The Concept Of International Joint Venture Business

Joint ventures are a signifier of assistance for accessing emerging markets, resources, cognition, capablenesss. In simple word a joint venture is a tie up by two or more houses to come in a new market to capitalise on chances. When there are two or more companies involved there are opportunities of clash between the spouses. International Joint venture ( henceforth referred as IJV ) adds more complexnesss to the concern as authorities policies and concern patterns in the new market are different. In today ‘s times of relatively free economic scenarios, every organisation is aiming markets that are up coming and developing. This happens because these markets have non yet been explored to the full by major planetary participants and these undiscovered markets respond really enthusiastically to the reaching of new organisations.

Concept of International Joint Venture

A Number of organisations are set uping their operations into new markets in order to prolong and develop their competitory border [ 1 ] . International enlargement is a disputing project and in order to finish this project successfully houses resort to different market entry schemes [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] . International Joint Venture is the most common and widely used signifier of international enlargement. Joint ventures are non merely the agencies for accessing resources of a different house ; they are besides required or used for geting licences, contracts and other confederations. Joint ventures tend to surpass in the international markets, they tend to surpass on entirely owned subordinates this is achieved because of the local spouses that these ventures have in the market. [ 7 ]

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Harmonizing to Culpan ( 2002 ) the procedure of IJV involves two or more houses from different states to join forces in making an independent concern unit by lending their resources. On an another case Wallace ( 2004 ) defines joint venture as the working together of two or more houses for accomplishing a specific result that would non hold been possible by any of the house working entirely. The result in most of the instances is to accomplish growing and a sustainable competitory advantage, and the joint ventures normally provide the most suited platform to carry through this undertaking. By analyzing both the definitions above we could easy acknowledge the undermentioned three variables:

1. Multiple independent companies

2. A well defined intent

3. The degree of mutuality

Wallace ( 2004 ) has mentioned that in a joint venture there are normally two houses involved but in certain instances depending on the nature and the size of the concern, there is an engagement of more than two participants. Another characteristic which he has described is the independency of the companies which plays an of import function in the whole procedure. Harmonizing to him when two independent companies come together they have wholly different values, ends, civilizations and direction constructions which could take to assorted compatibility issues. Joint ventures are normally formed on the footing of a common aims or common ends of all the parties. This aim should function the demands of the companies in a proportionate mode otherwise the success of the joint venture will be ephemeral. [ 9 ] The degree of mutuality between the houses is the most of import variable that makes the whole procedure of joint embarking different from other type of confederations. Each company which is involved in the procedure can non perchance accomplish the end at its ain and has to travel aboard other spouses to acquire to the common end [ 9 ] .

Literature reappraisal

Despite being the most popular agencies of international enlargement IJV has its ain defects for case they are hard to originate, form & amp ; manage. Majority of joint ventures fall short of their stated ends and aims and stop up with a monolithic losingss and debts [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] . Several factors can be attributed to the failure like the legal system, political system, province of the economic system, and organisational forces like spouse differences and contract footings contribute to failures, a big proportion of IJV failure can be attributed to inefficient direction [ 13 ] [ 4 ] . Despite their defects and troubles if managed decently IJVs can present coveted consequences [ 14 ] [ 10 ] [ 15 ] [ 12 ] .

Following are 4 major phases in formation and care of an IJV:

Phase 1- Formation

The determinations made in the formation phase holds a critical value in the whole procedure. Consensus has it that the really nature of joint ventures contributes to their failure: they are a hard and complex signifier of endeavor [ 16 ] and many companies initiate IJVs without to the full acknowledging and turn toing the major issues they are likely to face [ 17 ] [ 13 ] . Both parties organizing an IJV demand to find the grounds for following IJV as a portion of their scheme. Early planning in joint ventures is of import without be aftering the likeliness of harvesting the additions from the IJV is diminished [ 18 ] [ 19 ] . In the initial phase, the companies should whether or non to take a measure towards joint venture in order to derive a specific advantage. If the benefits of joint venture outweigh the costs and hazards associated with it, the spouse ( s ) make up one’s mind to take a measure farther. On the other manus, in the state of affairss when there is high cost and hazard involved, they have to make up one’s mind against it and hold to see other options. ( Culpan, 2002 ) . It appears that concerted spouses may assist increase the opportunities of success and the effectivity of the acquisition procedure itself [ 2 ] [ 20 ] [ 6 ] [ 21 ] . As mentioned by Stiles ( 2001 ) the high degree of failures in the strategic partnership occurs due to the incorrect choice of spouse houses. Culpan ( 2002 ) supports this statement and provinces that the procedure of spouse choice is really critical for a prospective articulation venture. He farther elaborates the importance of compatibility during the whole procedure and suggests that success of a joint venture depends on the compatibility of the spouses.

Phase 2 – Development

Where to turn up is an of import inquiry. Locating in the state of one spouse may give a “ local cognition ” and command advantage. If, nevertheless, this cognition is shared with the other spouse, the advantage can travel to the partnership and the IJV itself instead than one spouse. When both parents are interested in the IJV and want it to win, they appear to acquire involved in all the cardinal determinations made early on as reflected in the contract dialogue [ 13 ] . Under these conditions, the board of managers is likely to be composed every bit of representatives of the parents and the IJV ( internal and external to these entities ) .

Phase 3- Execution

The execution phase of the IJV procedure involves vision, mission, values, and scheme [ 23 ] . With a high quality top direction squad in the IJV, the vision, mission, values, scheme and construction are more likely to be crafted to suit the local demands every bit good as those of the parents. The full set of the policies and patterns demands to be created for the IJV. The factors that these policies and patterns need to reflect include the IJV ‘s: ( a ) vision, mission, values, civilization, construction, scheme ; ( B ) labour market ; ( degree Celsius ) demand for planetary integrating with parent ( s ) such as for cognition transportation ; and ( vitamin D ) differences between the state civilizations of the parents and the IJV [ 24 ] . Possibly some policies will be non-negotiable and have to run into parents ‘ criterions, e.g. , ethical, safety/environmental whereas other policies, e.g. , working hours, compensation and benefits, can be much more locally adaptable.

Phase 4: Promotion ( IJV and Beyond )

The advancement phase of the IJV procedure involves: acquisition from the spouses, reassigning cognition and acquisition to the parents, and reassigning cognition and acquisition to other locations. As the IJV becomes established, the spouses ‘ relationships continue to germinate [ 6 ] . In the positions of [ 11 ] [ 21 ] , larning and accommodation by the spouses are the key to IJV length of service and the turning away of premature disintegration. In both instances the parent organisations are deriving new acquisition and cognition that can be used for their internal operations or for their following IJV procedure [ 6 ] [ 21 ]


Harmonizing to the definition, IJV implies partnerships between independent and different houses. This partnership or coaction is straight affected by the civilization at the national and the organisational degree. National civilization and other establishments of the state in which IJV is situated play an of import function in act uponing the organisation and the direction manner of the joint venture [ 25 ] . As discussed earlier that the success of joint venture depends upon the compatibility between the spouses and this compatibility involves civilization every bit good. Culpan ( 2002 ) suggests that each spouse in the joint venture brings its ain civilization and if the civilizations are non compatible they will truly do the joint venture vulnerable. It is besides assumed that civilization can act upon the timing of entry, the investing penchants and the public presentation of the venture [ 26 ] .

Barger ( 2007 ) describes that in international joint ventures two organisational civilizations are brought together to organize a 3rd civilization which is normally inspired by the either of the two parent civilizations or it forms a alone civilization by uniting assorted elements from the parent civilizations. Cullen et Al. ( 1991 ) expresses his position in a instead alone manner and provinces that when civilizations cross, a cultural daze occurs which can hold a negative impact on the organisation and the working environment of the joint venture [ 27 ] .

There are two types of civilizations that straight affect the joint venture, first one is the organisational civilization and the 2nd 1 is the national civilization. Lane and Beamish ( 1990 ) province that the job in IJV ‘s is due to the influence of the national civilization on the behaviour and direction system that leads to struggles, they farther elaborated that IJV spouses from different national civilizations tend to see greater trouble in interaction which could adversely impact the public presentation [ 28 ] . Same is the instance with the organisational civilization ; any difference in it can truly do struggles and can easy sabotage the joint venture advancement.

Hofstede ( 2001 ) defines civilization as “ the corporate scheduling of head that distinguishes the members of one group or class from another ” . Harmonizing to him the human head uses the forms of thought, feeling and moving merely like a package plan. Unlike computing machine package, the beginning of mental plan prevarications within the societal environment within which a homo being is brought up. Matching to the bed of mental scheduling in a human encephalon, Hofstede ( 2005 ) divides the civilization into assorted degrees such as national degree, regional degree, and gender degree and so on.

As discussed earlier, both the national and the organisational civilizations play a polar function in determining the joint venture civilization. In order to measure the civilization incorporated in the joint province that the job in IJV ‘s is due to the influence of the national civilization on the behaviour and direction system that leads to struggles, they farther elaborated that IJV spouses from different national civilizations tend to see greater trouble in interaction which could adversely impact the public presentation [ 28 ] . Same is the instance with the organisational civilization ; any difference in it can truly do struggles and can easy sabotage the joint venture advancement.


Joint ventures are utile for many entities, for assorted grounds, joint ventures help companies to get the better of the uncertainness & A ; it facilitates puting up concern in the new market. Larger undertakings, different markets, new locations are have avenues in such ventures. Most critical portion of IJV is to verify the feasibleness of the undertaking and secondly look into compatibility of the company towards prospective spouse. Most JV ‘s fail because the spouses do non hold much in common. In order to do an IJV successful the most of import factor that came up in this paper are the cooperation, coordination and apprehension of the spouse towards each other. National civilization and organisational civilization excessively can do or interrupt a IJV. In order to avoid the national and cultural daze the spouses need to understand each others values, strengths failings and most significantly they need to organize with each other. Sharing each other resources, expertness will enable the houses to be together for a long clip and will do the JV profitable.

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