It Implementaion Project Failures

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There are six significant phases in the implementation process. The phases include data analysis, installation if the system, training, conversion, communication and go-live. In the data analysis phase the organization gather data on their current workflow. They also determine the strengths and weaknesses in the current process. The analysis phase should assist the organization decide the features they want the new system to include. Following the analysis phase is the system development and installation. Once the system is installed the staff and providers are trained on the system.

Training has various delivery methods. It may include web training and one on one. After the staff has been trained to use the system the organization moves to the conversion phase. During this process the organization moves from the old process to the new system. There are several roles and responsibilities involved in a new IT system implementation. There should be at least one project manager, an IT team responsible for the development and training of the new system, leadership team, and the end user with is the organization’s staff.

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Each role has individual and unique responsibilities, but all of the roles should meet the same result that is using a new successful IT system. Memorial Health System’s CPOE implementation failed to include many fundamental activities that caused the significant adverse reaction in the success of the CPOE system. One process that Memorial failed to acknowledge was the objections and the reluctance of the providers. It is very clear that the system users should be involved in the analysis and making suggestions for what the new system should include.

Another epic failure was the lack of training staff received. The success of a new system relies on staff using the system effectively. Memorial Health system failed to stay within the budget originally created. This resulted in cutting costs in alternate areas such as training and staff development. There were several indicators that caused Memorial Health System’s new IT system to fail. Indicators that contributed to this failure include lack of leadership support, invisible progress, failure to plan for short term disruptions, lack of belief in the success of the system and IT stability.

All of these indicators were visible before and during the implementation process, but Memorial Health System failed to acknowledge them. Because these indicators were ignored, they became detrimental to the success of the CPOE system. The leadership team should have taken the providers opinions more seriously and allotted more time for the implementation of the project. Each of the indicators that contributed to the system failure a possible solution or intervention could have been performed. As the CEO I would address the lack of leadership support by trying to gain more information on why the providers did not support the CPOE system.

I would have also gathered more suggestions from the providers on what components CPOE was missing and what would be added to gain their support. As the CEO it is also my responsibility to look at the implementation project plan and make sure that there is a plan for potential disruptions. The invisible progress should not have been so invisible to the CEO. The staff needs to communicate efficiently throughout the implementation process. I would have required the CIO to provide a weekly progress report regardless of the outcomes of the report. The reality is some progress reports are negative and they still need to be addressed not ignored.

Wagner, K.A., Lee, F.W., & Glaser, J.P. (2009). Health care information systems: A practical  approach for health care management (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Curt Barry ([email protected]) is president of F. Curtis Barry & Co., a multichannel operations and fulfillment consulting firm.

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