The Causes and Effects That Come From Bullying

Bullying has been a growing problem in society today. With the internet today, bullying is easier than it ever has been. People can even anonymously say things to people with the internet. This causes many people to feel hurt or even suicidal over the things people say. Many bullies do not believe that what they are doing is wrong, or just take it as a joke. Bullying can affect anyone, even if you are the bully. There are many causes and effects that come from bullying. One effect of bullying is suicide or depression. Many people suffer from bullying every day. Victims of bullying are constantly told vulgar things that many take to the heart. People are told how worthless or how much better the world would be without them. Hearing the same thing told to them over and over again can cause people to start believing it. These things can cause someone to have a low self-esteem, causing many too become depressed and then that can cause suicide if not prevented. People who are bullied feel like they are left out, that no one likes them, or that everyone constantly talks about them behind their back. Finally, taking all the mean things people say about someone, and all the emotions the person has about themselves now, can cause depression or suicide. Even for the bully, some effects can be lifelong. Bullies have a higher percent chance of being abusive later on in their life. Bullies also have a higher chance of abusing alcohol or drugs, which could just as easily end their life. Many bullies can end up with criminal charges brought against them or end up in jail over something they have done. Bullying is not just bad for the person being bullied but also for the person doing the bullying. Furthermore, another effect for bullying is the people who watch bullying happen and choose to do nothing about it. These people have a higher use of drugs and alcohol but many people who bully and miss more school than other people have. People think that one day they will become the victim, instead of just the bystanders. The bystanders can also have effects of depression or anxiety just from witnessing bullying happening around them.

The fact that people not even getting bullied, can cause harm to happen is a problem in itself. Students who are bullied have a higher chance of needing therapy later in their life; this means people who are bullied have lifelong effects. Many are traumatized for their entire life over things people say. Therapy is not just something you have to commit to; it is also something you have to pay for. People have to pay thousands of dollars a year to go through therapy; Having to go through therapy over bullying is just cruel, that people have so many issues with themselves that they need people’s help with it really shows how big of an issue bullying is. Cyberbullying is one of the most popular ways people are bullying one and another now. Bullying using the internet is known as cyberbullying. With all the social media that are now out, millions of people get on them every day. People can easily create accounts that cannot be tracked and post mean things about other people. People can hide behind the screen of their phone and not have to face the consequences of their actions. People even at the age of eleven or twelve now have phones, and or social media accounts. Cyberbullying can also spread bullying faster as anyone around the world can see what people are posting; they do not even need to be in the area. Bullying can now affect anyone around the world, no matter where you are, making it easier and easier. Bullying also affects the schools itself, many schools get bad reputations based on how many people are bullied in the school. Schools that have a higher percent of bullying going on daily have lower test scores and lower grades in general. Bullying doesn’t just bring down the kids who go there but also the people who are working there. People always talk about the effects that bullying has on people, but never talk about the causes that make someone a bully.

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Bullies usually are put into the category of having family problems earlier in their life. These problems, and seeing their parents fighting makes their brain get used to that happening, making it seem like to them that its okay. Another cause of bullying is not being taught manners at a young age; not knowing how to correctly treat people at a young age, makes bullies think that what they are doing is okay. Another cause of bullying is some bullies feel insecure in their own ways, instead of dealing with them themselves. People use the concept of projection, which means they take their own emotions and take them out or put them onto other people. This process creates bullying, as people taking out their emotions on others, don’t usually end up nicely. Although, there is no real excuse for bullying, and that people should not do it in general, many bullies don’t see what they’re doing as wrong, and do it without thinking. Bullying is a big issue that has been growing exponentially in the past 20 years, bullying is one of the biggest issues in society today, and something needs to be done to stop

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