The Butterfly Effect movie review Essay

The Butterfly EffectThe Butterfly Effect was directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber. The Butterfly Effect is a story of the man who got the opportunity to change events in his past, and to choose the variants of development of his life.

In every variant he meets his friends, and the girl he loves, and, trying to save her, he changes the key events in his and her childhood, trying to get the happy ending for both her and himself.

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The Butterfly Effect movie review
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Unfortunately he finds out there is no variant of reality where they can be happy together, thus he changes the events so that when they meet in early childhood they don’t become friends. Ashton Kutcher is starring in this movie as Evan Treborn, the protagonist; Melora Walters plays his mother, Andrea Treborn, and Amy Smart is playing Kayleigh Miller, the girl the protagonist tries to save.This movie was a successful one.

Millions of copies were sold worldwide, and millions of people watched it in the cinemas.

It is the kind of a movie people want to have in their home video collection. It is a kind of a movie to return to, to watch it again and again, and to find the new nuances of meaning in the plot.This movie is successful as it reflects the deepest desire of most people, which is the desire to change something in the past.

In the same time it shows that the consequences of changing even a small thing in the past are unpredictable. The creators of the movie show how powerful the ability to change the past iss, but, in the same time, they also prove how dangerous it can be, by displaying all the transformations that happened to the protagonist as a result of his actions, as when, for example, after one of the flashbacks the protagonist wakes up being an invalid. This story is about the man who has the power most people dream about, and about the limited human’s ability to use this kind of power.I would recommend this film, as, watching it is a fascinating pastime, and it also dicrowns the myth about one of the supernatural abilities most desired by humans.

This film helps to realize that it’s better to leave the past to the past.

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