Boys and girls should attend separate schools Essay

Nowadays, when men and women play the equal roles in society, there is no reason to divide boys and girls into separate schools. Attend at the same school will help a lot. They can learn from each other.

They will know how to treat the opposite sex friend in good manner. There are many activities in schools that require the participations of both boys and girls.

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Boys and girls should attend separate schools
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First of all, going to the same school, boys and girls have chances to learn from each other. For example, most boys prefers math to literature while most girls are fond of literature. Consequently, boys may have high scores in math and girls may have high scores in literature. When being at the same class, they will help each other. Boy will tutor math for the girls. And it is the girls’ turns to help the boy learn literature. By doing this, they will enhance their knowledge in both math and literature.

Secondly, learning under the same schools, boys and girls will learn how to behave politely to each other.

For example, if there are only boys in school, the boys may treat other boys in carefree manners. They may even fight with each other. Learning together and meeting female classmates every day, boys will adjust their behaviors in order to look well before the girls’ eyes. Thus, they will improve their appearances as well as behaviors.

Last but not least, the participations of boys and girls altogether in schools’ activities will give more excitement for the activities. For example, when the schools hold a trip out of the city or a summer camp in a forest, how will such activities go if there are only boys or girls take part in? Boys will not know how to cook and girls need someone to protect them. Joining together, they will help each other. This will add more enjoyments for schools’ activities.

When learning at the same schools, boys and girls will have chance to learn from each other, know how to deal with the opposite sex friends and give more funs to schools’ activities. They will help them prepare for their adult lives when men and women work together.

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