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John Lennon and Paul McCartney – The Beatles

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            Since their early beginnings in Liverpool, England, The Beatles went on to live out their dreams as a rock band and eventually became the most popular and influential rock group of all time. The band started out in 1960 and was since composed of the “fab four” quartet of George Harrison on lead guitar and vocals, John Lennon on rhythm guitar and vocals, Paul McCartney on the bass guitar and vocals as well, and Ringo Starr on the drums and vocals. Together they gave rise to the immense popularity of the rock and roll era, creating timeless tunes which is why they are considered one of the most important bands in rock and roll history.

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John Lennon and Paul McCartney – The Beatles
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            Staring out with simple 50s inspired rock and roll with a mixture of skiffle and elements of classical music, the quartet eventually developed their songwriting styles and played on in various musical genres such as experimental rock, psychedelic rock, and even pop ballads. The band went on to receive countless awards not only in the music field but in other fields as well, gaining immense popularity leading to a remark from frontman John Lennon about them being more popular than Jesus Christ which raised some eyebrows in the Christian world.

            Perhaps what set them apart from bands of their time was the undeniable charm that all four youngsters of the time had and even more so when they were together and playing on stage. The chemistry resulted in exceptional music making, as although they tend to be by themselves when writing, they always collaborate on their songs.

Despite the overall unity, though, John Lennon and Paul McCartney had their differences in songwriting – eventually Paul McCartney’s composition style progressed to be much more technical and schooled, as he continued to focus his musical talent in studying music. John Lennon, however, developed his songwriting into tapping into his subconscious, as if the songs he writes just happen, drawing on deep-seated emotions in a manner not based on actual discipline.

The Fab Four also brought musical innovation to the table, what with their genius ideas of unconventional music recording techniques. During their recordings, The Beatles were known for the incorporation of various sounds into their sessions. Guitar feedback was heard for example, in the opening for their hit song “I Feel Fine” which was perhaps the first intentional use of feedback in a song. Other techniques used by The Beatles were the synchronization of tape machines, playing tapes backwards, even the experimental incorporation of a live broadcast in their recording which served as the opening for “I Am the Walrus.” They were also known for the use of classical elements in their songs such as the solo in “In My Life” which is reminiscent of Baroque period compositions.

The Beatles made their mark in rock music as one of the most important rock groups as they themselves were the embodiment of the power of music, particularly to unite people from all over as evidenced by their popularity in countless countries, even non-English speaking countries. The Beatles were able to harness the power of rhythm into the universal language of music, changing lives as they went by. And even today, after many years since their last recording, their songs remain popular and as effectives as they were before. Even those who were yet to be born know their songs, as The Beatles are truly a thing worth passing on to the next generation.

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