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Nora-Sakari: A Proposed Joint Venture In Malaysia Sample

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This instance is about Nora. one of the taking providers of telecom solutions in Malaysia. The instance involves a possible joint venture with Sakari. the taking maker in Finland of nomadic phones and telecom systems. There is a big potency in the hereafter development of telecom installations in Malaysia and the to endeavors have discussed a joint venture since May 1990 in order to acquire their portion of the Malayan market. Nora’s ground for the joint venture is to derive Sakaris advanced telecom solutions and overseas telegram related engineering.

while Sakaris chief benefit is to entree the Asian and Malayan market.

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Nora-Sakari: A Proposed Joint Venture In Malaysia Sample
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In 1991 Nora made a command on a 2 billion RM contract from the largest telecom company in Malaysia. Telecom Malaysia Berhad ( TMB ) . They based the command on providing Sakaris engineering and in early May 92? Nora won a 1/5 portion of the contract. However perceivers were critical of TMB’s determination to choose Sakari. as they were little and unknown compared to the rivals like Alcatel.

Fujitsu. NEC and AT & A ; T.

Following the successful command and disregarding the unfavorable judgment against Sakari. the two companies held a major meeting in Helsinki on May 21. this to finalise the joint venture. The meeting went on for several yearss. and the dialogue turned out to be rather hard as there raised several differences between the two opposite numbers. The dialogue turned out even more complicated when Sakari became interested in offering a late announced stamp for a major telecom contract in the UK.

As the May-meeting resulted in no fruits. there was held a new meeting on the 6th of July in Kuala Lumpur. In this meeting. the two leaders of Sakari and Nora did non take part. but followed the procedure and was briefed on the advancement of the dialogues. Some of the issues of the dialogue were hard to decide and had led to heated treatments. These included facets like equity ownership. engineering transportation. royalty payment. expatriates wages and fringe benefits. and arbitration.

At the terminal of the 5-day dialogue many of the issues couldn’t be resolved. But Nora will shortly hold to carry through the contract with TMB. and clip is running out. So what should Zanial make? Accommodate with Sakari or happen another spouse for the large contract?

Cultural differences

One of the major jobs that faced the joint venture possibilities between Nora and Sakari. was the cultural differences between them. Nora as a Malayan company has wholly different ways of negociating and making concern than their opposite number from Finland. However. the cultural differences are large. but still this shouldn’t truly be a large job if the two companies did their cross-cultural prep or research on how to act and move in forepart of their hereafter co-workers.

In this portion of the assignment. we are traveling to depict each states concern behavior. and why jobs may and really did occur. We have focused on three dimensions: Relationship-Focus vs. Deal Focus. Formal V. Informal. and Time and Scheduling- Monochromic vs. Polychronic.

Relationship-Focus vs. Deal Focus

Malaysia is a typical relationship focussed civilization. They prefer to make cover with household. friends and individuals or groups good known to them – people who can be trusted. They are uncomfortable making concern with aliens. particularly aliens who besides happen to be aliens. Because of this cardinal cultural value. relationship-oriented houses typically want to cognize their prospective concern spouses really good before speaking concern with them.

In contrast. the deal-focused civilization in Finland. people are more unfastened to making concern with aliens. The seller can do initial contact with the prospective purchaser without any old relationship or connexion. Having an debut or referral is helpful but non indispensable.

In trade focussed markets like Finland you can normally acquire down to concern after merely a few proceedingss of little talk. And you can larn most of what you need to cognize about your possible finish opposite number in a affair of yearss instead than the hebdomads or months it will take in strongly RF civilizations such as Malaysia. In Finland. you make a trade first- so you can go friends. which are quite the antonym of Malaysia. In Malaysia. you foremost do a friend. so you make a trade.

In Finland people rely on written understandings to forestall misinterpretations and work out jobs. And some concern people tend to take a instead impersonal. legalistic. contract-based attack when dissensions and differences arise. In Malaysia they primary depend on relationship to forestall troubles and work out jobs. while in Finland they depend on the written understandings to carry through the same maps.

In Finland negotiants tend to value direct. Frank. straightforward linguistic communication. When pass oning with others. the precedence is to be clearly understood. they normally say what they mean and mean what they say. However. in Malaysia they hide their emotions. particularly negative emotions. By demoing restlessness. annoyance. defeat or choler disrupts harmoniousness. It is ill-mannered and violative. So people at that place mask negative emotion by staying expressionless or by seting a smiling on their face.

There might be underlying jobs when it comes to treatments that occur during the dialogue. When a dissension comes up. the Finns will raise the inquiry straight. and face the Malays. The Finnish manner of work outing a dissension may be seen as disrespectful by the Malays. enchantress tend to value modestness and diplomatic negotiations. The Nora squad will besides seek to maintain the harmoniousness of the dialogue. and by all agencies avoiding struggles and confrontations. The Finnish besides have a inclination of utilizing little face looks when there is a dissension. the Malays might see this as loss of face. and can be really negative. These jobs came to the surface at the first meeting in May. The Nora squad found the Finns serious. reserved and “cold” . As a consequence it was hard for the Malayan squad to find whether the Finns was truly interested or non. The dialogue turned out even more complicated when Sakari became interested in offering a late announced stamp for a major telecom contract in the UK. The Malayan dialogue leader felt what he saw as deficiency of integrity and support. from the Sakari direction. led to farther troubles in the dialogues.

Formal V. Informal

Formality has to with comparative position. organisational hierarchies and how to demo regard to individuals of high position. That is why international sellers ever should cognize whether they are covering with formal or informal civilizations.

It seems like Malaysia is somewhat more formal than their finish opposite number. In Malaysia they tend to be organized in steep hierarchies. which reflect major differences in position and power. In contrast the coating. as reasonably formal civilization. value more classless organisations with smaller differences in position and power. Ignorance of this differentiation at both sides can do serious jobs across the bargaining tabular array.

In Malaysia position differences are larger and more of import than in Finland. Formal ways of turn toing people is one of import manner of demoing regard to individuals of high position. but besides dressing the right manner.

So how can you state who has high position? In Malaysia and most other Asiatic and formal civilizations. age confers position. But other factors such as household background. degree of instruction and cognition of “high culture” confer position. Equally long as the individual you are discoursing with are older than you. it is of import to demo your regard. Further on they tend to impute position harmonizing to one’s gender. organisational rank whether one is the purchaser or marketer. and of class the age. Harmonizing this. there are three categories of international concern people Sakari should seek to avoid bargaining in Malaysia. These are:

· Peoples on the lower rounds of the corporate ladder in their ain company.

· Young people of either sex. and

· Womans

The crisp divide between these two states can move as an unseeable barrier for both Nora and Sakari. Therefore it’s of import. particularly for the Sakari-team. to cognize how to demo regard to the high-ranked individuals in Nora. who may be easy offended by sensed rebuffs. The bottom line for export sellers and dealmakers in today’s planetary market place is that ignorance of cultural differences is non an acceptable alibi for failure.

It seems that this have already appeared as a job in the dialogue. Why have one of Sakaris squad members been asked to go forth the concluding dialogue? And why was he preserved as highly chesty and intensive to the local civilization. In our sentiment some of the grounds might be: If Mr. Pekkarinen is immature. the Malayan squad will see him as a individual that is of low rank and is inexperienced. He besides could hold been ignornant of the Malayan manner of adressing in concern meetings. and followed Finnish guidelines of meeting civilization. so he would been seen as disrespectful. In additon to that. it seems that Mr. Pekkarinen has acted cocky. and has a manner of dialogue like “the take it or go forth it type” . That seems to be the chief ground for the Nora petition of Mr. Pekkarinen to go forth.

Time and Scheduling- Monochromic vs. Polychronic

The negotiants in this instance likely rapidly learned that people look at clip and scheduling otherwise in different parts of the universe. In the monochromatic society as Finland. promptness is critical. agendas are set in concrete. dockets are fixed and concern meetings are seldom interrupted. In direct contrast are polychronic civilizations as Malaysia. where people place less accent on rigorous promptness and are non obsessed with deadlines. They value free scheduling every bit good as concern meetings where several meetings-within-meetings may be taking topographic point at the same time.

As to this. some jobs and confusion may happen between the two opposite numbers. Particularly if the Nora people comes to Finland and demo up subsequently as scheduled to a meeting. The Finish would look at them as rude and disrespectful. The Finish would besides lose regard to the Nora’s negotiants if they didn’t start the meeting in Malaysia as planned. With other words ; the Finish are a batch more punctual than the Malays.

When we look at how the meetings are run. meetings in Finland tend to follow an in agreement lineation or docket. At a typical dialogue you can anticipate to get down off with a few proceedingss of little talk and so continue in additive manner from point 1 to the last point on the docket with no major asides. In Malaysia. meetings tend to follow their ain inner logic instead than a fixed lineation. The of import thing is that everyone has his or her to state.

Suomi: Malaya:

Deal focused Relationship focused

Reasonably Formal Formal

Monochromic and Reserved Polychronic and Reserved

Low maleness Medium maleness

Low individuality High individuality

It should been clear to Nora before the dialogue starts. that the marketer is expected to accommodate to the purchaser. In this instance Nora is the marketer. and it is more of import for Nora to finalise a contract than Sakari.

Why Nora should reach Kuusisto in Helsinki.

Ever since Peter Mattson. President of Sakari’s Asian regional office in Singapore. saw the possibility to organize a concerted venture in February 1990. both Nora and Sakari have spent a great trade of clip and money on this undertaking. For Nora. a Malayan company. doing good relationships with their spouses is really of import. Over a period of about two and a half old ages they had been passing more than 3 million RM and participated in over 20 meetings in order to advance the relationship and manage to arrange the joint venture. All this attempt would be worth so much less if nil came out of it. and a good established relationship would free its strings if Nora and Sakari choose non to work things out. Even though the dialogue has been really hard and that the cultural barriers hard to get by with. Nora and Sakari have so learned from it. Therefore. future dialogues between them are likely to be easier as communicating most likely will better.

As Nora would hold to carry through the contract with TMB shortly they are in a haste no affair what sort of pick they make. If Zainal chooses non to reach Kuusisto he will hold a really limited period of clip to do a new relationship with another company. This is non desirable for Nora. who focus upon and emphasizes relationships and consistence.

When Nora placed the command for the 2 billion RM contract with TMB. they placed it on providing Sakari’s digital shift engineering. This means that they got the contract based on Sakaris engineering. and will be expected to provide that specific engineering. To take another spouse with different engineering will be inconsistent with the contract. and might do them free it. As Nora is confronting stronger competition both in/at the domestic and the international sphere. it is of import that they fasten their place in Malaysia. To carry through this contract absolutely they will derive good will by a positive repute that will do it easier to pull new contracts.

The most desirable facet of this joint venture for Nora is the engineering transportation they can obtain. Nora is really impressed by the Finnish high tech industries success. and would really much like to larn from their experience by covering with Sakari.

The engineering Nora is interested in is Sakari’s SK33. a digital shift system that is based upon an unfastened architecture. This means that it enables the usage of standard constituents. standard package development tools and standard package linguistic communications. While other providers of exchanging systems require the purchase of their ain developed constituents. the constituents used to Sakari’s SK33 are freely available on the unfastened market. This doing competition and lower monetary values a world. As Sakari besides is a little participant in this game. they are more willing to take down the monetary values in order to derive market portion. This facet combined with freely available constituents makes Sakari’s exchanging engineering an economical pick.

The most attractive characteristic of the SK33 is that the system is modular. The package can be upgraded to supply new services. and can interface easy with new equipment in the web. Sakari’s webs are besides easy adaptable and can provide to big exchanges both in the urban and rural countries. This makes the system extremely flexible.

An added strength and positive facet is that Sakari is prepared to work out customized merchandises harmonizing to Noras demands. The larger telecom companies such as Ericsson. Siemens and AT & A ; T tend to offer standard merchandises. which means that they in some facet can be inconsistent with the clients demands.

Even though Sakari is a comparatively little company. they are a niche participant in the planetary shift market. Their SK33 has sold good. for case in China and The Soviet Union. doing it a tried and hence a safer merchandise to put in. Sakari had besides developed a derived function of the SK33. called Sk33XT. This engineering is to be used in cellular webs and personal paging systems. Nora could besides seek to administer this engineering. as they will hold a wider merchandise offer to entree more market portion. This will besides be an chance to larn more from Sakari and to follow different facets of their new engineering.

Sakari is besides a compatible spouse as they focus upon research and development to a great extent. and impute their accent on R & A ; D as a cardinal success factor in the telecom industry. R & A ; D accomplishments and resources is besides a precedence for Nora. and they wish to larn from Sakari in order to be able to bring forth their ain systems in the hereafter. Nora believes in doing betterments in little stairss. and has to borrow engineering in order to larn. This doing a platform of cognition which they later a usage to develop their ain engineering. That about 17 % of Sakaris one-year gross revenues gross is invested into R & A ; D and that they have programs to put up R & A ; D centres in taking markets. including South-East Asia makes Sakari a desirable spouse for Nora to larn from. However. in order to entree the root of the exchanging engineering Nora has to do certain that the basic construction of the switch are developed in the joint-venture company. something Sakari would prefer to avoid.

To sum up. Sakaris engineering is dependable and flexible and will hence be desirable for Nora to derive entree to. It is besides widely compatible. and Sakari is willing to offer customised merchandises harmonizing to Noras demands. That it is an economical solution compared to other systems is an other positive facet. Finally. Nora and Sakari have built a relationship worth taking attention of. and the fact that that the command was placed on Sakaris engineering makes another good grounds for Zainal to reach Kuusisto in Finland.

Why shouldn’t Nora contact Kuusisto in Helsinki?

Having looked at all the grounds for why Nora should seek to spouse up in a joint venture with Sakari. we now have to look on the possible downside of this partnership. This because making a joint venture is dearly-won. requires extended readying and a high degree of managerial committedness. Nora has to do certain that this joint venture is a better option than any other option.

We can specify a strategic confederation as a long-run contractual understanding between houses from different states who create common dependence. The purpose of the partnership is to increase each spouses long-run competitory advantages. The standards are that each spouse has something alone to offer the other. In this instance Sakari has a alone cognition in exchanging engineering and Nora has the cognition and entree to a turning marked.

In order for a joint venture to win there are many factors that have to be fulfilled. Such as the companies ends and schemes have to be consolidative. both sides have to see an advantage with the partnership. it should be reciprocally dependence. low degree of struggles. dedication from both sides and good communicating.

In the followers we will concentrate upon countries Zainal has to take in consideration before he makes a determination.

Even though Sakari is one of the taking telecom companies in Europe. Sakari is still a little company by international criterions. Industry perceivers were critical of the TMB`s determination to choose Sakari as one of the company to provide digital shift exchanges. Sakari was perceived to be the least capable of the five chosen companies in providing the necessary lines to run into TMB`s demands. as it was alleged to be a little company with small international exposure. As mentioned Sakari has been a niche participant in the planetary shift marked and has avoided head-on competition with the large companies such as Siemens and Ericsson in major markets. alternatively concentrating one smaller markets with less competition. Because of this scheme. Sakari has non been able to develop a strong selling capableness and they have been forced to trust on joint ventures to come in the universe market.

Sakari has besides been accepting lower borders for its merchandises. and frequently the Sakari name has non been revealed on the merchandise. In recent old ages. Sakari has decided to emerge from its concealing topographic point as a manufacturer’s maker and get down to marketing under the Sakari name. As this joint venture should be a long-run investing. Sakaris weak trade name name can go a job for Nora. Although it is positive that Sakari is seeking to construct a strong trade name name. trade name constructing take old ages. Because of this. Nora can lose out on other contracts in the Asiatic marked due to the weak place Sakari has in this part. Contracts Nora could hold gained entree to. through partnership with an other MNC.

Cultural differences are another complex country. as discussed in the first portion of this paper. So far in the dialogues at that place have been many jobs related to issues of cultural differences. Such as when one of Sakari’s squad members was asked to go forth the concluding dialogue because he was precived as highly chesty and insensitive to the local civilization. As cultural differences are amongst the most normally experienced joint-venture-related jobs. Zainal has to make up one’s mind if the jobs experienced so far can be worked out. If they can’t. Zainal should non reach Kuusisto.

Not merely must Zainal concider the differences in national civilizations. he besides has to see jobs that can occure due to the difference in organisational civilizations. This because one of the major grounds why joint ventures fail is because the administrations have incompatible civilizations. Organizational civilization can be defined as:

“Pattern of basic assuptions that are developd by a group as it learns to get by with jobs of external adaptation and internal integrating and that are taught to new members as the right manner to percive. believe. and experience in relation to these problems” .

From the instance text we can read that Zainal is activ in transfusing and advancing Islamic values among the Malay employees at Nora. He states that the Islamic values must be reflected in the day-to-day life of Muslims. and he besides revales his conserns over the fact that the Malay directors frequently are influenced by western opposite numbers who tend to emphasize cognition and mental capableness and frequently bury the effectivness of the softer side of direction which emphasizes relationships. earnestness and consistence. If Zainal truly experience that the influence from the Sakari direction will be a job. one solution can be “seperation” . With seperation we mean that both Nora and Sakari should stay as distinguishable entities with minimum exchange of civilization and forces. Allthough by making so. this will restrict the possibility for Nora to get the alone cognition Sakari has.

It is of import to make a Bi-Cultural Audited account to place possible jobs before come ining a joint venture. This will minimise hazard of cultural hit by naming before the partnership. There are three stairss in a Bi-Cultural Audit. and those are:

· Examine artefacts placing cultural differences between the two companies.

· Analyse audit informations – determine where cultural struggle and compatibility exist.

· Identify ways to bridge the two organizations` civilizations.

Another possible job is that Sakari has become interested in command for a major telecom contract in the U. K. This has led to the formation of two opposing “camps” inside Sakari. One “camp” in favor of the joint venture with Nora. and the other “camp” believes that Sakari should concentrate its resources on come ining the U. K. marked. As stated earlier. dedication from both sides are of important importance in order to make a successful partnership. This deficiency of full dedication from Sakari is another aspect pointing in the way of Zainal non reaching Kuusisto in Helsinki.

The chief issues raised at the concluding meeting between Nora and Sakari. were Nora’s capableness in perforating the South-east Asiatic marked and Sakari’s concerns over the efficiency of Malayan workers in fabricating the merchandise. keeping merchandise quality and guaranting prompt bringings. That Sakari still have these concerns after 20 meetings with Nora shows that they do non believe Nora can carry through their portion of the contract. This deficiency of belief in Nora’s capableness is a negative mark. The inquiry that has to be answered is why are Sakari still interested in the joint venture if they don’t believe Nora have the accomplishments that lucifers Sakari’s needs? This could be a drama of tactics from Sakari’s side. That they excaudate their concerns in order to derive the upper manus in the concluding dialogue. On the other manus it might be the instance that Sakari merely wants a short-run partnership with Nora. Sakari might see this joint venture as an chance to get cognition and addition entree to the South-east Asiatic marked in order to set up themselves in the part and so go a strong rival to Nora. If this is the instance. Nora should non come in the joint venture.

The chief ground for Nora in procuring a portion of the RM2 billion contracts from TMB was non about the money. but the possibility in geting the cognition in exchanging engineering from its partnership with a telecom MNC. Research and development ( R & A ; D ) is portion of Nora’s nucleus concern scheme. As Zainal said: “To be able to do betterments. we must larn from others. Thus we would borrow engineering from others. but finally. we must be able to develop our ain to prolong our fight in the industry. ” It is no uncertainty about what Nora hopes to derive from the joint venture with Sakari ; it is the possibility of engineering transportation. In Sakari’s proposal to the concluding contract of the joint venture. they stated that they would merely supply the joint venture with the basic construction of the digital switch. By making so. the nucleus of Sakari’s exchanging engineering would still be good protected from Nora and the chief ground for Nora to come in the joint venture is non fulfilled. If Nora can’t renegotiate and make a better understanding on this portion of the contract. this will be another inducement for Nora non to spouse up with Sakari.


Having looked at both the pros and cons of this possible joint venture between Nora and Sakari. it is now clip to sum up and reason what we mean Zainal should make.

There are many countries indicating in the way that Nora should seek to spouse up with Sakari. First of all. both parties have put a batch of money. clip and attempt in the readying and dialogue of the possible joint venture. Second. Nora has committed themselves to a contract they shortly are expected to carry through. Third and eventually. Sakari has a alone cognition in exchanging engineering. cognition Nora would wish to get.

Although we have identified many current and possible jobs. many of these are common joint-venture-related jobs. jobs Nora might hold to cover with no affair which foreign MNC they spouse up with. Both the jobs refering differences in national cultural values and organizational civilization can be sorted out.

From our point of position the jobs identified are in minor when compared to the advantages Nora can research by a joint venture with Sakari. Our advice is that Zainal should reach Kuusisto in order work out an understanding of a joint venture between Nora and Sakari.

Our advice is based on the facts presented in the instance. We can non state that this would hold been the right advice to give when this dialogue really took topographic point back in 1991. Because the instance text doesn’t provide adequate information about other possible spouses.

One of import lesson to be learned: Several of the differences could hold been avoided if the two companies would hold been more adaptative to the differences in their civilizations.

How to make a win-win state of affairs?

Nora and Sakari are both little sized companies compared to their industries. A joint venture would hence be to both companies advantage. We have created two possible solutions in order to work out a win-win trade. We have tried to be nonsubjective and hence both parts have to give grants in different countries and/or be unfastened to originative suggestions.

Proposal figure one:

The whole thought behind this peculiar proposal is that each side are to give equal grants in order to do a just trade.

1. 70-30 equity relationship in Noras’ favor

On this peculiar point Sakari has to give in because the Torahs in Malaysia prohibit foreign equity ownership of more than 30 per centum. This is clearly the easiest manner out of this difference.

2. The Joint Venture works is merely provided with the basic switch construction.

Here we follow Sakaris’ suggestion. The switches are to be assembled at the Joint Venture works and farther installed. This manner Sakaris’ core-technology will still be good protected. while Nora obtain the “screwdriver” engineering ( installation/service )

3. 5 % royalty payment for Nora

Nora have to make up one’s mind whether “technology know- how” or return on investing is more of import. Since Nora’s long-run end is to obtain as much technological know-how as possible. they should be willing to give grants.

4. Sakari will pay the difference in rewards.

In Nora’s suggestion for exiles wages and fringe benefits it is stated. “any Malayan income revenue enhancements collectible would be added to the wages. ” This might be a considerable sum. We therefore suggest that Nora’s proposal will be used. A possibility internally for Sakari is. of class. to implement a really healthy organisational civilization. This manner their employees may be willing to take down their wages and fringe benefits for the grater benefit of the company.

5. Impersonal land

The most suited and convenient solution to this job is to run into on impersonal land. In this proposal Nora is the major stockholder of the joint venture. and differences should hence be arbitrated slightly closer to Malaysia so Finland. A good suggestion here is Singapore. which frequently is seen as a nexus between the E and West.

Proposal figure two:

We have used Fisher and Ury’s four rules for principled dialogue to make this 2nd proposal.

1. Separate the people from the job

2. Focus on involvements. non places

3. Insist on utilizing nonsubjective standards

4. Make options for common addition

1. Export chances

Since Nora’s proposal is based on the Malayan authorities ordinances and non their ain involvement. this struggle can be resolved. Sakari is allowed an ownership of up to 51 per centum for debut of hi-tech merchandises. and/or if the joint venture exports between 20 and 50 per centum.

Sakaris’ chief ground for fall ining the joint venture is the entryway to the Asiatic market. By exporting between 20 and 50 per centum to another Asiatic state of involvement. they will hit two flies in one slap. But they could of class start with an application to the authorities because they produce merchandises of high quality that really are priority merchandises in order to develop Malayan substructure

2. Cooperative R & A ; D

One manner to work out the engineering transportation job is through concerted development of new and even better digital switches. They could so be sold in Asia and potentially other parts of the universe every bit good.

3. Standard royalty payment

The parts can utilize nonsubjective standards to work out this job. They should happen an industry criterion based on companies runing in the same industry.

4. Standardized wages and fringe benefits.

They should compare employees’ wages and fringe benefits to other Norse companies runing in Malaysia. By utilizing the industry standard both parties should be reasonably satisfied.

5. Common land

The easiest solution refering arbitration must be really clear to both parties. As mentioned in proposal one. we suggest that they meet in either Singapore or Switzerland.

The existent consequences of the dialogues between Nora and Sakari

1. 60-40 portion of equity in Nora’s favour- & gt ; 20 % export

2. A common R & A ; D section

3. Sakari received a royalty fee of 3 %

4. Nora’s proposal

5. The two states decided to hold the remainder of their dialogues in Switzerland ( “The Neutral Country” )

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