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Ethical and Socially Responsive Business The Cheese Cake Factory is the restaurant I chose to evaluate when it comes to the code of ethical conduct. The code of ethical conduct is essential when it comes to running a business. In order for the company to be successful, they must carefully address problems and behaviors within the company that might affect the company. The code of conduct is crucial when it comes to the human aspect of the company. For the company’s success, they must follow and implement employees to track the code of conduct. The code of conduct s a crucial part when it comes to running a business.

The Cheese Cake Factory Code of Ethics informs their directors, executives, financial officers, and employees the laws and ethics to abide by within the company. An essential aspect of the Cheese Cake Factory’s code of HTH CICS and business conduct is using common sense and having a good sense of judgment. This company implements how necessary good judgment and common sense is to staff members when it comes to the best interest of the company. They expect employees to make the best decisions that will have a greater impact on the business. The company requires all employees to behave in an appropriate and professional manner.

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It is important to the company that the staffs behavior reflects the company and the way they run business. Another key aspect of the company’s code of ethics reflects general standards of conduct. The company feels that it is each staff member’s responsibility to keep an excellent working relationship. The key aspect of having a good working relationship is for all staff members on every level to be trustworthy, loyal, and honest. They believe in treating all staff members with dignity and aspect. They also require staff members to respect each other and treat each other fairly.

It is important that the staff members treat each other fairly, so that way they can work together efficiently while achieving the goals of the business. Complying with the laws is another important key factor of their business. They imply all staff to follow all state, federal, and local laws. They do not tolerate any staff breaking or persuading any other staff member to break the law. They take sexual harassment and other discriminatory behavior very seriously. Those acts are not tolerated, and it violates the policies and procedures within their code of ethic and business conduct.

Drug and alcohol abuse is also not tolerated. It is important to the business and staff members that they follow these rules because all of these negligent acts can cause a lawsuit or result in a bad reputation for the company. Lawsuits and a bad reputation can cause the business to lose profits and even customers. Conflict of interest is a crucial factor of the code of ethic and business conduct. It is the company s policy for all staff members, not to closes any important or confidential information about the company to anyone, including family, friends, and significant others.

They do not tolerate employees using their position for favorable acts or personal gain. It is important that no conflicts arise between the company and the company’s investors, contractors, customers, and suppliers, which can affect the business in a bad way. Also may help competitors gain advantage from their business. An essential aspect that is relevant to the business is that no soliciting will be allowed in front of their restaurants. The staff members just take appropriate action to ensure soliciting does not take effect in front of the restaurants.

They do not want customers to feel obligated to make purchases or to be hassled about buying products that are non-related company goods or services. It is important that the customers’ needs are met so they will want to come back. Customer service is very important. They want their customers to feel valued and satisfied with their services. It is important that the staff do everything to keep customers satisfied, also preventing any issues that will hurt their business. To ensure all staff follows he codes and procedures in their code of ethic and business conduct, they should regularly implement the rules.

I believe all levels of staff should set standards and obligations that need to be fulfilled by the company. Higher levels of staff should set the examples for all staff members, that way they can lead by example. They should offer perks, bonuses, certificates, or higher positions for staff that follow procedures and guidelines. I believe that will help staff to be more motivated to follow and abide by proper procedures and protocol. Having the Code of Ethic and Business Conduct helps a equines follow guidelines, rules, and regulations, which helps the business run smooth and effectively while gaining profits and customers.

Code of Ethic and Business Conduct also helps and guides all staff to implement the rules in their everyday work habits. It is important that the code of ethic to be followed to prevent wrongdoing that can affect the business. The Cheese Cake Factory can engage in socially responsible activities in the community by donating goods, money, or services to charitable events. They also can sponsor events within the community also while promoting their brand and equines.

They can also have their event where other companies can come and promote their good and services while offering the customers free samples of their cheesecakes to get the customers out there. Engaging in socially responsible activities are very important to the business reputation, it can also help promote and gain profits for their company by giving back to the community.

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