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The mistake in our Stars. the 5th successful novel by the writer John Green. is a narrative about two fictional characters by the names of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. It is a love affair about the two teens that merely go on to run into at a malignant neoplastic disease support group. Hazel. the taking adult female supporter. has malignant neoplastic disease and Augustus had malignant neoplastic disease. Augustus holding malignant neoplastic disease explains why he came to the support group with Isaac ; a one eyed common friend of theirs that finally has surgery to hold his oculus removed which will liberate him from malignant neoplastic disease. Augustus falls in love with Hazel despite her holding malignant neoplastic disease. and Hazel falls in love with him. even after a annihilating reveal that Augustus’ malignant neoplastic disease has returned. So despite them both holding malignant neoplastic disease. they still love each other unconditionally. and they would’ve been together at an old age until decease did them portion if it weren’t for Augustus’s decease literally “doing them part”

“You have to understand that Hazel is still ill. Augustus. and will be for the remainder of her life. ” ( pg. _p_ ) This is what Hazel’s pa says to Augustus when they foremost meet. so it is pretty clear to Augustus that Hazel won’t be able to make a batch of the things he is able to. because she is ill and he is non ( at the minute ) . Later cogent evidence of them being in love is when Hazel goes to the infirmary due to hapless oxygenation. “Well. there’s a child who has barely left the waiting room since you got here. ” ( pg. _p_ ) This is what Hazel’s nurse tells her when Hazel wakes up. It turns out that Augustus stays in the infirmary waiting room all twenty-four hours and dark until he can eventually see her. He could’ve easy got scared and run off. but he stayed and was at that place for her through it all.

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The last ground why I know that Augustus was in love with Pomaderris apetala is because of The Genies. The Genies are a book version of the Make-A-Wish foundation created to give malignant neoplastic disease patients one want. After being disappointed that she couldn’t afford to travel to Amsterdam to run into her favourite writer. Peter Van Houten. Augustus suggests that she used her wish. Unfortunately. she had already used her wish on Disney universe ( “I can’t believe I have a crush on a miss with such cliche wishes” said Augustus on ( p. g. _p_ ) they both saw this as a gag since it’s so cliche ) when she was 13. so Augustus offered that they both used his. Augustus fundamentally used HIS want for her! Even after she had complications with seeing if she could travel or non since one of her physicians decided it wasn’t safe. Augustus held through. He discovered at first hand something that would impact their relationship because of her malignant neoplastic disease. and he didn’t give up on them.

Besides Augustus. Hazel had her love minutes as good. After she found out that Augustus’ Cancer was back. she did non go forth him. One of my favourite quotation marks in the book is this: “What am I at war with? My malignant neoplastic disease. And what is my malignant neoplastic disease? My malignant neoplastic disease is me. The tumours are made of me. They’re made of me every bit certainly as my encephalon and my bosom are made of me. It is a civil war. Hazel Grace. with a preset victor. ” ( p. g. _p_ ) There’s one portion that gets to me in this book. It takes topographic point when Augustus gets ace sick and it is predictable that he will decease really shortly. Augustus like maintaining a battalion of coffin nails in his pocket all the clip and he on occasion puts one in his oral cavity. ne’er illuming it. “It’s a metaphor. see: You put the killing thing right between your dentitions. but you don’t give it the power to make its violent death. ” ( p. g. _p_ ) One dark. Hazel receives a panicky call from him. stating her to come aid him. When she arrives at the location he tells her. she finds him covered in his ain puke. custodies pressed to his belly where his g-tube was supposed to travel. He was seeking to purchase another battalion of coffin nails because he had lost his. but it was clear he couldn’t do anything for himself any longer. At that minute. they both knew that the terminal was nigh. Hazel knew it was coming and she stuck with him until the minute she got the phone call stating her it was over.

If neither of them had malignant neoplastic disease. there is perfectly no uncertainty that they would be together until the really terminal. They were in love with each other despite all of their obstructions. I recommend this book to anyone who’s up for laughter. cryings. and for whoever likes cockamamie love affairs. John Green did good one time more.

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