Motorola: background of the company

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Motorola was a one of the telecommunicating company which is owned by Google. Motorola Company was designing technology that connects to consumers and has the best content at their fingertips, every second of every day. TV, talk, text, email and web surfing that can put people at the center of it technology. Motorola is one of the companies that very popular and innovative in mobile communication in the world. Basically, the organization was originally founded as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928, and it has come a long ways since its first introduction of it is battery eliminator, as it first product.

Now this organization was improved a lot in term of emended their product such as like wireless, broadband and automotive communications technologies. A classic example of success through effective change management involves the global communications giant Motorola. The Space and System Technology Group at Motorola gradually introduced self-managing teams as a work change initiative. This came about from listening to employees and from a pressing need to improve quality of output and cycle times (Hemamalini, 2001).

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It is because Motorola always be the good competitor and enhances a lot of knowledge in term of technology of telecommunicating. Why Motorola change? There are two factors that influence Motorola Company to make a change. These changes are: i)External factors External factors that influencing Motorola to make a change is a technology, globalization and competition, changing demand and need of the customer and natural environment. Such as for technology, Motorola need to update time by time their technology to make their company competitive.

This is due to the fact that the organization is offering different gadgets. Beside that another important of factors that influencing of change is the changing demand. It is because more and more technologies and innovations are being introduced in the market so Motorola need to prepare with the new information about the technology earlier than their competitor. ii)Internal factors Culture and behavior are two of the most important aspects that can influence changing.

The culture of the employees of the human resource of Motorola is mportant due to the fact that the employees are the one that are creating the product of the organization that is being offered in the target market. That is why it is important to consider the motivation of each and every employee in order to bring out the best in them. Change strategies at Motorola Company. Six Sigma The strategy that is due to have been used by Motorola is Six Sigma. Six Sigma is introduced by Bill Smith and implemented by Motorola in 1987. Smith, a Motorola quality manager, was unsatisfied with other the annual Strategies Zero Defects and Total Quality Management.

Because of Motorola confident about the Sig Sigma, then Motorola has been using this strategy to make the changes to the company and this method was successful. Motorola has gained huge profits as a result of this strategy. This has resulted in this method became popular and was followed by other companies. Therefore, the results of research and development were done and adopt this method of Six Sigma, Motorola has released its latest product and labor cost savings. Due to the influence from the external factors then Motorola has been using the approach towards the training and development of their employees.

Training and development has been applying Six Sigma methods. This changing that adopted of Motorola was really helping this company in term of saving their cost in production and also labor cost. So it is not impossible if changing that done at Motorola Company was one of the good examples. Not only had that Six Sigma also helped Motorola to reduce defects that occur on their products. In fact not only that, through changes made also can be seen that Motorola has reached the desired level of profit.

In addition, Six Sigma reduces process variation-output, which increases the efficiency and reduces operating costs. Motorola company profit margins have been “documented more than $ 17 billion in savings” in more than 20 years of using Six Sigma. Through Six Sigma method not only focus on eliminating all defects, but also improve the overall quality of the final product sold. This is because the basic goal of the changes resulting from Six Sigma is to eliminate the waste of resources, but customers also buy products that work better and last longer.

Motorola’s own successful companies implementing Six Sigma in which increased customer satisfaction and retention by providing high quality consumer products without raising the price. This is because the cost-saving aspect of this strategy bruised weight without compromising on the quality control factor. How to implement Six Sigma Conclusion As a conclusion Motorola is considered as one of the organizations that are undergoing series of different changes from time to time. This is because the organization will affect by different changes that are going on.

Basically human resource is the most important aspect of the organization due to the fact that continuous innovation is the primary strategy of the organization in order to give their customers, something new from time to time that will help the company to maintain the loyalty of their customers that will give them the competitive advantage. For the Motorola Company the change was happen totally depend on technology that are influence a lot for the company. Technology change faster and doing the communicating business need sacrificed in term of budget. It is because from the budget the company can decide what type of the technology that there


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