The Difference Between Girls and Boys Shopping

When boys and girl go shopping, it is easily noticeable that they are very different in how they shop. They way boys seen to shop is more of a mission rather than a social event that girls seem to make it. When girls shop they also seem to take up the whole day whereas boys take the least amount of time possible to find what they may need. The last difference is that they both can shop in the same store and have completely different results. When watching a male walk into a store, it is evident that he will walk right over to the section in which he was intending to buy an item from.

A boy is known to grab the item, and if clothing the right size, and pay for it then leave the store. He does not look around at ever aisle and at every section of the store, and he most definitely would not be going from hanger to hanger. When a girl walks into the store, most likely with more than one friend, and she will start looking at the very front of the store and working her way to the back. She will get caught looking at the jean table right at the front of the door. Then her and her friends will work their way around the shirts and then will finally end up in the back at the sales rack.

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After all of her friends and her are as far in the back as they can be, they will all have arms full of clothes. Even though her and her friends gathered a lot of clothes, this does not mean that they will be buy all of these items. They will indeed take a very long time when it comes to deciding what they should buy and what they should hide so the next time they come back it will still be there. While a girl is shopping she will be with her friends. They talk about what they found and talk about their lives in general.

This is why it is more of a social event, rather than just an in and out shopping trip. When guys shop they do not chose to have their social event as a group shopping trip. The time difference is a huge factor between girls and guys shopping. Boys can shop, but most of the time the boy will get in and out. Boys do not take their sweet time when it comes to getting what they have wanted in the store. A guy has a plan when he enters the store; there is a plan to get in and get out as fast as possible with as little distraction as possible.

While a woman shops, she is there and looking; she might have somewhat of an idea of what she is looking for but that does not prevent her from being distracted. Guys have “blinders” when in the store: if it does not meet the need they are looking for, then it is not looked at. At the same time, when woman go into the store, they might not come out with what they wanted but with many other things that seemed to be a “better” find. Guys and girls not only have a different mindset when they are looking but even if they are looking for the same things, they will end up with different purchases.

A woman does not really think on the logical or common sense way that a guy would think when buying things. She would think with her emotions, if it is cute and will make her feel better. She will not think of the cost or the need for the items, but she would just get it because she can. A man would not really think this way at all. He would think logically, how much he needs to product and why he should buy it. He would also look at the things that are practical and this would be the cost of what he is buying and what he needs to get it for.

Shopping is something that is done by both men and women. But there are stark differences between the two groups when it comes to the simple act of shopping. For girls it’s a social even and for guys it’s getting what they need. There is also the time difference and how long they will take to get what they need. The last thing is boys and girls have a different mind sets when they are making a purchase. This is just a few ways on how much of a difference is there is with guys and girls in the world of shopping.

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