The Bloody Pecs of Conan Essay

We don’t do a lot of coverage on the adaptation of Howard’s characters from prose to the big screen here at the TGR blog simply because there are plenty of other websites that do cover that beat - The Bloody Pecs of Conan Essay introduction. Besides, we’ve resigned ourselves to whatever Howard based concoction appears on film, it is pretty far removed from what Howard wrote.  That being said, we realize some fans do follow Howard’s appearances in this medium. If you do keep up with with news and announcements for the the new Conan movie starring Jason Momoa, we’ve found the perfect place for you.

Friend of TGR and former Cimmerian blogger Al Harron just took the helm of the Conan: The Movie Blog.  So if you want to follow news on the movie, Al’s your man to give a fair and balanced take on the film with absolutely no fanboy gushing.

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Some items that caught our eye at the blog include photos of Conan in a skirt and a rather bizarre admission from actor Stephen Lang who portrays Khalar Zym, Conan’s nemesis in the film, on where he found inspiration for the character:

Oh, just my home life! Heh, just life at home with my wife & kids, and I just sort of lightened it up a little bit. No, uh, I don’t know where I pulled it from – I pulled it outta my ass! But I had a great time doing it, though, it was great fun.

Those wacky actors, you just gotta love their creative thought processes.

The Conan movie has finished filming and has a projected release date of early 2011. In the meantime we are going to reserve final judgment on the film until we actually see it; but whatever the finished product turns out it be it won’t be the Conan we all know and love from the pages of Weird Tales.

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