The Education Failures

The Education Failures There is a relationship between the education and the economic, and most of the educational failures in the United States usually economic failures, which also effects the economic in United States. Maybe there is some personal reasons makes those failures as they are, but we can not ignore that there is a problem in the education system in United States.

Today, the economic issue became a major topic for the decision-makers in United States, and must of them thinks that they will solve it by providing jobs which can be useful but that will be better when they start by the education system to avoid unemployment high rate in future. The education system have to be useful for all the students, failures and geniuses. The education system became like a competition and only the strong will succeed, without noticing the differences between the students differences.

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Although their is many writers have wrote about reforming the education in United States, But the progress of the reforming still works slowly. To make more substantial progress, the education system have to be able to include all the the students due to their gander, race, social class and authentic, and improve the schools facility to be in good condition for the students. Also ,The teachers have to deal with students who have disability in studying by not keep them facing the education challenges alone, and try make the courses more easier for them.

Although, must of the teachers give what they can offer from their experience to all the students equally, but they have hard time with the failures or students who think about themselves that, which makes them give up with those student. The main reason of failing is not having a long-range goals, this problem usually happens with teenagers in high schools and undecided students in colleges. Having long-range goals will improve the ability of studying. schools and collages have to help the students to deiced their goals and understand what will happen in the future when they graduate.

Teachers and graduate students could help in this mater, For example, in my city in Saudi Arabia, there is an event where many college students, employees and professors in deferent majors meet with high schools and collage students and explain to them about their majors. The main reason of this event is helping the students to deiced what they want to do in the future. As soon as the students have a plane to their future they will be able to understand the reason of spending their time in schools and colleges.

However, schools must help the students to make their own chooses by making some lectures to talk about the students future or dealing with some experts in this field. Some of the students can not understand way they are studying, they feel like there is not any relationship between what they are studying and what they see or know in the real life, chemistry, physics and languages don’t have any since out of school. The textbooks have been filled by theories that can not be applied in the real life (out of the school).

I think the reason of this problem is the teacher, when he/she could not explains the main idea of the course. Some teachers are not honest in doing their jobs, they do it like any other jobs, or without consider other people live that will be destroyed because of their careless. Honest teachers usually try help the students by showing them what is the relationship between what they are studying and what they will have in their education future or how they could ably what they are studying in their life.

Some science do not need a high potential to be ably inside the schools laps. When the students understand how these science are working they will know then how it is important to study these courses, and they may be able invent more new ideas. For example, on youtube their is clips about a physics professor his name is Walter Lewin who dissuaded to make his lectures more fun and more able to be understood, he always try to ably theories which he is teaching, however these theories are risky or seems that couldn’t be ably.

Because of his ideas of lectures, many of his students loved his lectures and became geniuses in physics. The condition of school is matter of students success, because they spend more time in schools more than other places. Middle and low class families have hard time with their children education, and they can not offer better education than public schools that in their neighborhoods. That make them stock with schools with bad condition -some time- or without good utilities comparing to privet schools or some public schools. Students who grow up in aw class neighborhoods with schools that not supported by the government as schools in high class or better neighborhoods will grow up with up with his low level goals , Kazol states” the governmentally administered diminishment in value of the children of of the poor begins even before the age of five or six”. This problem forcing Some parents in these neighborhoods to find better education facility than what they have ,like private schools which may coast them more than what they can offer and force them in working more than the usual for them.

However,This problem can be solved by the government when they dealing with all public schools equally by using specific budget for all the schools, not by how match the neighborhood deserve from the taxes. One type of education may not be acceptable for all students, according to their personalty. The problem with the education is working with all students in the same way, students can not understand the materials in the sam way, depending where they come from. Family, culture, color, religion and race may effect in the students education and how they receive the information.

McIntosh, says “I can be pretty sure of having my voice hard in a group in which i am the only member of my race”(353). Males students like debating skills more than females, and they are getting their education as challenge that they have to achieve. Also, males like to talk in public, where females like to talk in small gropes more than public classes. According to Tannen “So one reason men speak in class more than women is that many of them find the “public” classroom setting more conducive to speaking, whereas most women are more comfortable speaking in private to a small group of people they know”.

Education system must consider the differences between the students and mange the classes in the way that makes all the students comfortable. In other hand, The materials also for one type of students. Many textbooks show the contents as challenges and question that have to be solved by the students, and some students like this way of studying. But other students like to read explanation, and they have hard time in deepening in the textbooks contents. The materials as textbooks must be talking to all the students, how ever their background. The majority of students is white, black, Latino and some ther races. Some races believe that the textbooks don’t respect them, which makes them don’t able to study it. According to lowen”African American, native American and latino students view history with dislike” (385). However, these believes come from how the textbooks show their races, and how their backgrounds make them see what in that textbooks. Some of those students have real interested in history and they may have their own researches about some events, but not what they have in schools textbooks. The textbooks show only the white side and the grate image of what happened.

The students know that what they are studying is not real, because many events have been cleaned up to be acceptable to the audiences, and that makes bloke between the the school and the students when they relays some thing of what they are studying is not true. Lowen says”The antidote to feel-good history is not feel-bad history but honest and inclusive history”(403). However, the students have to consider how is the education is important for them, and working hard and taking more responsibility for them self. Following the instructors advices to avoid failing, and taking notes about everything in classes.

And try organize their works and study everyday not only in the exams days. BUt, the students could not do all this when their is all this area of freedom in the education. Teachers and professors have to notes how their process of teaching is working, and organize the course works and grades to cover all the semester. Because their is a positive relationship between the serious teaching and serious studying. Maybe the teachers try be acceptable for the students, but that is not the matter of teaching, Edmundson says“ I want some of them to say that they have been changed by the course. want them to measure themselves against what they have read”(323). The image of the serious teachers may not be acceptable and also the the funny teachers may not be useful for teaching. What i mean the teachers have take their jobs seriously and have some fun during the class, this will keep the students working hard and feel more comfort in the class. In conclusion, avoiding failing in classes is not only the students resbonsebilty, the education system, teachers, the materials they use, and even the condition of the facilities may cause that. Schools and collages anagements have to understand the deferences that the students have and try create good condition for studying . Also the teachers must understand why the students don not accept what they are teaching them, and make the classes more fun but without forgetting how their job is serious and may effect in the students life. Also, the students have to get help to make their goals and understand the reason of spending their time in school. When the students do not have any of these obstacles they will be able to deal with their problems. Works Cited Edmundson, Mark. On the Uses of a Liberal Educa0on: As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students. ” Ed. Stuart Greene and April Lidinsky. From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader. 2nd ed. N. p. : Bedford/St. Mar0n, n. d. 322-36. Print. Kozol, Jonathan. ““From Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid”. ” Ed. Stuart Greene and April Lidinsky. From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader. 2nd ed. N. p. : Bedford/St. Mar0n, 2012. 404-17. Print McIntosh, Peggy. “White Privilege: The Invisible Knapsack. ” Ed. Stuart Greene and April Lidinsky.

From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader. 2nd ed. N. p. : Bedford/St. Mar0n, 2012. 350-57. Print. Tannen, Deborah. “How Male and Female Students Use Language Di? erently. ” Ed. Stuart Greene and April Lidinsky. From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader. 2nd ed. N. p. : Bedford/St. Mar0n, 2012. 344-49. Print. Loewen, James. “From Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your History Textbook Got Wrong. ” Ed. Stuart Greene and April Lidinsky. From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader. 2nd ed. N. p. : Bedford/St. Mar0n, 2012. 383-403. Print.

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