The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food Short Summary

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The consumption of junk food continues to be a problem despite the known health consequences. Students are observed consuming junk food in class, which raises concerns about their health. A possible solution is to encourage the consumption of healthy snacks such as fruit, sandwiches and juice. The food industry must also take responsibility and offer low-fat and low-sugar options. The success of marketing campaigns for healthy products can be seen in Subway’s use of similar marketing tactics to that of junk food restaurants. Although these campaigns may not eliminate unhealthy food options, they may positively impact some people’s eating choices. Ultimately, individuals must make their own decisions about what they consume, and they should remember that you are what you eat”.”

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Junk food has been present from many decades ago and still surprises me how we cannot deal with it. There are many people dying because of junk food and even though knowing the consequences that might cause, we still consume these things. I see people in class drinking Gatorade or drinking from a huge can of energy drink accompanied with a bag of chips early in the morning and I always wonder how they can feel good about themselves if they are killing themselves slowly.

Would not be better to consume a bottle of orange juice with a banana and a tuna sandwich? This could also save money from your pocket and the most important thing is that satisfy your needs as a consumer while eating healthy. I was surprise of how Stephen Sanger, head of General Mills, answer to the problem. I can see his point of view because as being one of the most affected he could a huge amount of sales by changing General Mills products’ taste and ingredients.

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On the other hand, there must something he can do about the problem and not just simply sit back and do nothing. Common things as drinking soda while eating food represents10 teaspoons of sugar per cup. Therefore, the solution is not to keep fighting with the children to avoid the junk stuff, but offering snacks low in fat and sugar will prevent this to become an addiction. We know it is difficult because the pleasure of children is to eat sweets and that makes it a very difficult battle.

However, parents can make a big difference. In this way, the food industry and major fast food chains will stop being the “villains causing obesity” in order to become the solution of the problem, to create tasty healthy snack options. The marketing campaign of the healthy product that borrowed marketing tactics from junk food products have been successful and unsuccessful at the same time. The example of the idea that kids are in control would become a key concept to reduce children’s addiction to sweets.

In what would prove to be their greatest achievement of all, the Lunchables team would delve into adolescent psychology to discover that it wasn’t the food in the trays that excited the kids; it was the feeling of power it brought to their lives. But other fast food companies decided to incorporate junk food to these Lunchables making children and teens to eat unhealthy again. In addition, Subway is a great example of a successful fast food restaurant chain that uses junk food marketing tactics in order for them to promote their healthy subs.

They use social media, radio, television, billboards, and newspaper for advertising. These are the exact same methods of a junk food restaurant or products but Subway gives customers the idea that eating healthy and quick is the best choice for everyone. Finally, even though healthy products’ campaigns are not going to break down unhealthy food restaurants, these campaigns might change some people’s lives. People make their own choices of what to eat. Remember that ‘’you are what you eat’’.

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