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The Bishop’s Candlesticks

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  • Pages 2
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    This play exemplifies the adage “good always wins over the evil”. In the play, love conquers over evil. ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’ is a fine example of the one act play. It deals with the conversation of a man turned a wild beast into a man again under the impact of love and sympathy. The Convict was once a man; he was turned into a wild beast by the tortures of in gaol. But he becomes a man again by the love, sympathy and the generosity of the Bishop shows him. All the incidents bear on the Bishop’s love, sympathy and generosity leading to the conversation.

    Though brief, the action is complete in itself. It has the beginning, the middle and the end. The beginning consists of the opening conversation between Persome and Marie, particularly on the sale of the salt-cellars, between Persome and the Bishop, on the latter’s kindness to the people. The middle, ending in crisis, consists of the conversation between the Bishop and the Convict, ending with the latter’s running away with the candlesticks. The Convict’s escape with the candlesticks constitutes the crisis. The rest forms the end.

    The resolution consists in the Convict’s conversion into a man again, and the Bishop’s parting advice to the Convict, “Always remember, my son, that this poor body is the temple of living God. ” There are only few characters and only one or two aspects of each are treated. The play treats the and goodness of the Bishop, Persome’s selfishness, her concern only for her brother and her attachment to the family property, the Convict’s distrust of man’s goodness, and lack of civility and the ultimate restoration of his faith in man’s goodness.

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    What do the candlesticks symbolize in the Bishop's candlesticks?
    He pretends that the silver was a gift to Valjean so that the policemen will let him go. The candlesticks thus symbolize the mercy shown to Valjean by the Bishop, as well as humility and goodness in the Bishop's lack of interest in beautiful possessions and wealth.
    Where is the story The Bishop's candlesticks adapted from?
    The Bishop's Candlesticks by Norman McKinnel is a very sensitive play which is an adaptation of a section of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. The play which is very interesting and captivating is based on the theme that love and kindness can change a man.
    Why were the candlesticks so dear to the bishop?
    Answer : In the play 'The Bishop's Candlesticks,' the candlesticks were important for the Bishop because they were the last gift from his dying mother. The candlesticks were very dear to the Bishop as they were her last memories and he kept them as a token of his mother's love.

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