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The Company Background Of Ericsson Accounting

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Analyzing what Henry Ford one time remarked, “ Money is an arm or a leg. You either utilize it or lose it ” . It appears rather simple though really meaningful. It brings place the value of Money or Finance. In any concern, the function of money has barely altered. A house ‘s success and Os say the least, its endurance depends upon how efficaciously it is able to bring forth financess, as and when needed. However it would non be proper to go through the full recognition of the success of the concern endeavor to finance.

It besides depends on how efficaciously the money is utilised in the administration.

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The Company Background Of Ericsson Accounting
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Harmonizing to Paul G. Hastings, ” finance ” is the direction of pecuniary personal businesss of the company which includes set uping the cost demand to be paid for raising the money on the best term available, and giving available financess to the best usage.

Ken Midgley and Ronald Burns province that “ Financing is the procedure of organizing flow of financess so that a concern house can transport out its aim in the most efficient mode and meets its duty as they fall due ” .

“ In an overall sense finance embraces many countries other than corporation finance, money, banking and recognition of assorted types and categories. Considered as a whole, finance can be described as a circulatory system of the economic organic structure, doing possible the needful carbon monoxide operation between many units of activities ” .

While accounting is the informations aggregation procedure covering with accurate coverage, finance is a managerial or determination devising procedure. Originating out of close relationship of finance with accounting a new subdivision of accounting has emerged under the rubric “ fiscal accounting ”

Ericsson – Company Background

Ericsson is universe ‘s 5th largest Information and Communications Technology ( ICT ) hardware, package and services supplier. Its central office is based in Sweden with 104,525 employees located globally. It has client base in more than 180 states, largely big web operators

Business theoretical account

Ericsson operates in five concern sections which includes two joint ventures, good summarised in the image below

Joint Venture ( JV )

Business Scheme

Ericsson has recognised the present tendency in ICT sector and has shifted focal point and concern scheme to aline with market chance. “ Traveling nomadic ” holds true for everything these yearss. Internet, machine to machine connectivity and picture cloud service is driving development.

Ericsson is working in three different waies to accomplish concern growing. The first is “ portfolio impulse ” second is “ To derive market portion ” and the 3rd is “ amalgamations, acquisitions and partnering ” .

Key Business Result Highlights of 2011

Ericsson ‘s grosss grew by 12 % to 227 billion and gross revenues increased by 19 % . It ‘s has reported net income of SEK 12.6 billion. Besides there was a diminution in gross border attributed by acquisition modernisation and gross revenues of services. Losingss were reported by both joint ventures.

Net hard currency place of SEK 39.5 billion puts Ericsson in the province of strong fiscal place.

Ericsson besides announced acquisition of Telcordia-world ‘s taking OSS/BSS system supplier every bit good as divestment of 50 % of joint venture portion of Sony Ericsson to Sony corp.

Literature Review

Finance direction Function

Inevitably concern is finance oriented. It is the procedure of utilizing money to do money. The Finance maps can non work efficaciously unless it draws on the subjects which are closely associated with it. Harmonizing to Paul G. Hastings, ” finance ” is the direction of pecuniary personal businesss of the company which includes set uping the cost demand to be paid for raising the money on the best term available, and giving available financess to the best usage.

Fiscal Management is responsible for planning, control, determination devising and managing hazard for an administration


Planning is done at 3 degree, Strategic, operational and tactical. Strategic planning is long term planning nevertheless operational is average term and tactical is short term.

Strategic be aftering involves high degree of hazard as it is long term planning and hence screens high degree of uncertainness merely because it is hard to foretell hereafter. Therefore it is really of import that accurate, seasonably and dependable information are available based on which determination can be made.

This brings in range for a system where such information is available- Accounting.

Decision devising

Fiscal determinations have been considered as the agencies to accomplish long term aims of the corporate. At wide degree fiscal determinations can be classified into four classs:


Once determinations are made and policies are implemented so the following inquiry comes- How to mensurate and analyze public presentation of determination, in visible radiation of aims.

How do we cognize that where we are? How we are making? Whether we are traveling into right way or have we achieved our aim? If a determination can non be measured so they will be hard to pull off.

It requires fiscal prosodies to analyze and mensurate public presentation of all fiscal determinations.

Here once more accounting Acts of the Apostless as information system where results can be measured financially.


Actual result demand to be measured and compared sporadically with those planned and budgeted for, for each duty Centre of an administration which are under designated direction control. Management demand to respond suitably and in timely mode, on such discrepancy in public presentation, so that organizational aims are met.

It is the Accounting Information System which facilitates such public presentation studies.

Hazard Management

Although “ No hazard, no addition ” is a common proverb, in the universe of concern uncertainnesss, fiscal direction has to cipher fiscal hazard, concern hazard or any other hazard that may work to the disadvantage of the house before shiping on any class of action. In order to cipher such hazard factor current and historical fiscal public presentation information of the house demand to be analysed in visible radiation of present and predicted economic clime.

Again it is Accounting Information System which facilitates required information for this intent.

Account Information System ( AIS )

In the subdivision above we have observed, that Management is the procedure of change overing information into action and for this intent they are extremely dependent on accounting for runing facts as accounting is the beginning of most of information that is used for this intent.

Therefore we can state that “ Accounting is the scientific discipline of book maintaining and establishes the rules and constructs which should regulate the aggregation and presentation of fiscal informations ” . It is a subject which provides information necessity for efficient behavior and rating of the activities of any administration.

Modern concern direction to a big extent has merely been made possible by accounting information. Two major classs of accounting information are given below:

Fiscal accounting [ External Focus ]

The sort of accounting which provides information to determination shaper outside the house is called fiscal accounting. Fiscal accounting is concerned with the readying of studies which provides information to users outside of the house. The most common one is the fiscal investing included in the one-year study. The laterality of the balance sheet in fiscal accounting underscores the fiscal facet of this map.

Management accounting [ Internal Focus ]

Management accounting is presentation of fiscal informations as portion of the direction undertaking of direction determination and control. Management accounting reduces the majority of concern information arising in the company to a digestible signifier. It is the sort of accounting that provides all indispensable information to the direction which assist them in creative activity of policy and in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operation of an project.

Features of an Accounting System

There is broad assortment of extended fiscal information compressed in different published beginnings, so much so that one is wholly baffled, non cognizing what to take, unless one is able to acquire the exact beginning of information and knows what one is looking for.

Therefore cardinal function of Accounting is concerned with make up one’s minding which information is needed and which is to be recorded, finding how the informations are to be processed, make up one’s minding how the studies are to be designed, and finding how the information is to be communicated to the relevant users.

There are certain features which influences the utility of an information system.


The accounting information is critical to the houses activity, for it is used to do determinations with in the administrations ( by the direction ) and outside the administration ( by investor and creditors ) . Its existent value will depend upon its terminal usage intent. Fiscal information is required by:

Accounting rules and constructs

Regardless of focal point, accounting statement has to reasonably stand for true worth of the concern good as consequences of its operation. There for a construct of “ True and Fair position ” was developed for accounting and to follow this construct accounting rules were drawn.

A company takes aid and counsel from of these rules and formulates some regulations in order to deduce best attack to accomplish the needful end product of the accounting i. e. fiscal statements. These regulations are called accounting policies which includes processs for mensurating and entering minutess, method for stand foring fiscal information in assorted fiscal statement so that it can be meaningful to stop users.

So that all fiscal statements represent true and just position of the company, all minutess must be recorded. Image [ xxx manual page30 ] represents the sequence in which minutess are recorded.

Procedure of entering all fiscal minutess is known as Book Keeping ” . Two normally used Book-Keeping systems are

Single Entry System

Double Entry System.

Double entry system is most normally used system by concern and endeavor. For the intent of this assignment I will discourse and utilize Double Entry System merely.

Double entry system is based on the rule that every dealing has double consequence on the concern and therefore it should be recorded twice to reflect the consequence. Every debit entry recorded into one history has a corresponding recognition entry of equal sum recorded into another history. Therefore

All Debits = All Credits.

Restriction of accounting as an information system

Although accounting information is critical tool for fiscal direction map still there are countries where it fails to supply required information. Some of them are illustrated below.

It gives merely a limited image of the province of matter of a company because it includes merely those points which can be expressed in pecuniary footings.

All hereafter determinations are made based on the Information derived from historical informations recorded in the system. If informations is non accurate so determination could be dreadfully incorrect.

It provides fiscal information derived over a period of clip hence fails to supply fiscal information of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities.

It is hard to judge operational efficiency of the administration.

It provides fiscal information for the whole administration. It does n’t give fiscal information like cost incurred by map, section or procedure.

It does n’t provided informations which are required to compare cost of operation of two different houses.

It does n’t supply equal information which could assist in puting selling monetary value for the merchandise.

It does n’t supply inside informations utilizing which a house can understand ground for a loss.

Expenses are recorded as a whole instead than under proper caput like direct, indirect, fixed, variable etc.

It does n’t supply tool or information to measure cost effectual options to see during enlargement or contraction undertaking or enterprise by a house.

We merely acquire information non the determination. Decision and execution are done by fiscal direction and hence ever contains an component of intuitive determination which limits the usefulness accounting.

Fiscal Statements:

As we have discussed in earlier subdivision that fiscal accounting concern with external coverage of fiscal place of a company. For this intent a company has to bring forth corporate study which comprises of:

Out of these studies are Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss history ( Income Statement ) and Cash Flow statement are three cardinal studies.

All cardinal fiscal statements are based on the basicss of Debit and credits. If all these entries are recorded right in relevant history so following must keep true for a concern

Assetss = Owner ‘s Equity + Liabilities

Balance sheet

It provides snapshoot of the fiscal place of the concern, in footings of assets and liabilities, at the terminal of accounting period. Balance sheet Equation is shown below:

Income Statement ( Profit and Loss history )

An income statement summarises the consequences of concern operations during a specific period and shows them in the signifier of net income or net loss. While a balance sheet is like a still exposure, an income statement is like a traveling image as it is designed to mensurate the minutess between two balance sheets day of the month.

A simple layout of the income statement represented below:

Cash Flow Statement:

A hard currency flow statement is a statement designed to bespeak alterations in fiscal place on hard currency footing, between two describing period. A standard layout of hard currency flow statement is represented below:

It is of critical importance for the fiscal direction. It is an essentials tool for short term fiscal analysis. Main advantages of hard currency flow statements are:

Very utile in measuring the current hard currency place of an endeavor.

By unwraping the past behavior of the hard currency rhythm it helps direction commanding usage of hard currency in the hereafter.

It helps direction measuring concern ability to its duties such as refunds of loans, payment to creditors, payment of involvement dividend and revenue enhancements etc.

It highlights factors responsible for unequal hard currency balance despite of an addition in net income or frailty versa.

It indicates the cause for alteration in hard currency place of an endeavor between two balance sheet day of the months.

It helps direction in fixing hard currency budget and accomplishing minimal fiscal cost and sound fiscal place.


From Theory to Practice

Frame of Evaluation literature reappraisal

Company background

Management Structure

Turning point

Key Evaluation Features

Key alteration in concern Strategy- why?

What went incorrect?

What following?

Idea Generation


Market analysis

Industry Analysis

Pricing theoretical account

Business Plan

Pull offing Finance

Pull offing operations and Resources

Pull offing growing and alterations

Leadership and Strategic Management


Recommendation for the Future

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