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Movie review: Avatar

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My movie is avatar, now I will give a summary of this movie. The story is start at 2154, human have severely depleted Earth’s natural resource. Pandora, a planet which is has mines for a valuable mineral – unobtanium. And RDA wants to gain it. In order to explore Pandora’s biosphere, scientists use Na’vi-human hybrids called “avatars”, operated by genetically matched humans. Jake Sully is a paraplegic former marine who works for a corporation called RDA. He infiltrates a native group of people known as the Na’vi through the use of an avatar.

The task of jake is convincing Na’vi people move out their home tree in three month. Hometree is the land where a community of the Na’vi people lives, and lies a large deposit of natural resources that is very valuable to the corporation. Only through his experience living in the avatar body and with the Na’vi people does Jake discover something he never expected.

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Movie review: Avatar
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He falls in love with his Na’vi teacher, Neytiri, and embraces the Na’vi culture. The Na’vi views the world in a different way than humans do. They have a different set of values, similar to Native Americans. Jake’s allegiance towards the corporation changes when RDA destroys one of the Na’vi’s sacred tree. Jake realizes that the corporation and its leaders cannot be reasoned with and that they will stop at nothing to get what they want. He doesn’t want destroyed the home of Na’vi, and try his best to lead Na’vi people to against. Finally, they are won this war. Jake become a hero in the clan of Na’vi. Undoubtedly, we can learn leadership lesson from Avatar, the lead character in avatar is Jake. Jake Sully, physically disabled and in a wheelchair, but undeniably strong and willing to use unprecedented force to preserve justice.

And be a clan’s spiritual leader at last. I think the emotional intelligence-based leadership was demonstrated in this movie. The important component of Emotion intelligence-based leadership is Empathy, the ability to understand and experience another person’s feelings or emotions. Even Jake is a human, he also could understand the anxious of Na’vi people and the feeling of them aspire save their home as a Na’vi person, it can facilitates a Jake’s social support and positive inter-personal relationship, and lead to victory of the war with RDA and help Jake to sustain attraction and loyalty from Na’vi people. Managing emotions is also a key word of emotional intelligence-based leadership, it allows leaders to dissipate and alleviate the effects of negative events and provide redirection and focus towards more positive events and moods. In the movie, Jake want to conquest of Turok, he is scared of Turok, but Jake also think about the method of how to conquest of Turok. At last, he does it. Return the negative situation to positive.

There are two main characteristics of Jake show outstanding leadership, Courage and Cleverness. In avatar, Jake has been face difficult in three times, in the first, he need to adopt in a new environment and learn new language, but he find one’s feet in a new environment quickly. Secondly, Jake becomes a traitor in both Na’vi and human’s mind. In this despair, he witty deciding to tame the most daunting of the Toruk (large flying birds) to establish his military prowess and regain their trust in the Na’vi society. It is clearly show one of our leadership principles – Identify with Your Constituents. People look to their leaders to be better than them at tasks critical to their survival and success. For the Na’vi, riding the Toruk is the most incomprehensible thing; the person who can ride the Toruk is a powerful person, and to also be one of them.

The last one difficult is how to lead the Na’vi people to overthrow RDA. Courage is exerting well in this war, the encourage presentation from Jake make them no fear with the stronger enemy. And Jake’s Toruk called the Ikran people who are from the eastern sea; they were held toghter to deal with this emergence. All of the problem can solved can be credited to Jake’s Courage and Cleverness. And In my idea, the leadership characteristic of Courage and Cleverness can work in all situations.

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