product of the somewhat-deranged mind of “Falcon,”retired Air Force Captain Robert Collins, who worked in Foreign TechnologyAssessment in regards to missile technology — not AFOSI as is widelybelieved. Pelican said that Collins was discharged from the Air Force afterbreaching the security perimeter at the Manzano nuclear weapons storagefacility at Kirtland AFB.

    When taken into custody by base security, Collins told them he wasthere “to meet the President.” He was discharged shortly thereafter (Dansays that this incident was orchestrated by Bill Moore, with the haplessCollins left twisting in the wind).

    Soon after his discharge, Collins began mailing letters “…with myreal name and address on the outside, and my codename on the inside,”saidPelican, who considered these mailings such a hoot that he posted them onhis office wall for the entertainment of his CIA colleagues.

    All in all, an interesting conversation, but I was (as the readerundoubtedly is now) more confused than ever.

    Of course, nobody is shocked any more by government denials that turnout to be less than truthful, but as I said before, Pelican was veryconvincing. He reiterated Dan Smith’s proviso that I keep his nameconfidential — not to keep him from being deluged by UFO kooks, butrather, so he wouldn’t receive unwanted attention from foreign agents — acondition that I’ll honor, even though Pelican’s real name is already wellknown to researchers following this story.

    Alien Eschatology Against this flurry of phone calls, rumors, denials, and confirmations,HUFON’s own abduction research has uncovered an eschatological angle. Itseems even the abductors are getting on the eschatology band-wagon withabductees reportedly meeting (or at least perceiving) God, Jesus, deadrelatives, and the like, often with dire warnings concerning “the end ofthe world.” Senior HUFON abductions investigator Dale Musser does not take theseaccounts at face value, nor does he reject them outright. Musser had thisto say about “spiritual” aspects of the abduction phenomenon:”This theory is one held by a number of abductees. Most of theseabductees have been told by the abductors that the aliens have the right(implication of a divine nature) to dothe things they are doing to theabductees. That they are here to save the earth (exactmeans of doingthis vary from subjectto subject) and to help us. Usually the abducteeis told they were “chosen” and are made to feel important because of thisselection. Often they are told that at a later date they will’know whatto do,’ or they will “understand when the time isright.” The truenature of the beings themselves is neverexplained, but left to theindividual to determine. Manybelieve them to possibly be angels, orother entities, inservice to a deity. There does not seem to be anyclearlydefined message, nor are the messages consistent from oneabductee to another.

    “There are several problems with this theory from aninvestigative standpoint. First there is even less proof fortheir statements than for the abduction itself. The vaguenessof the messages certainly does not relate to trying to convinceus of their concern about the issues. Second, the means andmethods of relaying the messages have the lowest probability ofachieving results. Third, the messages given are usuallyinterpreted after an event has occurred rather then before,therefore, one never knows for sure if that’s what was trulyintended. Most events predicted, or messages conveyed which areto be understood later, almost never happen, and those that doare subject to question. Fourth, the religious significance ofthe abductors is usually relevant to the belief system of theabductee. It is not universal to all abductees.

    “It would appear the abductors ‘access’ the belief system of theabductee and play back a scenario that will be acceptable to the abducteesand make them more cooperative. If the individual is Judeo-Christian, thealiens and their purposeswill appear to fit within that system. If thesubject is a Buddhist, the scenario will be within that belief system.

    However this is not always true. In one case, an abductee (whowasChristian) was presented with a totally pagan and mythicalbeliefscenario. A mistake, or a test? Who knows? “What we do know is that there does not appear to be anyconsistency to information in these events other than making theindividual believe the abductors are here on some sort of divinemission. It is interesting to note that atheists seldom haveencounters where they are presented with religious scenarios.

    Often they are presented with the idea the aliens are here tohelp us prevent the same fate which supposedly befell their ownworld. It is hard to believe there is anytruth to thesespiritual connections and beliefs when so many differing onesare presented, some in conflict with the other. The conclusionone could draw from the data presented is “whatever works, theywill use.” So, the abducting entities can’t seem to keep their stories straight.

    One would expect at least consistency from advanced alien beings, heavenlyangels or demons from hell — whatever they may be.

    Novelist Whitley Strieber, whose abduction experiences are describedvividly in his non-fiction books, “Communion” and “Transformation”recounted that when he asked the entities what they were up to, theyresponded “We recycle souls.” He too was shown “lessons” concerning acatastrophe affecting the earth.

    Strieber, who has become “alienated” from organized ufology due to hisrefusal to categorize the entities he encountered as extraterrestrialaliens, can only characterize the phenomenon as “not a dream, not ahallucination, and not real – something else.”Which brings me back to the subject at hand: what is going on? In a word, confusion. There seems to be no correlation between theperceived abduction events and Dan Smith’s eschatological emergency causedby the practice of “black magic.” Smith does seem to be hedging his bets attimes. He has told me that the eschaton event could be a “benign eschaton,”consisting of a universal and positive shift in human behavior due toRevealed Truth. I could go for that…

    Just as occurred in the waning days of the year 999, when millennialismswept through Europe causing a virtual societal breakdown, today there is agrowing millennialist movement where many of the faithful foresee a periodof catastrophic “Earth changes,” and Armageddon, the fulfillment ofbiblical prophesy.

    Fundamentalist Christians eagerly await this disaster because it willusher in a thousand-year kingdom of Jesus on Earth.

    New-Age channelers are also getting into the act with messages fromangels/ avatars/aliens warning of imminent “Earth changes” along withwarnings against gun control, Zionism, the “New World Order,” and otherright-wing paranoid delusions.

    When considering these claims, one would be remiss in not pointing outthe upsurge in reports of Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) sightings, and otherparanormal events of religious significance to the experiencers.

    As with the many New Age channeled messages, many of the reportedMarion locutions warn of “Earth changes” and the “End Times.” Starting in1981, the most spectacular and long-lasting BVM visitation (with scads ofwitnesses to the “miracles”) occurred in Medjugorje, on the Adriatic coastof Bosnia Herzegovinia, now one of the most horrific hell-holes on theplanet. So much for the positive spiritual effects one might expect fromsuch beatific locutions. Maybe things just aren’t what they seem.

    Anyone familiar with UFO-abduction accounts is forced to conclude thatweird things are happening or at least being perceived as happening bylarge numbers of otherwise sane, functional people. Some of theseabductions reports are so bizarre, and with so many similarities to BVMencounters, that many thoughtful researchers have abandoned theextraterrestrial hypothesis in favor of the metaphysical orinterdimensional hypothesis.

    Dr. Jacques Vallee has even incorporated the high strangeness of theseevents into his comprehensive catalogue of close encounters under therubric of “reality transformation.” As author/futurist Arthur C. Clark is quoted as saying, anysufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic.

    David Mayo took this concept a step further when he stated that if advancedtechnology appears to be magic, then technology an order of magnitudebeyond that could have the appearance of nonsense to our primitive simianbrains.

    But if there really is such a thing as “black magic,” and governmentscientists are experimenting with it, I suspect that they could be blindlyrunning the same risks in dealing with such unknown forces as the19th-century scientists who thought nothing of casually handling radium andother radioactive materials.

    With the clock inexorably ticking off the seconds until midnight,December 31, 1999 (a date that seems to have some special significance tothe millennialists) eschatological fervor will undoubtedly increase.

    Meanwhile, whoever or whatever is behind the UFO phenomenon is apparentlydoing everything possible to keep the true nature of this mystery frombeing understood.

    But rather than being an indicator of biblical “End Times” or “Earthchanges,” the barrage of UFO reports, BVM sightings, abduction accounts,channeled messages, religious hysteria, and inside poop from the CIA areprobably nothing more than further attempts to distort the signal with morenoise.

    Many thanks to Robert Durant, Dale Musser, Ray Boeche, George Hansen,Ron Madeley and of course, Dan Smith for their assistance on this story.

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