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The advantages of a kind of education

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Co education It is a kind of education In which both girl and boy study together. And as we know there Is two aspects of a coin when we toss It so there are the advantage of coeducation along with disadvantage. So 1st of all I want to tell u all the advantages of coeducation . When mixed sex study together they do not hanta to talk to each other about any kind of matter.

Among with study they together play, punish by the teacher, spend there spare time, make assignment , fight ,weep, have fun etc.

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The advantages of a kind of education
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Due to this a bond is created between them and they understand each other in better way which is very important now a days coo when a boy marry with a girl physically they live together but somewhere they are very far from each other if we talk about the bonding between them.

They hesitate to share their likes dislikes and in most of cases it lead to the divorce.

The major advantage of co education is the competition between the mixed sex In all the areas and specially for a girl. ACTUALLY in our society always a male Is put up in air so when they do the same thing together the girls try to compete the boys in all field and In this era this thing is happening so this ill help the girls to get rid off from this dominant recessive policy . Side all these there are some hidden advantageously boys do not use abusive word If the Ares Is surrounded by girls and also girls live In their Limit Disadvantages There are lots of drawback of co education and it depends on the location of the institute for example if the institute is situated in semiarid the boys over there don’t want to study they to school only for having fun and they tease the girls and more rigorous to say they physically assault the girls. So girls

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