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During the Salem enchantress tests of 1692, many guiltless people die as a cause of being accused of witchery. In this clip period where people believe the most vague and inconsequential narratives, it is common sense for them to believe in witchcraft. One writer named Arthur Miller, docuemented these tests in a drama called The Crucible. His aim is non merely to document on these events but besides to compare them to those of his epoch, which were the communist tests of the 1950? s. In his drama, he clearly describes, one character, named Reverend Hale. Rev. Hale is sent to Salem to rectify the crisis of the alleged? witchery? in the town. He is made one of the Judgess in the many tests and persecutes over 60 people and sends many more to gaol. Throughout the narrative he completes a rhythm called the ripening procedure. He goes from being a justice with an Fe fist, to a compassionate individual, who sees that the people of Salem are good. Rev. Hale comes to Salem as a signifier of authorization in witchery ; He changes significantly in the beginning, the center, and the terminal.

Hale is viewed as a God exorcizing the enchantresss of the Devil ; He is a pertinent portion in the instances of witchery. Hale is called to Salem by Rev. Parris to inspect Salem for the work of Lucifer in the town. The niece of Rev. Parris is the 1 doing up narratives impeaching guiltless people of directing and raising up liquors. When received in Salem he is worshipped like a God, because of his cognition. He has many books that are every explicit in the certification of witchcraft. ? They must be ; they are weighed with authorization? ( Miller 36 ) . His books are about a bible on how to excorcise enchantresss, for they are the 1s who will salvage the town of Salem from the evil liquors of the Satan. Hale instantly would cognize if the there is witchcraft in Salem because, he claims the Satan is really precise in what he does. If there is witchery in the town of Salem Rev. Hale will happen it. ? No, no. Now allow me teach you. We can non look to superstition in this. The Devil is precise ; the Markss of his presence are definite as rock, and I must state you all that I shall non continue unless you are prepared to believe me if I should happen no contusion of snake pit upon her? ( Miller 38 ) . His cognition of witchcraft lead him to believe that if there is snake pit in Salem that it would be seen.

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Throughout the narrative Hale begins to see the truth in these people ; He sees who the evil people are, but is non certain what to make about it. He decides to see some of the hereafter accused enchantresss of Salem. The Nurses, and the Proctors are two households mentioned throughout the tests. He goes to the houses of these people without disdain of the tribunal, to happen out who they are. He realizes that these people are devoted and prompt Christians who would ne’er be portion of the land of the Devil. ? Believe me Mr. Nurse, if Rebecca Nurse be tainted, so nil’s left to halt the whole green universe from firing. Let you rest upon the justness of the tribunal ; the tribunal will direct her place, I know it? ( Miller 71 ) . Hale so goes to the house of the Proctor household, where Elizabeth and John Proctor welcome him meekly. Hale inquiries Proctor and his

married woman and asks him why he ne’er returned to the church. He besides asks why his last kid was non baptized. Hale rapidly sees these as marks of witchery but does non allow his emotions take over. He finds out that Parris, is merely interested in the money given to him, and the cosmetic position of the church. ? Since we built the church there were pewter candle holders upon the communion table ; Francis Nurse made them, y? cognize, and a sweeter manus ne’er touched the metal. But Parris came, and for 20 hebdomad he preach nil? but aureate candle holders until he had them. I labour the Earth from morning of twenty-four hours to wink of dark, and I tell you true, when I look to heaven and see my money glowering at his cubituss it hurt my supplication, sir, it hurt my supplication. I think, sometimes, the adult male dreams cathedrals, non clapboard meetin? houses? ( Miller 65 ) . Hale sees this and stops to believe that these people might be truly teling the truth, and the 1s lying are those depicted to be holy by the remainder of the town.

At the terminal of this drama, Hale has completed the ripening procedure, by doing a 360 in his beliefs of the people of Salem. Hale tries to convert Danforth, the caput justice of the tests, that the people accused are people of good religion. He tells him that it is merely a large misinterpretation, but Danforth does non see his effusion and alternatively shuts him down. When Proctor comes up to test with Mary Warren, one of the misss who pretend to see liquors, Hale tells Danforth that even though he did non cognize Proctor really good, that he should at least have the right to come back with a attorney. ? I can non state he is an honorable adult male ; I know him small. But in all justness sir, a claim so weighty can non be argued by a husbandman? ( Miller 99 ) . He sees that Proctor is an honorable worker and does non merit to be treated like a individual of anything less. Even though he does non cognize him really good, he puts himself on the line to seek to rectify the great catastrophe that has happened. Hale explodes on Danforth stating he has come to the work of the Devil in Salem by puting his signature on the decease warrants of so many of guiltless people. ? Why it is all simple. I come to make the Devil’s work. I come to advocate Christians they should contradict themselves. His irony collapses. There is blood on my caput! Can you non see the blood on my caput? ( Miller 131 ) ! ! Hale eventually realizes what he has to make and make up one’s mind to state Danforth that he no longer believes as the tribunal does, and alternatively of happening immorality in Salem they have created it by directing so many people to their decease and many others to imprison.

Sometimes what is appeared to be a so simple and permeable belief turns out to be the most bizarre thing of all time heard of. Even though the communist tests of the 1950’s are so far from those of 1692, they are likewise in many ways. Miller tries to turn out that history does reiterate itself, and though some might believe that our civilisation is so much more advanced analysing it would turn out to differ. Reverend Hale is a great illustration of this because his beliefs wholly changed from believing that anyone could be capable of witchery to being about a gag of these honest faithful people to hold any type of contact with the Satan.

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