The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Christopher John Francis Boone

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Christopher’s idiosyncrasies in the text are- not eating food after it has touched other food, ‘if his senses become overloaded or his brain is confused’ he will curl up in a ball and groan and perhaps for hours at a time, he prefers red, hates brown and yellow, he uses consecutive colours of cars to determine if it were to be a good day or a bad day.

When I discussed my idiosyncrasies with my mum she stated- Every live stock truck that drives past I have an overwhelming habit to wave at the animals within in the confinement of the truck (due to my mother once being an office worker at an abattoir), the volume on whatever ever device that has volume always has to be a multiple of 8 but other than those two, I cannot think of anything else. Personally I cannot relate to Christopher’s peculiarities, I can only think of one person and that was Darcy Clay from my primary school who had Aspergus, but I didn’t know him well enough to tell you his idiosyncrasies besides he was very shy. He’s only a young boy though? ” “Yeah and in a couple of years he could be a serial killer,” Said Constable Kerr, “If we don’t start locking up the bad, we will be dubbed as ‘pussys’, Caroline if you want to be the nice cop you can do paperwork. “Okay, sorry for doubting you Kerr. ” Replying quickly, just to avoid any further confrontation. “Now, go and take the kid’s laces and whatever else he has in his pockets. ” “Sir, he has a name it’s Christopher and I don’t believe he is all there, like, he’s special. ” “I know he ain’t right in the head that’s why I’m telling you to take his stuff. ” Kerr said very narcissistically

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I looked at my feet for a second and before I could turn around Kerr said “Oh for fuck sake, I’ll get Hugh to do it, he’s already at the desk. ” Before I replied he had already walked away. Christopher started screaming so I ran to the front desk and asked Hugh what he had done; he did nothing just asked for the watch. I then told Christopher he could keep the watch on… I then proceeded to ask him whether he had family or not, his answer was very plain “I do. ”, then I asked who they were and again his answers were very straight forward and he even told me his whole family including three deceased grandparents..

At that point Hugh asked for his father’s phone number, he gave us two. Then he was taken to his cell, that was the last I saw of the boy. Christopher as narrator is the only way to do it for the book to work as well as it does. Not only does it show his views, but how his mind operates and displays thought process. The book would lose sense of depth and would miss minor details that Christopher notices, so having a third person as an omniscient narrator we would only see his actions and wouldn’t be able to understand why he was doing that particular thing.

Many things would be lost, just like the capability to relate to Christopher, and the whole section on where he catches the train and his actions toward the police would’nt be there and if we saw it from Ed Boone’s point of view. We would only get a better insight of what other people think of him and we’d see what him and Rhodric talk about when he comes over and drinks beer with Ed. a) The use of maps and diagrams throughout the novel shows to the reader Christopher’s outlook upon the world, giving us a sense of what he says. ) The passages indicates Christopher Boone’s absent relationships to most people and how disconnected from society. Christopher prefers an ideal life of seclusion, in these passages, there is a remarkable amount of detail given, letting us as the reader to have an image of a scene in their head. He prefers things that are consistent, such as maths, his pet rat Toby and timetables. People are not consistent. c) It relates to The Hound of the Baskervilles quote in the impression that Christopher observes the things people don’t.

Christopher’s description of things within the book are important, like his in depth depiction of the garden, he included good hiding places, also what has happened there in the past, unlike most people usually would just label a few things like a pot plant and be done with it. i) Christopher’s parent’s find lies so essential because they feel it is required at times to cover up the truth to prevent harm. Truth to Christopher is there because its consequences don’t feature in his mind, because of his lack of empathy and lack of understanding in everyday life situations. ) Christopher enjoys and suffers from his condition, from comfort in solitude to not understanding the simplest of emotions. Christopher’s deficit first becomes clear when he is unable to understand Rhodri’s humour and takes offense. f) Christopher’s situation with his family would be seen as mostly ironic as that emotions that Christopher could never usually comprehend were felt in one abrupt rush. g) When Christopher read his mother’s letters his emotion was very volatile, Christopher then vomited and passed out.

Christopher doesn’t relatively grasp his mother’s apology, instead he focuses on the betrayal of his dad. h) It’s amazing that within this novel the fact that Christopher’s disability doesn’t hinder his efforts to finish such a great task. i) He does not believe in God because Christopher cannot rationalise it because he relies on science and he believes there is no science within the whole theory. In my opinion I believe that Christopher’s argument has little weakness it would obviously have negative opinions but, I entirely agree. ) Toby is a rat he has near to no emotions or opinions and is very predictable, and that’s all Christopher wants, Toby symbolises Christopher’s sense of what little friendship he has because he doesn’t have to make a rat feel better about himself and he knows what’s going to happen. Toby could also represent a small presence of closure to Christopher. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time would be a very in-depth movie providing an insight on the life of a young boy with living with Aspergus Syndrome and examples of his traits and idiosyncrasies. i) Christopher – Logan Lerman

Ed Boone – Gerard Butler Siobhan – Jennifer Garner Mrs Shears – Merryl Streep Christopher’s mother – Zooey Deschanel Mr Shears – Alec Baldwin Mrs Alexander – Kathryn Joosten Rhodri – George Clooney Reverend Peters – Tom Hanks scene: Christopher first seeing his mother in London ii) London iii) I wouldn’t use music, silence would create a more dramatic effect for the scene. The saddest part of the novel for me was when Ed Boon discovered Christopher in his room covered in vomit, passed out beside all the letters from Christopher’s mother that had been kept from him.

It was a moment where Ed Boone was completely vulnerable and very broken and Chris was obviously traumatised and betrayed. I think the things that were seemed to be funny were just petty for example how he says ‘did sex’ rather than ‘had sex’. Other than that I didn’t find anything else particularly funny whatsoever. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time in one descriptive sentence would be; “It is a detailing book, with an amazing insight of what the world is like for a boy that is suffering with Aspergus, but not really suffering. ” TEXT ANALYSIS THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME SHAE MCNALLY

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