The Carphone Warehouse has several internal and external customers - Customer service Essay Example

Chosen company Carphone warehouse.

Carephonewarehouse is Europe’s largest independent mobile phone retailer, with over 1,700 stores across Europe - The Carphone Warehouse has several internal and external customers introduction. They are based in the United Kingdom. Outside the UK and the Republic of Ireland, the retailer is named The Phone House.


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Types of Customers

The Carphone Warehouse has several internal and external customers. An internal customer is customers who have an interest in the business who work within the organization. An external customer is somebody outside of the business who has an interest in buying from the business.

The internal customers of Carphone warehouse will be:

* Staff and colleagues in the department – These will expect the business to treat them well and make sure that the working conditions are good. They will expect that they will receive discounts of products within the business and maybe get special deals on any new promotions the business has. In Carphone Warehouse the general staff work on commission for the sales that they do therefore they would expect to have a good commission rate on top of the basic rate to make then earn a healthy living. The staff of Carphone Warehouse will expect a clean and tidy working environment.

* Managers and owners of the business. They will expect all staff who work for the business to put in their best effort on a day to day basis in order to give them the biggest profit possible. They will expect that staff will turn up on time and have a good attendance. They will also expect all staff to follow health and safety procedures by their rule every single day to avoid accidents at work.

The external customers of Carphone Warehouse may include:

* Students

* Businesses

* Children

* Students will expect to have student discount as the majority are low earners compared to other Carphone Warehouse Customers. Students may want the lowest possible price of monthly phone along with cheap pay as you go deals in order to make the phone calls to get them through University.

* Businesses will expect business rates on any deals they make with the Carphone Warehouse. This will especially be the case if they are a big business who are supplying lots of mobile phones to their staff as they will expect some kind of discount for buying in bulk. Business may also expect deals that will give them a lot of minutes at the best possible deal on price.

* Children and families- They will expect to have cheaper options such as pay as you go deals. The parents will expect that the phones can have some kind of security whereby certain numbers can be barred so that the children cannot run up a bill and the will also expect that all deals will be on a pay as you go basis.

My needs and expectation in Carphone Warehouse

Being a student I would expect the staff to treat me with respect but also give me the details on options that match in with my price budget. I would expect the staff to give me details on all phones available and all different tariffs before giving me the time to make my mind on which option is best for me.

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