Boys should be given more freedom compared to girls

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The article discusses the topic of freedom and whether boys should be given more of it compared to girls. The author argues that boys should be given more freedom to explore the world and develop a sense of responsibility and independence. Boys are naturally active and interested in trying new things, which can help them become more mature and self-reliant. Additionally, boys have a higher self-defense ability and can protect themselves better from danger. However, the author also acknowledges that giving boys too much freedom can lead to social issues such as smoking, drugs, and alcoholism. Parents should pay close attention to their children’s well-being and intervene if necessary. Overall, the author supports the idea that boys should have more freedom, but with proper guidance and supervision.

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Freedom can be defined as the state of being free from something that can control you. Everyone including teenagers or even kids wanted to be free from their parents’ control because they find that when they are free from someone’s control, they can do anything they want. Teenagers and kids would definitely seek for freedom as they love to discover new things. However, I agree to a large extent that boys should be given more freedom compared to girls. Firstly, what is the main characteristic of little boys? Parents probably will answer that they are active as well as aggressive. Well, I am agreeing with that. I am not asking parents to give a full freedom to their kids but their active character need to be explored in order to instill a sense of responsibility in them. Boys are more interested in adapting themselves towards the environment by trying to do something new in their everyday lives. Every action that they have taken will indirectly educate them to be more matured and independent even though they are being hurt or injured from their peers. Boys should be given more freedom to explore the world because they can protect themselves when they are away from their guardians.

It is their nature born with strength and great inquiry. Research has been made that males can remember symbolic and spatial things. So we should not pressure them by not giving them enough freedom. Moreover, girls are more exposed to the danger more than boys. Boys have high self-defense to keep themselves secure from dangers. So, even though they are in great danger, I believe they can solve their problem on their own. However, I do agree that boys will tend to get involved is social ills such as smoking, drugs and alcoholism if they are given more freedom. Socializing would make they abandon their studies and will disturb their time management. For boys in teenage level it will result in getting low grades in examination and will affect their future. In this case, parents are giving too much faith and freedom to their sons instead of keeping an eye on them.

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They can get involved in violent fights and crimes if they are too exposed to the outside world. Nevertheless, this problem would not be an issue anymore if parents are paying attention to their kids. In conclusion, there are pros and cons if boys are given more freedom compared to girls. However, I agree to a large extent that boys should be given more freedom as they know how to take care of themselves and it is compulsory for them to discover the outside world before they became their family leader one day. Even though they might get involved in any inappropriate activities, parents should be more aware about their kids well-being so that any bad things would not happened.

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