Causes of Cyber Bullying in Hong Kong

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Careful selection of est.-takers is needed in order to strike a balance between the interviewees’ ages, gender and background (the different banding of schools). Extra copies of questionnaires will have to be bought to keep the number of valid questionnaires at 50. The questionnaires will be designed before head and tested by friends. All are multiple choices for accuracy and easy comparison. The setting of multiple choice questions should be consistent to avoid careless error. There are different sections in the questionnaire aiming at obtaining data about the main causes and possible solutions of cyber bullying n Hong Kong respectively.

Qualitative method one – carrying out in-depth interviews 4 active online- bullies will be selected through observation in online forums or on Backbone. Each engages in cyber bullying to a different extent in terms of activeness. In order not to antagonize the interviewees, the term ‘cyber bullying will not be mentioned. Interviews will be conducted online through MS and the chatting record will be preserved. Questions should be designed before head, focusing on the reasons behind their engagement in cyber bullying. A list of Seibel follow-up questions should also be prepared.

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Each interview is expected to be 10-minute long. Qualitative method two – collecting articles about solutions to cyber bullying Articles about solutions of cyber bullying from all over the world will be collected from the internet and from news reports. It should be ensured that the number Of articles should be around 1 0 and their suggested methods are different so as to enlarge the scope of possible methods. This aims to provide a large range of possible solutions and their effectiveness for future considerations. Both first hand and second hand, quantitative and qualitative information is used to be more comprehensive.

Rationale Behind for Choosing the Tools/Methods Sending out questionnaires – It aims at finding out the major causes of cyber bullying in Hong Kong. As there are limited sources about this topic, first-hand information will be a lot more useful. Q was designed to make sure the test-takers are within the age range set. The ten questions are divided into different sections in order to accurately obtain data for my four focuses – the most common forms and platforms of cyber bullying the reasons behind people’s involvement people’s values towards cyber bullying (Q) and the general views on the most popular ‘possible solutions’ (Q, 9, 10).

There are a number of questions focusing on the reasons behind people’s involvement as some people may not know clearly about their incentives. From all these, I can find out directly and indirectly the main causes of cyber bullying and have a brief idea on my future solution suggested. I use multiple-choice questions for accuracy and easy comparison. Carrying out in-depth interviews- Since the data obtained from the questionnaires may not be detailed enough, n-depth interviews give me a deeper understanding of the possible major reasons why people involve in cyber bullying.

The questions set are based on the findings of the former part and act as the advance stage in finding out the main causes. About the selection Of interviewees, Potential following-up questions should be set so as to keep the interviews smooth and to get a clearer view over the interviewees’ thought. As for the selection of interviewees, as there are different levels of engagement, I will pick people who start a bully, who actively promote the bully and who simply agree on it thou commenting to make the interviews comprehensive.

Collecting articles about solutions of cyber bullying – As mentioned, this method aims at looking for a wide range of solutions to cyber bullying. The articles should be from different parts of the world so as to obtain opinion and experiences from different perspectives. Second hand information like these is useful in investigating different solutions because we can have more evidences in support of our own views and details about each solution from the foreign models. Also, different views are reflected towards ACH method in the articles so that can know more about the pros and cons of each of them.

The articles help me to generalize others’ experiences and to bring up possible solutions in Hong Gong’s situation. Justification on Usefulness and Relevancy of the Data Collected in Relation to the Enquiry Issue Data is collected through the methods and tools of interviews, questionnaires and articles. Information obtained from questionnaires The ten questions are seemingly independent. However, the truth is that they are inter-related in order to help finding out the data needed. For example, after finding out the people who bully from Q, I can infer their incentives with the help of Q.

The four focuses of the questions are related to the study in the following ways. The most common forms and platforms of cyber bullying This allows us to infer the causes of cyber bullying. The possible solutions made should be related to the main forms of bullying (e. G. : the bullies’ genders and habits of using computers’). The reasons behind people’s involvement (Q,7,8) This directly tells us the causes of cyber bullying in Hong Kong. People’s values towards cyber bullying (Q) This lets us know whether people’s engagement in cyber bullying is out of a lacking of serious attitude towards so.

The general views on the most popular ‘possible solutions’ 0). This gives us a general view towards people’s attitudes towards the two most-likely ‘possible solutions’ of the problem and give me hints on future suggestions. Data obtained from the in-depth interviews – The questions set for the interviews are based on the findings of the questionnaires which mainly focus on the major causes of cyber bullying in Hong Kong but of a deeper scope. Through the interviews, I can learn more bout the major causes of the problem, which will direct me to some possible solutions.

Information from the articles The articles from all around the world provide me with a large range of possible solutions ? their details, effectiveness and different views towards them. From others’ experiences and based on the findings in the interviews and from the questionnaires, can infer and suggest possible solutions to Hong Songs cyber bullying problem, which are of good quality and effectiveness. The first part of my issue enquiry – the major causes of cyber bullying in Hong

Kong is directly addressed by the questionnaires and the interviews, while the second part – the possible solutions is directed by my results in the former part and can be inferred by my analysis of the articles. All the data collected in the questionnaires and from the interviews can be used, while only part of the information obtained in the articles may be useful. However, all the information given by the articles offers us a comprehensive view about different solutions towards cyber bullying and is important for deciding a final version of possible solutions.

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